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 The Charms Professor (Sean)

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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: The Charms Professor (Sean)   Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:13 pm

Grayson carried a stack of books in his arms, wandering through the aisles, and returning them to their shelves with a flick of his hand. It was late in the day, and most of the students had returned to their common rooms--only a few of the most dedicated (or desperate) researchers were still dawdling in the library, which closed in thirty minutes.

Grayson himself didn't leave the library very much. Though he hadn't been working here long, he had the library and its shelves memorized inside and out--in part because it hadn't changed much from his own days at Hogwarts. A decade ago, he never would have imagined returning to his old school. He'd left that era of his life behind him, and was not eager to revisit it. But now, now he had the chance to make happier memories of this place--and now that he'd decided to return to the United Kingdom, that seemed like the proper thing to do.

That being said, although he was enjoying his time here more than he had expected, he was feeling rather bored. He'd gotten into a routine of sorts, and wasn't sure how to break it. What was there to do, as the librarian, besides read books and occasionally chastise students? After years spent roaming the hidden corners of the world, a short break was nice, but now he found himself lacking something. He'd need to find a distraction, one of these days, to keep his life interesting.

He returned the final book to its place, and stood there for a moment, wishing something would happen.
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PostSubject: Re: The Charms Professor (Sean)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:00 pm

Sean would often visit the library just to brush up on his knowledge, during his time at Hogwarts, as a student, he had been more into keeping up with studies than with actually learning something new and now, despite the fact that he was now a Professor he found himself,
more often than not, in the library just reading up on random stuff that caught his fancy. He didn't have a clear objective in his studies and it truly showed in the wide array of books that he just picked at random; some were on Arithmancy, some were on Blood Magick, some were on potions and some were even on Spell Making.

Sighing softly the Charms professor slowly made his way to the library to pick out a new batch of books to just read, with the summer fast approaching the young professor would need stuff to do during the summer thus finding new books it was.

Slipping through the shelves, he came upon one where some of the more obscure books were;
ones that their esteemed students wouldn't be able to touch until they turned seventeen due to their nature apparently. Skimming his fingers over the array of books, he started picking them one by one, until eventually, he had a stack of ten floating behind him.
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Grayson Hughes


Posts : 101
Birthday : 1988-04-15
Join date : 2017-07-03
Job/hobbies : Librarian

PostSubject: Re: The Charms Professor (Sean)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:03 am

Grayson glanced down and saw that the tip of his wand glowed a faint orange. He'd set a charm to alert him if someone was in the "dangerous" section of the library. It wasn't technically the same as the restricted section, as it had different rules, but anyone below the age of seventeen was to be kept out--and even those at or above the age of seventeen should probably be monitored. He turned and walked purposefully toward the row of shelves near the back of the library, set slightly apart from the others.

It probably wasn't a student. Most students asked for permission before perusing that section, since there was a sign warning them off. But not many professors were often seen wandering around the library either, so Grayson checked anyway.

As he turned the corner, he saw a stack of books floating behind a man. The charms professor, he remembered, recognizing the man from a few brief meetings in the dining hall. They'd never really spoken, but they were coworkers, so they'd seen each other around over the course of the year. Grayson racked his brain for the man's name, certain that he must have heard it at some point. Sam? Sean? Something like that.

He glanced at the books the man had gathered, and raised his eyebrows at the wide selection. The professor didn't seem to have a purpose behind his reading except for gathering knowledge. A rare trait, especially in adults, who were usually too busy for such things. An admirable trait, in Grayson's opinion, since he'd spent the majority of his life dedicated to the proposition that knowledge is power. He felt a surge of kinship toward anyone who felt the same.

"An interesting collection you have there," he said, leaning his shoulder on the nearest shelf and flicking the orange light out of his wand.
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PostSubject: Re: The Charms Professor (Sean)   

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The Charms Professor (Sean)
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