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 A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)

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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:10 pm

"Embarrassing?" Prim arched an amused brow before chuckling. "But isn't it girls that usually confess their feelings to the boys and ask them out?" She teased with a soft laugh but there was some seriousness in her eyes; she didn't fully understand what Dimitri meant, she doubted she ever would, but on some part she could understand that he wasn't talking about normal situations but something that she could phantom yet.

"Even if he was my boyfriend Max isn't one of those to actually get all protective." Prim said with a soft smile; it was normally what was seen on her face whenever she talked about her dear friend. "Not to mention I'm not one to cheat, no matter what. I'm honorable and if I didn't like someone I would dump them before moving on." She nearly shrugged but stopped herself, grimacing at the chiding voice at the back of her head that sounded suspiciously like Chris'.

"Ladies do not shrug. It's terrible for your posture, and common to boot."

She instantly shoved that voice out of her head but kept in mind what she was doing. She knew that she was going to be hearing Chris' words now in her head when she was doing things that she shouldn't be.

"..." Prim blinked at him in suspicion and narrowed her eyes before letting out a soft sigh as she held her hands in front of her while walking next to him. "I love reading muggle books, especially ones written by Stephen King, Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and the like.. I also like reading poems written by Emily Brontë..." She hummed softly.

"Oh, I also play the violin." She added with a small grin on her lips. "I forgot that one.. I love playing the violin as well..." A soft giggle left her lips as she followed Dimitri though naturally at a more sedate pace, considering her knee was aching. "Well I don't have a favorite per se but I do like DADA, Potion's and Charms." She tilted her head. "And yours?"
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Dimitri Moreau


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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:25 pm

"Umm..." Dimitri managed to begin with, before giving a small lift of his shoulders that would pass as a lower born person's shrug. "I would imagine for you that might be normal. Not for me." He supplied in response, deciding not to get in to that subject. Pureblood life was not exactly the easiest thing to comprehend for outsiders.

"Well, I would imagine that that is good to know." Dimitri replied in response to the not cheating part of her sentence. He could not fathom how anyone who did that could live with themselves. Merlin knew it was common in the arranged marriages of the Pureblood world - but how could you sleep next to your wife at night if you couldn't remain faithful? Dimitri couldn't answer that one, but that was something for his older self to deal with.

The hesitation from the witch at his question made Dimitri a little curious - had he said something she didn't like? He wasn't sure, but as she supplied the works she liked to read, Dimitri nodded in understanding. There wasn't anything bad in that selection, and he was quite relieved there were classics in there. There was nothing like superficial reading. "Good choices." Dimitri replied with a genuine smile.

"Ah, the violin, yes. Beautiful if played properly, agony otherwise. I'll hope your playing falls in to the former." Dimitri said, letting out a small laugh to show he was only teasing the witch. Reaching the door of the Hospital Wing, Dimitri pushed it open as Primrose explained her favourite lessons.

"Oh, mine is Charms, without a doubt. I excel in that one the most, but some of it comes in to DADA, too." Dimitri explained, before the nurse came over, asking what he'd done. Dimitri explained, and was soon ushered to a bed, where he was checked over - after taking off his jumper and shirt. As he'd suspected, he'd managed to put a hairline fracture in to his shoulder, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be sorted with a potion and an overnight stay, the nurse had said.

Settling back in to the pillows as the nurse went to brew up the potion, Dimitri looked over to the Gryffindor witch with a smile. "Looks like I got my just rewards, huh?" He joked.
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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:54 pm

Ah, that made sense; he was a Pureblood so it wouldn't be normal for a girl to ask a boy to marry her. Well, she still had a lot to learn about the Pureblood society and she knew for a fact that her summer would practically be filled with nothing more than lessons on etiquette, customs and all that stuff.

"From what I know... Or from what I at least hear around here, many people cheat... And I can't stand that." She sighed softly and shook her head; the thought of cheating just didn't sit that well with the Gryffindor witch and she knew that she would be one of those people who would remain faithful, even if her partner was the cheating type, which she hoped he wouldn't be but well, one never knew. Especially in their world where arranged marriages were common to boot and not everyone fell into a loving relationship with their spouse.

