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 Site Plot Sign Ups

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Site Plot Sign Ups   Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:49 pm

Site Plot, Incoming!

Ladies and Gentlewizards, as you may have guessed from the latest newspaper article, the site plot’s a coming!

Please take the time to read through the article. if you have any questions, feel free to post them here. And for those of you who can’t read the text in its entirety, basically the International Confederation of Wizards and Witches (the ICWW) is holding a vote next June on how strictly the Statute of Secrecy should be adhered to or of it should be done away with entirely.

But how does a decision process so far off involve me, you ask? Well, it does. Because we would like to invite every single one of you to participate in the upcoming Summit with Playing Characters (PCs) or Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) who play world leaders and attend this Summit to cast the vote on their country/territory/soverign state’s behalf. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore magical people in different cultures, social and political climates and experience a whole new side of the wizarding world as never before.

Should you wish to be an active participant in the upcoming Summit as well as the larger site plot, please fill out the form below with the characters you will be bringing to this historic event. A note: Your characters must be justified, I.e you cannot bring an eleven year old to the Summit as a representative of Greece.

You may choose any country/territory/sovereign state you like, though it’s always better to pick an unclaimed one as you have more chances of landing that area to represent. However if you are say truly inspired to represent Timbuktu but someone is already aiming for it, feel free to submit your application and the staff will decide who gets that particularly juicy bit of geographical area. The representative will be decided based on displayed knowledge of the culture, country and custom present in the application.

You have until October thirty first to post your applications in the form of a reply to this topic. On fifth November, we will release the complete list of representatives at the IWCC Summit.

Please note that all posts made for this site plot using NPCs will be counted towards your 100 posts needed for claims/new characters.

[b]Handler Name:[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]PC or NPC:[/b] (link to profile of PC)

[b]FC:[/b] (If image, please insert in spoilers, otherwise links are fine too. Keep in mind these are world leaders so they will not be teenagers.)

[b]Country/Teritory/State being represented:[/b]

[b]Character background/justification:[/b] (Please make this as extensive as you can as this is your reason for being at the summit/the leader of your chosen location. This should include your professional background as well as your education and why you were chosen to represent this particular nation. If using a PC, any links to show political affiliations, influences and other justifications are also encouraged.  Minimum 200 words. )

Credit to Azalea for writing this for us <3

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:35 am

Handler Name: Angie

Character Name: Valentina Del Mar



Country/Teritory/State being represented: El Salvador - Central America

Character background/justification:

Valentina was born as Isabella in the poverty stricken El Salvador as the first daughter of Valeria and Ernesto Martinez. She was a child of a fairly poor family and while it was another mouth to feed they were very excited at having another child. These emotions soon changed as she began to exhibit some oddities. Whenever she had a negative emotion as a toddler, all the glasses within the vicinity to break. At first they thought that it was the high pitch but found that dogs were unaffected by the pitch. At two when she cried that she wanted something and was denied, the item would fly towards her. It was then when her deeply religious parents deemed her a daughter of the devil. The people in the small neighborhood told them that it was because they drank from the river where the local medicine woman would clean her herbs and dispose of her discards. Valentina's parents blamed themselves for their stupidity and felt that love was not as innate as once thought.

It was on her third birthday that they grabbed their things and moved out of the village. It was not till three days later that they found the young toddler crying her eyes out without food or water. They hope that nature would take its course as no one wanted such a odd child, but the old medicine woman took her in. The medicine renamed Isabella to Valentina after herself. Valentina soon thrived under her surrogate mother's care and it was at seven that she learned that her oddity was that she was a witch. Much like the medicine woman, both were muggleborns. The medicine woman, Teresa, explained that their magic came from the earth, with their native ancestors using wandless magic to bring their magic to fruition.

