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 Wandering around Digaon Alley (Adeline, Humphrey, Casey)

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PostSubject: Re: Wandering around Digaon Alley (Adeline, Humphrey, Casey)   Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:11 am

Adeline listened the young girl. Helping her out and telling about the Hogwarts. She wasn't sure what she should say there now. "I'm sure he told you most of staff you need to know. I didn't know much about Hogwarts too before. I learned most things awhile I was there. But depends what you wanna know I can tell you. Also if you need any help awhile being in school then just ask if you see me," she said there with a smile on her face. "Sure," she said there now.

She looked at the girl with a small smile. "Oh. Lunch with parents, sure you can't be late for it. So go," she said there to both of them now. "Yes see you around in Hogwarts," she agreed with it. She herself wasn't sure what she will to do now next. She didn't really had any plans at all for sure today yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering around Digaon Alley (Adeline, Humphrey, Casey)   Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:39 pm

Humphrey was appreciative of the older girl's help, and gave her a friendly smile. "By no means do I know everything, but I think between dad and me we got the bases covered." he said, and watched Casey until she gave him a nod. When he checked the time as Casey had said it was getting late he realized their parents were probably wondering if something happened to him.

"We don't want to worry them too much, sis. Adeline will be there at Hogwarts when you get there with me." he said, and looked over at the blonde. "Seriously, thank you for being so kind about all this. Not everybody is so friendly. Bye." he said, giving her a cheery wave and let his sister give a quick good bye as well before they went to the restaurant to meet up with their parents.

They were almost twenty minutes late, but once he explained what had happened they nodded. "It's more important that you found her and made sure she wasn't getting into trouble. Time management is a tricky thing, even for us adults. You'll pick up on it." his dad told him, causing Humphrey to feel bad about it since he was the older one and should have done a better job. Still, the words were a small comfort, and they sat down to the meal. Surprisingly, neither him or mum mentioned extra chores.
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Wandering around Digaon Alley (Adeline, Humphrey, Casey)
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