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 ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:54 pm

The second day of the Summit had passed with deep discussion, political argument, and an insistence on both sides of the debate to change their vote from their original decision. Some countries had grown louder with exasperation when people could not see their point, others grew quieter as the political viewpoints of some of the larger, if not stronger countries were put out to others.

It had been a long, stressful day for all those involved, but for most, it would have been a useful conclusion to the Summit before the big vote tomorrow.

When finally the doors had closed on the 2pm, everyone headed off for high tea that afternoon to mull over the copious amount of points that had been covered by those representing their countries. It would be a lot of food for thought, that was for sure.

By 7pm, though, the conference room had been transformed for the Gala Dinner. Everyone was expected to be in attendance, to skip the event would have been rude in way too many manners. Guests were allowed to attend with each representative to make the night that much more enjoyable, and for five hours, each individual could forget about their vote that would be cast the next morning, and instead relax in to the scene of gaining international allies.
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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:59 pm


The second day of the Summit had flown by in a mixture of heated arguments, poignant questions, and a number of 'low blows' to a number of countries. To say the second day had been much more intriguing than that of the first would definitely not be a lie. Kamren's choice still remained deeply in not abolishing the Statute, he still could not see the safety in the situation even after a number of clever ideas during the day.

After the high tea that afternoon, Kamren had given Mycroft the rest of the afternoon off -- to explore the island, catch up on sleep, or else spend however he pleased. Whilst the younger of the British representatives was away, Kamren had rung home to speak to his wife.

Clarinda had just finished from her shift, something Kamren could tell by the hint of tiredness in the witch's voice as she explained her day to him, trying to get back to the subject of him intermittently, but always being reminded softly that 'Clarinda, your day is important to me, darling'. Then, Kamren had asked after his daughter, Clarinda hadn't yet seen her and after a couple of unanswered calls up the stairs to tell Lux that her father was on the phone, Clarinda gave up, apologising unnecessarily.

Only then, after all of the news from the UK had been told to Kamren did the Minister explain how the Summit was going to his wife. The pros and cons he'd been given, and the reiteration of his non-movement on his decision. Clarinda still agreed wholeheartedly with everything he'd said, before checking he'd eaten. A smile had played on Kamren's lips as he told his wife what he'd eaten that day, finishing up that line of conversation with 'I'll be the size of a house before I get back if they continue to feed me like this'. The soft melodic sound of Clarinda's laugh had made Kamren's home sickness a little more poignant in that moment.

"I miss you, Clar," Kamren admitted softly in to the telephone.

"It's only been three days, Kamren." Clarinda tried to admonish him, but he could hear the flicker in her voice. "I miss you too, though. Only two more days, though." She reminded him softly, and with the raise in her voice, Kamren knew she was smiling in to her phone at the other side of the ocean.

"Two days," Kamren echoed, checking his watch. "I should let you get on. I need to get a shower before this Gala Dinner tonight, too. Two days."

"Two days."

"I love you, sweetheart."

"I love you, too, Kam. Good night, and best of luck tomorrow."

"Good night," Kamren replied softly, waiting until Clarinda had hung up from her end before he put the receiver back on the set with a soft sigh.


The British Minister of Magic arrived to the Gala Dinner exactly at seven o'clock that evening. Being one of the first through the door, Kamren was presented with a glass of champagne before being shown to his table for the evening. His eyes took in the splendour of the room, much like the rest of the hotel, it would likely wow the younger generations, but Kamren had been playing this game for a long time now.

Standing by his chair, Kamren waited for the other guests, sipping as his drink and keeping an eye on the door. Hopefully, conversation would not be too taxing this evening, his head rather felt like it was going to explode from such a hectic day!
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Louis Clement

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:56 pm

Whilst many of the representatives on the Summit might have believed their work to have been over after the second day's events, Louis and Vanessa Clement had not stopped in their work. The office on their ship was now covered in the pictures with a small flag of each country and their delegate, and thus far the stance the Clements expected them to take in the vote the following day.

Most, the duo had decided, would be sticking to their opening speeches, and their subsequent arguments. From there, it left them a smaller list of people whom they did not yet know enough about to know which way they would be voting.

