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 Potions Professor Application

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PostSubject: Potions Professor Application   Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:54 am

Full Name: Nikolaj Andersson
Position: Potions Master
Qualifications & Previous Education: Nikolaj excelled in potions in education at Durmstrang Institute and continued his studies following, even writing a (unpublished) book specific to uses of ingredients found in his native skandinavia. He briefly worked for Durmstrang Institute as a potions master (6 - 8 months) before travelling the world, spending a year and 2 other notable wizarding schools as potions master for each.
Activity: I don't forsee any reason why I would be unable to be active enough. I do not intend to have many characters so that I can ensure i dedicate enough time to each and to keep threads flowing.

Roleplay Example:

Nikolaj sighed as he walked into the dark dungeon room, bringing out his wand and touching each light in the room with the tip, watching them flare up one by one. The room was cold, as always, but the temperature was not something that bothered him. He had experienced colder as a child, but he knew that particularly cold days such as this would cause the children to act out more than usual. They became restless in the cold, shifting side to side on the wooden benches, bumping into each other and getting cranky. He was in no mood for crankiness.

Following the lighting of the candles he moved over to the shelves at the far end of the room, taking down a box full of small, individual sized cauldrons. He had meant to continue on with the theory work he had started last class, but given the weather, he hoped that maybe a bit of practical would keep them amused and attentive for longer. He placed 5 cauldrons along each desk row, allowing for 1 per a student. Following this he began to set out the ingredients; One vial full of a thick, red liquid that looks suspiciously like blood, 10 individual small fish spines neatly formed into two lines, A petridish of thick, pale white mucus, and finally a bottle of clear liquid. None of the ingrediants were labelled, as was standard for Nikolaj's classes for sixth years. The first task of the day would be to work out, using the knowledge they have already gained over 5 years of potions education, to identify the ingredients placed before them.

Returning to his desk, Nikolaj flipped open his own book and double checked the ingredients list. It wasn't that he didn't know it, he just had to double check for himself. He wouldn't allow the embarrassment of multiple failed potions to be because he had mis-measured one of the important ingredients. Not that they were all expected to be able to create this particular concoction ~ Some would surely fail this time, and others would fail many times into the future. It wasn't the easiest of potions, but one he had no doubt the students would be able to master. Besides... the School Healer had sent him a request for batches of this particular potion only a few days earlier and putting the students to work on it would free up some of his time later in the day.

Hearing the door open Nikolaj looked up, watching as the students bustled into the room, gathering cloaks around them tight and chatting and laughing to each other. He carefully closed the book on his desk, before leaning forwards on both hands, waiting for them to take there seats. After a couple of minutes, and no closer to the silence he required, he lifted his hands and clapped loudly so it echoed around the room.


The silence that fell was almost instantanious and Nikolaj smiled. His large towering frame and thick Swedish accent often had that effect on the students. He let the silence sit for a few more moments, relishing it before speaking again.

"Those who are observant among you will have noticed that you each have a cauldron and set of ingredients set out in front of you..." she trailed off as his eyes passed over each student, noticing that one bench had six students crammed into one space. "Cora, for once can you not try and cram youself onto an overful bench? Move to the seat behind." he commented, gesturing as the timid blonde girl slipped from her seat and moved back.

"Your first task today is to identify not only the ingredients you have been given, but the potion that we will be creating. You may use your books and I will give you a clue that this particular potion can be found in chapter 6, healing potions."

Silence. He smiled once again at the students, before lifting his hands out to them. "Well what are you waiting for. The first person to tell me what potion this is will be awarded 20 house points. Go."
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PostSubject: Re: Potions Professor Application   Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:31 am

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Potions Professor Application
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