Soon, she began a business with her mother in healing spells. Potion making was their strong suit and they used their magic to heal the towns. People would come to the little home to get any salve, potions, antidotes, etc. all in hopes of solving their problem. At 11, she got a letter Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but instead chose Castelobruxo for staying true to the Native teachings. There she excelled in potion making and was an advocate for Native teachings.

At 23, she married a man twice her age and many thought of her as being a gold digger simply for the age difference. In reality, she deeply loved the man who was a major politician in El Salvador and it's neighboring  countries. While he was a muggle, he accepted her magic and thought of it being normal in his eyes. It was when cancer struck that she realized magic could only do so much. It was when she was widowed that she could not stand being within the muggle world as just a trophy wife. At thirty she began to advocate for the rights of witches and wizards living with El Salvador. Despite the harsh backlash from the Catholic Countries she went around through El Salvador and neighboring Central American countries to have people admit their magic and be protected under the law.

Her political inclination made her a polarizing figure but still she persisted. She soon outed herself as a witch who practiced medicinal magic and showed the small country that there was nothing to fear. Soon a newer generation supported the cause and identified themselves as witches and wizards within their society.

She wishes to attend the meeting as an advocate for integrated politics and world views. Despite being raised surrounded by muggles going to Castelobruxo brought her a sense of identity of seeing both worlds. She can only hope that European countries can see that they need to move forward and present the segregation of two communities to not learn from one another.
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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:47 am

Handler Name: Trish

Character Name: Aldric Förstner


Nikolaj Coster-Waldu:

Country/Teritory/State being represented: Magical Germany

Character background/justification:

Aldric was born to Sofia and Johann Förstner as their only son thus the only heir to the Förstner family and Lordship. As an heir to such a prominent German Pureblood family, Aldric was taught from a young age what he should and shouldn't do, who he should and shouldn't interact with and what sort of decisions he should and shouldn't make. The lessons while sticking when in public company, where he would be judged harshly on his decisions, in private Aldric had been a bit of a rebel, running away from his parents into the muggle world to party and just generally make a nuisance of himself.

His early childhood gave his parents and other family members a headache purely because of his strong accidental magic that started as early as his first birthday. On more than one occasion his mother had to douse the countless flames that appeared around the house whenever Aldric threw a tantrum.

Accepted into Durmstrang, the Förstner heir started forming connections, connections that eventually led him to have more political clout in the country than anyone else. At the age of fifteen, he finally learnt the truth of the Förstner family, who they are exactly in Magical Germany and what they accomplished.

Both his father and grandfather sat him down and explained the dynasty that they had in Germany, not exactly a large dynasty like the Clements had in France but big enough to have a large say in the political world of Germany. They were, in a word, the leaders of Germany; they had more say in how the country was run than their actual government.

Following his graduation from Durmstrang and then him getting his mastery in Potions, Aldric took over the family at the age of twenty-two, at the age of twenty-four he became the proud father of Roxanne and at the age of twenty-six he started a full-time job of leading Germany with an iron-fist and a critical eye even as he was a full-time parent to his daughter.

Over the years of being a leader, Aldric had slowly begun to tighten the laws on the Statue of Secrecy in Germany and finally, after ten years he had Magical Germany in such a hold that no-one dares to defy him. Witches and Wizards are allowed to transverse into the muggle world and work there but they aren't allowed to actually live in the muggle world unless the house is under wards to stop muggles from trespassing across the land.

When he heard about the meeting, he decided to attend if only to see what other countries thought about lifting the Statue of Secrecy. As a wizard that had grown up on stories of the war with Grindelwald and then actually living through the war with Voldemort, even though he was in a completely different country, he feels that combining the two worlds together, the muggle and magical one would lead to another war like that happening but on a much larger scale. After all, what would stop the muggles from trying to annihilate the magicals if they couldn't help with something?

He has no plans of his precious world ending and if that means voting against the lifting of the Statue of Secrecy then he would do so.

