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 A Wander Down Knockturn Alley (Luke)

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PostSubject: A Wander Down Knockturn Alley (Luke)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:35 am

One thing that Violet could attest to was that Knockturn Alley was quite possibly one of the most interesting places that she had been to in wizarding London. The shops were unique, selling everything from bones to poisonous candles, and she rather enjoyed wandering down the alley, eyes glazing over shifty wizards looking properly nervous emerging from shops that sell items that 'normal' people didn't buy.

She had money saved, and intentions of wandering into stores, looking at all the things she could buy, and intentions to create plans with whatever items took her fancy. All because she was bored. People bored her, and she found that the one time she was truly entertained was when there was absolute chaos. When there was fighting and torment and blood and fire. She revelled in it. And that was what was so attractive about Knockturn Alley- the potential of creating destruction.

She wandered down the alley, noting some boy who looked rather familiar. She recognised him from school, but couldn't place him entirely. She knew what she was doing there, and what majority of other witches and wizards were doing, ducking in and out of shops with their hoods and their objects tucked beneath their robes. She had no clue what a boy (roughly around her age, if she guessed correctly) would be doing there. And so, simply curious, she walked over to him.
"A bit young to be here aren't you?" she asked. Yes, she realised the irony, but she knew her intentions. She was curious to his.
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PostSubject: Re: A Wander Down Knockturn Alley (Luke)   Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:18 pm

The finding of Knockturn Alley had come by mistake in Luke's second year when he'd been trying to locate a shop. A simple wrong turn and he'd walked in to a treasure trove of things he could have used on Lyra. However, before he could get a good look at anything in the street, Luke's parents had caught up with him and redirected him back towards the shops he needed. They might have been Muggles, but they obviously knew the look of not-so-good things when they had seen Knockturn Alley.

Which was why Luke was here again now, trying to get a glimpse of the things he hadn't been able to. Things he could tuck away and use against his sister when she wasn't expecting it. Though - truth be told - his interest in his sister had dwindled as of late, no, instead his attention had turned to Chrysanthemum. She was much more important, but Knockturn Alley was still a place of interest, if not for buying now, but for later.

Luke had been stood by a shop that sold 'dark potion ingredients' watching some creature he hadn't yet covered in Care of Magical Creatures writhing in a jar in a distressed manner. He would look up what it was when he got home - Luke had already decided.

"A bit young to be here aren't you?"

The voice was close enough for Luke to know he was being spoken to, but a short moment of analysis made him more than sure that the voice was not of an adult. So, Luke ignored it. It wasn't Chrysanthemum, therefore he was not interested in talking to whoever it was that thought they could use his time.
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A Wander Down Knockturn Alley (Luke)
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