The Clements never, ever, showed their hand until they had to. They never pitched fully for a side unless they were sure of an outcome, and thus their job was not done. The list of 'targets' for the evening had been agreed upon by the couple, and though they would be arriving to the Gala Dinner together, their evening would most likely be spent apart more than it would be together.

After the luncheon, Louis and Ven had placed their final notes by each country, before falling in to the lounger by the window for a brief moment's respite, Louis' arms wrapped around his wife as he allowed himself a moment in which his body simply relaxed from the tension of being alert to everything that day.

"Les enfants me manquent," Louis told his wife softly, knowing she'd understand that he meant the three of them in total. There was the briefest of moments, where the Lady Clement turned in her husband's arms to face him, a fond smile playing on her lips. A retort might have come, or some kind of insistence that it was only a few more days. That they were fine.

But, Louis didn't need the reassurance, instead opting to place the softest of kisses on his wife's lips in this small moment of being alone, peaceful, whilst the world tried to decide which way it was going to fall.

"Stay safe tonight, especially around the Somalian." Louis asked of her, ever so softly. He was not comfortable with their division of work, but Louis was quite sure Vanessa had been right. Putting Louis and the Somalian leader together, both of them being very strong personalities, was not going to lead towards a good end.

After Vanessa's promise to be safe, the clock had struck the fifth hour of the afternoon, and almost on cue the staff were coming in to the room, denoting Vanessa's bath to have been drawn and waiting for her. Louis' valet had come to enquire of his needs for the evening's dress, and both the Lord and Lady Clement were whisked away to get ready for their evening ahead once Louis had pressed a light kiss to his wife's hand as she got up before him to ready herself.

Shortly before seven, Louis stood just outside the door that Vanessa would come from for their evening. The Lord Clement didn't know his wife's chosen design, but the mention of 'needing to wear' the cufflinks Ven had gifted him on his birthday told Louis that his lady wife had decided to upstage the world. Not that he was surprised, the Lady Vanessa Clement outshone the whole world in Louis' eyes, without so much as trying.

It, therefore, came as no surprise when Vanessa emerged, looking so very beautiful in the gown she'd chosen for the evening. Louis' smile grew as he took her in fondly, offering her his arm in that moment to guide her towards the Ritz once more. "Tu es belle, ma chérie." Louis complimented in that moment, though the words were for the benefit of the staff emerging behind the Lady Clement, Vanessa would know from his features, his eyes, and not the words just how wonderful she looked in that moment.


The hall they'd been using for the Summit the past two days had almost been transformed in to something passable of a grand dinner. In the eyes of a Clement, however, the room looked much too bare, and very under decorated. Louis kept his features from showing such things, though, as he entered after Vanessa, allowing her to enter before him, and taking a glass from the waiter by the door for them both.

"Ready to dazzle, ma chérie?" Louis asked with a fond smile, before looking around to see if their 'targets' were here yet.

Les enfants me manquent -- I miss the children.
Tu es belle, ma chérie -- You look beautiful, my darling


~ Lord Clement ~ Profile ~ 52 ~

Thank you to the amazing Ruby for the signatures! <3
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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:36 pm

Arriving at the Gala with Sasha beside him, Jackson took in the grandeur and breathed in deep. Finally, he felt at home among these elites and plutocrats at the Summit. Not that the young politician had grown up among fine things, no. Quite the contrary, the two bedroom house he had spent all of his childhood and a large part of his adulthood too was more homely than a gala trying too hard to seem like the epitome of splendor. But at least these gatherings were familiar. As an up and coming republican, Jackson had learned that these galas were more important than doing actual work. He knew the routine, the compliments, the dances, the small talk.

He had this.

"What do you think?" he asked the redhead beside him, flashing her a quick smile. Sasha was resplendent as always and he had no doubt she would catch the eye of anyone looking their way. Though the young man would never condone what Mrs. Denver did to her daughter frequently in the hopes of getting attention, he had to admit the woman had a point. With her vivid red hair, pixie like frame and wide innocent eyes, there wasn't a person in the world Sasha couldn't charm.

"Oh, let's go say hello to the Canadian delegate," he suggested, his arm lightly on Sasha's back as he steered her towards Lucien and his date . "You'll like him, he seems like an upstanding fellow, closer to us in age. And it's always good to say hi to our neighbors to the north."