Should the vote go for lifting the statue, Aldric would do everything in his power to protect his people by forming plans for the worst-case scenario. He doesn't think it will happen but as a realist he's always thinking of the 'could be' scenarios.
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Andrei Kessler
Head of Ravenclaw
Head of Ravenclaw

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:51 pm

Handler Name: Gary

Character Name: Yusuf “al-Iblis” son of Issaq



Country/Teritory/State being represented: Somalia

Character background/justification:
It is said that no man is born with evil in his heart. Unfortunately, this common wisdom doesn’t account for a certain Somalian exception, Yusuf son of Issaq. Born in the far east of the Ogaden region, Yusuf came into the world alone killing his widowed mother with his birth. It is rumored that when his grandmother finally happened upon the pair that the young child had somehow severed the connection to his dead mother and that, instead of crying as most newborns do, he silently gazed up at the older woman with the hungry eyes of a predator.

Despite his less than ideal introduction to the world, Yusuf lived a surprisingly normal life under the watchful eye of his grandmother. He played with other kids whenever he got the chance, listened to his elders, and helped around his grandmother’s modest home. Sure, he got in trouble from time to time, but what kid doesn’t? Yes, by 1977 the ten-year-old Yusuf seemed on track to live an exceedingly normal life.

July of that same year, however, changed everything when the recently independent Somalia pushed into the Ogaden region in an attempt wrest the land from Ethiopia. A month into the conflict, a small Somali detachment mistook Yusuf’s village for a hostile military encampment and in an early morning raid set about mowing down the populace. Bullets flew through the furniture, walls, and people, but not a single one touched Yusuf as every projectile bent around him like water about a rock.

When the sun’s first rays threw the Somali detachment’s mistake into sharp relief they scrambled to cover it up. Going through town the soldiers searched for survivors and then lined them up in the center of the village. Starting at one end of the line a large man of Somali descent began methodically executing each survivor with a single shot to the back of the head until, at last, he came to the end of the line where Yusuf knelt awaiting his fate.

Bringing the hot gun barrel to the back of Yusuf’s head, the large man said nothing before lazily pulling the trigger. However, the loud report that should have followed never came; the gun jammed as if by magic. Swearing, the large man pulled out his sidearm, brought it to Yusuf’s head, and pulled the trigger. Nothing. He went through another five guns before being stopped by one of his men who suggested that they take the boy with them.

And so began Yusuf’s life as a soldier.

The Somali detachment took the young boy back with them into Somalia where they disavowed from the government and became a private militia. It was in service to the militia that the young boy not only learned to wield a gun but also a wand. The soldier who had suggested abducting Yusuf was, in fact, a wizard himself who recognized the potential in the boy—seven guns in a row don’t jam by themselves—and trained him in both Muggle and Wizarding warfare.

Over the next forty or so years, Yusuf carved a bloody swath through Somalia and fashioned himself a throne. In the unrest of the civil war in the 90’s he honed his especially brutal streak leading a group of guerillas on violent sprees of murder and depravity earning the moniker of al-Iblis along with a disproportionate amount of riches. Then, with the relative political moderation that arrived at the turn of century, Yusuf took a step back from the Muggle world and turned his eye to the Wizarding community of Somalia. Much like in the Muggle world he consolidated power through fear, blackmail, and murder. No one stood in his way for long because while he had a brutal streak a mile wide he was also as cunning as they come.

Thus, by right of conquest and regional supremacy alone, this Somali strongman now attends the proposed meeting with the aim of ripping the veil of secrecy from the Wizarding world for his own purposes. He is convinced that the revelation of the Wizarding community will engender chaos worldwide and it is in this chaos that he plans to make his move. After all, in a world of chaos and strife, the devil rules supreme.
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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:20 am

Handler Name: Kiera

Character Name: Lucien Lysander Lamarck


FC: Adrian Grenier


Country/Teritory/State being represented: Canada

Character background/justification: Lucien was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to an upper-middle class family who wanted only the best for their darling boy and his younger sister, Marcella. His parents placed a large emphasis on education, working hard to put their children through prestigious private schools, and later, university. Lucien lived a sheltered life, and grew up oblivious to and unaffected by hardship. While his family prided themselves in being forward-thinking and liberal, none of them had first-hand experience with any of the issues for which they so strongly advocated. They were a financially stable, picture-perfect family, who did their utmost to protect their children from the world, while stressing the importance of standing up for those who were less fortunate. They were vocal in fighting for equality and defending human rights.

