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 Surprising Truths (James and Prim)

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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:20 pm

Prim let out a soft chuckle at his words and hummed softly as she leant her elbows on her knees, staring into the fire out of the corner of her eye as she listened to the brunette boy, her brows furrowed. Hopefullym Charles would be able to shed some light on what to do; Prim would have no problem with what he decided all she would be was thankful to the man for giving her a chance.

"Thank you." She said sincerely with a soft smile upon her lips; being known as a child out of wedlock was much better then being known as the daughter of Walter Byrne, the Death Eater who abandoned his family to join a madman in the war.

"If you didn't like me I doubt it would've worked either way." She said dryly with a soft chuckle as she listened to him. She didn't know either of his siblings but James seemed reasonable so she hoped the other two would be as well. "From the letter I gathered that your dad wasn't too bad as some people make Charles Byrne to be." But that may be only because he was writing to his son.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:57 am

"It's alright, really," he smiled back at her. It would take time for it to sink in for Florrie and Anthony, but he felt like it could be a good arrangement so long as everyone compromised.

He chuckled at the remark made about his father "Yeah, from the letter he doesn't seem too bad... But you should see him when someone stuffs up at work," he shook his head quickly and took a sharp breath "Like he gets kind of passive-aggressive at first. And it's kind of a slow build up until he loses his temper. His bark is worse than his bite though, just a stress-head really. Though you'd kind of expect it from a ministry job," he shrugged. One of the reasons he wasn't keen on going into his father's business was precisely that- he didn't want the stress.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:27 pm

Prim had a slight feeling that no matter what there would be someone in the Byrne family that wouldn't like her but she supposed that she would see lateer on when she actually met with the rest of the family. She wasn't about to actually get involved in a family that would hate her on principle due to who her father was.

"Though I do have a feeling he'll be a bit reluctant to meet me." Prim said dryly as she huffed out a soft chuckle, her fingers curling into her shirt as she stared up at the ceiling that was fairly dark. "I would expect anything from a Ministry job. Even bloody murder if they could get away with it. I did hear that it's probably the most stressful working in the Ministry." She hummed softly and stared at James with an amused smirk upon her lips.

The thought of family was still a foreign thought to her but she was actually looking forward to meeting her Uncle to see what he was like; after all rumours weren't the same as meeting someone face to face.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:26 pm

"Oh, there's no doubt he'd be reluctant..." he replied. He supposed, considering he hadn't even known that he had an uncle until he'd gotten the letter, he wouldn't be surprised that his father wouldn't particularly want to meet Prim. "But, he just has to bite the bullet and do what's right," he shrugged. She deserved closure, her questions answered. And she wasn't sure how she'd get satisfactory answers without face to face contact.

"I mean," he added "Stressed or not, he's not inherently bad. He'd have to, I don't know, want to help... Well, something like that..."

Perhaps it was because it was his father, and all kids looked up to their fathers, but he couldn't fathom that his dad wouldn't want to help a relative. Or maybe it was more so that James, if put in the position, wouldn't be able to stand by and do nothing. Though, him and his father were indeed, very different people.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:28 am

"I'd be reluctant as well if suddenly a family member showed up..." But then again Prim had no family what so ever for the past fourteen years so she probably would've welcomed them with open arms if a bit weary. There was no denying that the teenager felt a bit left out when people talked about their families considering she had no family to speak of. "What's right for him may not be what we think James." Prim pointed out with a reluctant tone of voice.

"He's your father so I have no doubt that she's not inherently bad... Otherwise you would be as well." She teased the third year with a soft chuckle before sighing, rubbing her forehead as she could feel a migraine forming already.

All Prim wanted was her questions to be answered; she wanted to know who her father had been. Oh she knew his name, she knew what he was after joining the Death Eaters but she just wanted to know him a little bit, even if it was going to be through stories. She wanted to find him and demand answers on why he had abandoned her but she didn't think any reason would be good enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:31 pm

Well, Prim wasn't wrong. What was right for his father might not be right for her. And well, they wouldn't know exactly what that might be until they had a proper discussion about it. One thing was for certain, the best thing was definitely not bringing her real father into the picture. James and his siblings had no clue they even had an uncle, until this incident (and he was betting Anthony and Florrie still hadn't heard). Secrets- something purebloods seemed to like, and James didn't. Although he might not have liked them, he did understand their necessity. Reputation was important...

He found himself smirking at her comment, about doubting his father's morality, and his "You might change your mind when you meet Florrie," he chuckled a bit. It was no secret that the two didn't get along at all.

"Anyway," he said, standing up "I should get going. But I'll write back and organise a meeting of sorts, for you to meet everyone," he smiled "See you around?"

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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:08 pm

Prim didn't know much about the Byrne's, what she did know was either from reading books or asking questions about the family; Chris had been a wealth of information as well and now she was, more or less, aware of what family she had been born into. Sure she might have been born to the brother of the Head but Prim was still born into the Byrne family and she still needed to know how to behave. She was tempted to actually send an owl to her father and demand an explanation but she didn't know whether he would reply; she would think about it over the summer before deciding.

"Florrie?" She tilted her head to the side and arched a brow. She knew that Florrie was James' younger sister but that was all she knew.

Standing up herself, she nodded her head with a beaming smile on her lips. "Sure, that's fine with me. Just owl me or something. It's not like I'm doing much really." She sighed softly. "Over the summer would be preferable because then I can get out of the orphanage for a while at least."
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PostSubject: Re: Surprising Truths (James and Prim)   

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Surprising Truths (James and Prim)
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