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 Pureblood Index

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PostSubject: Pureblood Index   Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:06 pm

So you’d like to be a Pureblood on Hogwarts & Beyond? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place to get more information!

Pureblood families are the steeple of wizardkind at this site and play a very important role in the overall plot of HaB. As a prominent Pureblood, you can always be called upon to set in motion various plot points, organize site wide events and generally portray Purebloods as the elites they are in society. We do realize that not everyone would want to play out their characters in such a way so if that’s the case, you’re in luck!

At HaB, we have two kinds of Purebloods you can choose to come from, the elitist kind like the Malfoys and the Blacks of canon or the warm, accepting kind like the Weasleys. If you would simply like to play a character of “pure” blood, you need not read further. Go ahead and create one. However be advised that like the Weasleys, your family will hold little influence over the world at large and possibly have minimal wealth to their name too.

However, if you wish to become a key Pureblood family on our map, you would need to go through a more comprehensive vetting process as these families are brands recognized almost globally through our site canon. For example, the Clements are a prominent force all throughout Europe, while it is understood that no one puts a foot on Welsh soil without the Murrays knowing about it. If you’d like to become one of those elites, keep reading!

HaB limits these elite families to five at any given time. So it’s imperative that the power does not get diluted too much from being shared. All of these families are related to each other in some way or the other – a burden every Pureblood must bear. Therefore animosity among these families is as common as alliances. It takes time to understand the dynamics of all these families within the framework of the site’s canon, which is why we do not allow first time members to create such a family. However if you are truly determined, you may register a family after you’ve reached 100 In Character (IC) posts with your first character – provided there is an open slot.

We also do not like it when one player amasses too much power here at HaB, therefore, each handler may only register two such families at most. One of these two families must also be open to connections to both prominent and non-prominent Purebloods. Role playing with other people is enjoyable, so be sure to leave your families open to lots of fun, and unexpected plot twists! After all, what is a prominent family without a dirty secret or two?

In order to register a Pureblood family, you must provide three things:

  1. an extensive background of at least 500 words
  2. a description of at least three generations' efforts to cement your family’s place on the global landscape, and
  3. a family coat of arms/sigil that is widely recognized throughout the world/continent.

Once you’ve detailed all of this into your application format, a member of staff will go through it to see how well the established history gels with the already existing families. We highly advise you read all the present families in the index before writing your own to ensure you’re not treading on any metaphorical toes.

Every approval is purely based on a unanimous staff decision, however a few things that can help increase your chances are:

  • Your activity level
  • Quality of your application (no typos, grammar errors, etc)
  • Knowledge of other great houses/families woven into your background
  • Your family’s ideology

Once you’ve been approved, yay! You’re home free! You have a very powerful, influential family and it will always remain here. Unfortunately, no! Like in the real world, families and statuses rise and fall depending on how visible they are, how well marketed they are and how much money they can channel into both. On HaB, a family’s dominance is determined by how active and visible they are. To that end, each family on the list of the top ten must host at least one (1) event per game or attend three (3) events per game. This is to certify that you are active enough to deserve your Pureblood slot. Should your family fall behind in prominence, it will eventually fade from the social scene and you will lose your place among the top five. Keep in mind, being a Purebood is a privilege, and you must keep working to earn it.

If all the above hasn’t completely turned you off joining the top five families in the world, and if you qualify to do so, please fill out an application and post it as a reply to this thread. Once your family profile is complete, a member of staff will be around to suggest edits or ask for further clarification should it be required. Then, if all goes well, the stars align and the magic moment happens, you will have a bonafide, pureblood family in the highest echelons of society. We wish you good luck on your journey to the stars!

[b]Family History:[/b] (Minimum of 500 words)
[b]Family crest:[/b]
[b]Family is open to connections:[/b]

The Families

The Clements

The Murrays

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Pureblood Index
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