Thus, Lucien grew up with a progressive attitude toward most issues. He was a feminist, an LGBTQ+ ally and gay rights advocate, an environmentalist, and a pacifist. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, he went on to become a politician in the muggle world, affiliating himself with the Canadian liberal party (specifically the Ontario Liberal Party), though leaning towards the NDP, to which his priorities appealed. He quickly rose to prominence, popular with the younger generation, and was eventually elected mayor of Ottawa in 2018, at the age of 29.

Although his focus was mainly on the muggle world, Lucien grew up learning magic at home from his mother. His parents were more concerned with his muggle education, but when he displayed signs that he had inherited magic from his mother, a half-blood witch, she took it upon herself to homeschool him.

Oddly enough, although the family publically fought for the acceptance of other minorities, they remained silent on the one issue that applied to them: wizardry. It was easy to defend other people, when they could not be personally attacked for the things that they supported from a distance. It was another matter entirely to put themselves at risk by admitting to their own status as a minority.

After being elected as mayor, however, Lucien sought to use his new position of authority to change that. Shortly after the election, he began to establish connections within the wizarding government. He reached out to influential wizards, and worked to unite the two worlds as far as he could while limited by the Statute of Secrecy. Forming close ties with the Canadian Ministry of Magic, he intended to use his position to address wizarding issues as well as muggle ones in his jurisdiction. His goal was to work alongside the magical government to create a stronger, unified Canada.

He was chosen to represent Canada at the ICWW conference because, as a link between the muggle and wizarding worlds, he is considered Canada's resident expert on muggle/wizard relations. Thus, the Statute of Secrecy was determined to be his area of expertise. He is a close friend of the Canadian Minister for Magic, a trusted delegate, and an experienced politician.

At the ICWW conference, Lucien hopes to do away with the Statute of Secrecy altogether. He is tired of having to work around it to accomplish his goals, and wants the ability to address wizarding issues outright, rather than discreetly. Being an idealist at heart, sheltered from the world's cruelties by his parents, he strongly believes that people are inherently good, and he trusts the muggles not to react violently.
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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:44 am

Handler Name: Jake

Character Name: Kamren Jennson

PC or NPC: Profile

FC: Eric Bana

Country/Teritory/State being represented: United Kingdom (i.e. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England)

Character background/justification:
Kamren was brought up in a Belfast, a city that was most unforgivable to those who did not know it - as any city was. However, Belfast during his childhood was mobbed by the Muggle gang, the IRA. Most days were lived in fear of being bombed, and seeing his parents go from meeting to meeting with those who wished to stay out of the war on the streets.

Due to this, Kamren's upbringing was different to most childrens - he spent a lot of his time reading. On any and every subject he could lay his hands on. He practiced board games in his free time, played with his tin soldiers alone whilst his parents went about their business.

It wasn't a bad life, though, Kamren was brought up in a warm, loving house (yes there was some tension, but that wasn't let out at him). On his eleventh birthday, Kamren received his Hogwarts Letter, and the relief on his mother's face that he would be getting away from the torment of the gang was enough to let Kamren know he had to make her proud of him. He promised her he was going to change the world - one day - and left for Hogwarts.

Studying hard throughout his life at Hogwarts (after being sorted in to Slytherin - ambition seemed to run through his veins enough to sway that hat, though he did contemplate Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw first before the decision was made in full), Kamren left with some of the top marks in his class - his mum cried at his graduation with pride when she heard, his father holding her close with a smile on his own lips.