"They're the only authors that I genuinely like.." She hummed softly before blinking her eyes at the words, her eyes lighting up and her lips pulling into a grin. "I would never play the violin if I was in the latter. I am fairly good but I am still learning. I don't really have the money for professional lessons so I learn all on my own really."

She nodded her head in thanks as she stepped through the doorway, smiling kindly at the Ravenclaw. "Charm's is fairly easy to do when you have the theory down I say." The Ravenclaw pointed out with a small grin as she followed Dimitri to the bed where she patiently waited at the side before she took a seat on one of the chairs by the bed. "Looks like it." She teased.
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Dimitri Moreau


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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:50 pm

"Oh, no, I agree, cheaters should be... Crucio'd or something." Dimitri said, before letting out a small laugh. "Okay, maybe not that extreme, but, you know, something to make them see that it's not a good thing to do." He amended, though even when he'd first said it, Dimitri had been joking.

"Well, if you can learn to play on your own, you must be quite the talent!" Dimitri offered the witch with an impressed smile. Learning an instrument all by yourself was definitely a feat that Dimitri could never have done. But, that was besides the point.

"You can not look so smug about it, you know?" Dimitri reprimanded the witch, though only in jest, when she agreed he'd gotten what he'd deserved in that moment.

"So, then, this date of ours. When can I look forward to taking you on it?" Dimitri asked, deciding that it was probably best to get that booked in before Primrose changed her mind. Even, of course, if it was just friends, it was something to do!
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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:53 am

"I don't think a Crucio is too extreme." Primrose deadpanned with a snort as she shook her head. "Cheaters don't really deserve to have any significant others." She grumbled as she put her hands into the pockets of her trousers, humming softly as she listened to Dimitri.

"It had been hard... Learning on my own that is." She said softly. "My... Orphanage isn't exactly poor but not too wealthy either so while the matron was able to get me my violin lessons she was unable to pay for." She stared at Dimitri from the corner of her eye, wondering what he would be like at her reveal of her being an orphan. "But it wasn't that much of a problem. I borrowed some books from the local library on violin practice and I was able to learn through that."

"I deserve to look smug." She grinned cheekily, her eyes lit up in amusement.

"How about next weekend?" She suggested. "It's going to be warmer then from what I heard." She hummed softly.
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Dimitri Moreau


Posts : 102
Join date : 2017-02-10

PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:55 pm

"You got experience in that department?" Dimitri asked. The young witch seemed to have quite the opinion on cheaters, one that seemed a little more than just a dislike. Though, he was now prying, and Dimitri would understand if she told him to mind his own business in that moment.

"You..." Dimitri paused, looking across at the witch with a frown on his features as she admitted to being an orphan. "I didn't... I'm glad you got your violin." Dimitri settled on, because he had no idea how to even begin to formulate some kind of response to the witch telling him she was an orphan. Not that it mattered if she was. But... wow, that was something of a bombshell he hadn't been expecting.

"You might do, but it's not funny!" Dimitri countered, but really, he wasn't bothered if she was laughing at him. He had been much too stupid today, and he was getting his just rewards for it.

"Next weekend..." Dimitri nodded, mentally checking his schedule, but nothing was coming to mind in that moment. "It's a date. I'll wait for you in the courtyard, when everyone starts to go down." Dimitri suggested, deciding it was easier to go down early than to hit the midday rush.
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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:29 pm

"Personally I don't but I do see quite a lot of people cheating on their boyfriends or girlfriends." Prim didn't have any serious relationships, only the occasional date with a boy but that was all. "It... gets on my nerves really. How people just cheat on each other without thinking of the consequences." She hummed.

"...Well, more like I was abandoned by my father in England while he disappeared somewhere." Prim shrugged, ruthlessly crushing the Chris-like voice in her head that chided her on shrugging her shoulders. "I'm glad I got the violin as well, it wasn't easy learning on my own but it got me through the slightly tougher times at the orphanage. I could just go out and play away my anger or annoyance with the people there." She hummed softly.

"It is." Prim laughed softly as she watched Dimitri with an amused twinkle in her eye. "It's very funny."

"I'll be there." She reassured him with a grin on her lips as she made a mental note to not have anything going on on that day. She would hate forgetting a prior engagement to go on a date with Dimitri.
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PostSubject: Re: A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)   

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A Witch on Ice (Prim and Dimitri)
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