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 Who We Are Doesn't Matter {For One of Jake's Characters}

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Michelle Roux

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PostSubject: Who We Are Doesn't Matter {For One of Jake's Characters}   Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:09 pm

Airi Clothes:

Following the successful first day of the Summit, Airi had decided that some time to wind down from the formal event was needed thus the Japanese female had transfigured her stifling robes into more comfortable ones, ones for dancing. Having done the sightseeing yesterday, the young witch had seen a nightclub, hidden away under charms on the outskirts of one of the many alleys in the Cayman Islands. She had snooped around and asked questions and learnt that the nightclub was quite famous and catered to many people, it was a place where you just became another face in the crowd if no-one knew you.

Swiftly making her way there, the Japanese Minister tucked her wand into the holster on her wrist, hidden under invisibility charms, and in her left hand, she had a nondescript silver clutch bag that she could add a chain to make it a hand-bag.

Flashing her ID at the bouncer by the door, she knew she looked young enough to be ID'ed, she slipped inside the club, relaxing the moment the blasting music resounded through her ears. Quickly making her way towards the bar, she slipped onto one of the many chairs scattered around and waved a bartender down.

"I'd like a glass of Sex on the Beach please." The witch smiled and watched as the bartender got to mixing her drink swiftly and with such precision that she was mesmerized and she tipped the male when the orange-tinted drink was slid towards her. "For the show." She winked as she took the drink in hand and sipped it through the straw, the alcoholic bevarage relaxing her from the last of her formality.


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Jake Newbury
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Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Who We Are Doesn't Matter {For One of Jake's Characters}   Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:31 pm

After running in to Sierra Stark the first night of the Summit, Jake had told the witch that they should (try) to meet up again. Though, both of them were very busy with their respective jobs, and Jake had forgotten -- in his enjoyment of the evening -- to ask for Sierra's phone number.

Still, he was sure that if there was going to be another meet, it would happen.

Heading out with the other five Aurors who were designated to the day shift towards the bars of the Cayman Islands, Jake followed his colleagues in to a Nightclub with a stifled yawn. It might only be after eight in the evening, but after a twelve hour shift, it was getting on. Still, it wouldn't bode well to bail on the rest of his colleagues, so Jake moved to the bar to order the first round of drinks, and promptly charge it to the British Ministry's card that he'd been entrusted with for the stay.

By the time Jake had handed out the various drinks, his colleagues had headed off in a number of different directions on what the single father guessed was the 'prowl'. Shaking his head slightly as he finished typing the number in to the machine, Jake took the receipt and pocketed it to hand in to the Administrator when he got back to the UK as proof of the expenses.

His eyes travelled to the seats around him, landing on one young looking woman that he recognised -- though the attire she was now wearing was vastly different -- of the Japanese Minister. Moving from his place at the bar, Jake moved to the woman's side, and leaned against the bar.

"Airi... right?" Jake asked, his pronunciation of her name quite careful because it wasn't one he knew very well. "I'm Jake, Jake Newbury, I work for the British Ministry." Jake explained, though his American accent would leave something of a confusion given his current affiliation, Jake was vastly loyal to the British Ministry.

"How are you feeling after today?" Jake asked, though he didn't know whether the Minister might like to talk about it, it was a conversation opener, wasn't it? And, if she told him that much, Jake was quite happy to come up with something else to talk about. Sipping his beer, Jake waited for the Japanese woman to either take the conversation or else steer him to another topic.


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Who We Are Doesn't Matter {For One of Jake's Characters}
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