Kamren joined law enforcement upon leaving school and helped combat against both magical and muggle conflicts. The ranks he moved through quickly, becoming Head of the Magical Law Enforcement department at the age of twenty five.

For fifteen years, Kamren spent his time restructuring the Law Enforcement Department to make sure it worked efficiently. Nobody challenged for his position due to the fact nothing could be faulted in his tenacity at work. With the department working flawlessly by the end of this period, the offer of becoming the Minister of Magic was one that Kamren saw only as a step forward, so, shortly after his fourtieth birthday, Kamren was promoted to the highest ranking member of the Ministry of Magic.

The role has not been easy. It has not come unopposed in the last twelve years, but Kamren has run the Ministry well. Not through fear, Kamren is not that kind of man. He encourages. He develops people. He sets targets that whilst achievable, are at a level to challenge all those in the departments. A number of times his position has been called in to question -- The Basilisks, the African disease that swept through the UK, and the Nightshades. All have made people waver in confidence around him, but Kamren had pulled through in leaps and bounds.

Kamren is therefore attending the Summit as he is the best man for the job. His experience is unrivalled. He knows the destruction that can come without proper guidance, and he knows that now, after so many years, is not the time to try to bring the Muggle and Magical World together. The Statute is sacred, in that manner, and he will stop at nothing to keep it in place.
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Louis Clement

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:43 pm

Handler Name: Azalea & Jake

Character Name: Lady Vanessa & Lord Louis Clement

PC or NPC: Louis' Profile

Vanessa's profile has not yet been written (Azalea is working on this).

FC: Louis Clement & Vanessa Clement

Country/Territory/State being represented: France

Character background/justification:

The Clements have ruled over France since the late 1600's as a strong house that was influential in the abolishing of the monarchy of France in 1792. Since the Monarchy has been gone, and a government in place, the Clements have held the power in France, adored by the masses and being the icon of the country ever since Lord Thomas and Lady Lissette Clement built the name to the greatness that is the Clement House today.

The current Lord and Lady Clement have been the key component of change in the Magical world. Many people may not know, or wish to accept, the role that the French have played in and around the world, but the introduction of Muggle technology enhanced with Magical properties is the property of the Clements.

The introduction of the technology has jeopardised the Statute of Secrecy not only in France, but most of Europe -- with some jeopardy being felt further afield, too.

This was not the first time that the Clements have brought forward change in the dynamic between Magical and non-Magical folk, but it is the most recent in which they have been involved.

The Clements do not hide their Magic from the masses of France, instead leaving it to the Muggles to come up with their own ideologies.

Louis currently holds the key to political power in France, stepping in to make key decisions in the country when needed. All of which is done with the aid of his darling wife, whom he leaves out of no decision made on the country's behalf. Though, without fail, their opinions always land in the same place.


~ Lord Clement ~ Profile ~ 52 ~

Thank you to the amazing Ruby for the signatures! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:37 am

Handler Name: Trish

Character Name: Airi Hirabayashi (愛莉 平林)


FC: Airi Hirabayashi

Country/Teritory/State being represented: Japan

Character background/justification: The Hirabayashi family, a Pureblood Magical Family, have been in charge of Japan since the early 1900's. They were the ones that slowly integrated the Magical world of Japan into the muggle one by slowly bringing in ideas to the magicals. It took a long time for the magicals to accept the fact that they were moving into the 21st century but they eventually did in the late 1980's when nearly everywhere you went you could see something muggle being used by magicals or worn by them.

Ballpoint pens and spiral notebooks replaced quills and parchment, phones replaced two way mirrors, jeans and skirts replaced robes. Muggle shops had a magical extension added to it. Muggle-looking gardens had magical plants. Magical's lived in muggle populated areas, interacting with their muggle counterparts and working muggle obs.


Airi was born on 3rd December, 1989 in Suzuka, Nagano to Reira and Kamiya Hirabayashi. She grew up loved and spoilt by her parents and extended family so much that it looked like she was being spoilt too much.

Despite her spoilt upbringing she actually turned out to be a soft-spoken and well mannered young girl who asked for nothing and gave away a lot of things that she didn't need; whenever she got double of the same present she would give it out to children in orphanages who needed it more than her.

At 7, Airi went of to Mahoutokoro and while it was only a day school until eleven, she enjoyed her time with the children there, playing and learning anything and everything that they could teach her. Despite the fact that she was a Hirabayashi, she didn't let that stop her from making friends with people or enemies with those who just wanted to use her name.

At 18, she graduated with honors from Mahoutokoro and went off to Egypt to learn Curse Breaking and while many frowned at her for it, because it was a dangerous job, she loved it as it was something that used her skills.

At 23, she was back in Japan working for the Gringotts branch there and while she did get sent off to different places to do her job, she spent most of her time at home learning the ropes in how to lead the Hirabayashi Family.

At 27, she retired from Curse Breaking as on her last job she ended up getting injured and while she did recover from it, the scare had led to her requesting a part-time Curse Breaking job at Gringotts where she only worked in Japan and only if she was really needed.

At 29, she took part in the elections for the new Minister of Magic and with no surprise she was chosen to become the new one. The one before her had been her cousin who had given his seat away with a smile on his face.

As the Minister of Magic, Airi bought many views into the world and many people loved her for her open mind. She brought in laws that enabled creatures to be able to work and go to school, she brought forth laws that enabled werewolves to get Wolfsbane for free during the full-moon period.

Airi wishes to attend the meeting to bring forth the changes that had seen Magical Japan integrated into the Muggle World. She wishes for the magical world to become the kind of place where no-one, magical or creature, is afraid to walk the streets. Where Light and Dark magic isn't synonymous with Good and Evil.
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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:05 pm

Handler Name: Mimosa

Character Name: Jackson Blake

PC or NPC: NPC but with a profile

FC: Sidharth Malhotra - *points to profile link*

Country/Teritory/State being represented: The United States of America

Character background/justification: Jackson was born in Green Lake City – a town with a population of just over two thousand. He was born to a single mother so “community” isn’t just the word to him. He actually knows the people of his town and how they helped him and his mother get by when all seemed bleak. Jackson had no knowledge of his magical heritage until an invitation from Salem arrived. His mother – a No Mag – had no idea what wizardry was beyond that her only child might get a better chance at life if he went off to a fancy school - for free. Jackson attended Salem Academy for seven years but never completed his education, dropping out in his sixth year due to medical issues. It was in rehab that he turned his willingness to give back to the community into actual public service.

The boy started as a volunteer and in a few short years, was elected Mayor. Even at his relatively young age the boy discovered his knack for politics and helped set up a program whereby young witches and wizards born to No Mags could seek help. He also started a program which educated parents of magical children about the wizarding world. After finishing High School by night, Jackson moved to Milwaukee for college and to further his political career. Jackson is a realist and knows that to make it big, you initially have to ride on a bigger fish’s coattails. That big fish for Jackson was Republican congressman Michael Bloomberg and the bait, his daughter Judith Bloomberg. Their brief affair resulted in Jackson being elected to the Milwaukee legislature almost unchallenged at the young age of 22.

Now, heavily into politics, Jackson is campaigning for the Senate seat. His amiable relations with the man who got him there coupled with the funding he’s managed to secure from an old contact promises to make him a pretty big name across the US. Big enough that the American Ministry has noticed his popularity, efficiency at dealing with No Mags and his relatively scandal free record (almost an impossible thing in the current political scene). Jackson is therefore being sent to the summit on behalf of the American Ministry as a test to see how well he does. His representation of the US at the ICWW will determine his future in the American political landscape.


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PostSubject: Re: Site Plot Sign Ups   

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Site Plot Sign Ups
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