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Sasha Denver
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Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:52 pm

Sasha had taken some dresses with her and she really wasn't really sure which one she should wear at this gala. Mostly dress choosing took a longer time than getting ready for this. Anyways she decided to go with blue dress. It looked good. After she was dressed and had done her make up too. She and Jackson went to that Gala. The girl had admitted deep down that she had never been to such event before.

"This looks amazing," she said there something now. She wasn't really sure what she should be saying there. She didn't really know much about these gala things since she has never attended to any before. Only things she has ever attend is her school balls or something like that but a girl can't really compare them so easily. She looked around her and wasn't even sure what they supposed to do here.

"Oh sure, we can go and say hello to them," she said there with a small smile. To be honest girl barely even knew here anyone. Actually, the only person who she was sure she knew was Jackson. Everyone else seemed as strangers to the girl. "Oh, I see. I hope he is so nice as you say he is. I don't really know anyone here, expect you," she said it out loud too. "So meeting new people kind of can be useful," she added. She had no idea who these most people even were.


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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:03 pm

Airi's Dress:

The moment the second day of the summit had been done and over with, Airi had been very pleased with how it turned out; the question and answer part of this summit was something that she had been looking forward to however her opinion had stayed and never wavered. No matter how many good points people gave in regards to what they had said, Airi would vote nay in tomorrows vote.

There was just no way that Airi would be able to decide the fate of their world in just one measly meeting. They needed more than just three days of arguments, contemplations and voting. Lifting the statue wasn't just some one-day job you could do, it needed thorough thinking and meticulous planning for that to happen.

Pulling her Kimono on, the thirty-four-year-old Minister pursed her lips as she watched herself in the mirror, her eyes narrowed in thought; she had a feeling that this gala wasn't just something to enjoy but also something to watch out for. Something told her that there would be more questionings here than there were at the summit.

Exhaling softly, the witch turned away from her reflection as grabbed her small clutch bag on her way out of the hotel room and made her way back to the conference room that had been transformed for the Gala dinner.

Watching the currently gathered Lords and Ladies through guarded eyes, Airi contemplated on how to approach this gathering. There was no right or wrong answer, she knew that, but it just made her feel better about having a plan of action. Eventually, the witch decided to just take the wait and see approach, whatever happened, she would still be able to make her own conclusions.
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Grayson Hughes


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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:20 am

Lucien stood in front of the mirror in their suite, straightening his tie and running his fingers through his hair as he waited for Rebecca. Though they didn't attend galas like this frequently, it was by no means unfamiliar territory. They'd been to their fair share of formal dinners and promotion events during his time in office. They both knew what such functions entailed--and what their purpose was.

Though Lucien would prefer to genuinely mingle for the sake of getting to know people, without any sort of angle, he understood the point of seeking out beneficial relationships. The gala was, for most people, an opportunity to make allies and glean information. Still, he personally wanted to place more emphasis on the relationships than the benefits, considering the strengthening of his political agenda to be a bonus, rather than a goal.

Rebecca exited the bathroom, and Lucien's breath caught in his throat momentarily before he broke into a grin and held his arm out for his fiance. He truly was a lucky man.

"You look stunning, as usual."

"Why thank you. You're not too shabby yourself," she said, gracefully taking his arm as they walked side by side out of the suite.

Rebecca was not overly fond of these events, but she knew the importance of putting on a good show. Her wand, as always, was concealed beneath her dress, but easily accessible should she need it. Her skirt was loose and allowed for easy movement. Though she may be off duty, she certainly wouldn't let her guard down. Her auror training had drilled into her the importance of constant vigilance, and tonight would not be an exception.

At a minute past seven, the couple strode into the conference room turned banquet hall with an understated sort of elegance. Lucien certainly didn't feel as grand as some of the other attendees, but he reminded himself that at the end of the day, they were all just human, and he shouldn't let himself be intimidated. He kept Rebecca close by his side, feeling safer and more confident with her beside him.

"Right," he breathed, so only his fiance could hear. "Ready to mingle?"

"Ready or not, the American delegate is heading this way."

"Oh, good. I was worried we'd have to approach someone ourselves."

She huffed a short laugh, then tugged his arm to walk forward and meet the Americans halfway. Lucien extended a hand to the other man when they'd closed the distance.

"Jackson! Nice to finally not be arguing with you. Who's this lovely lady?" He turned toward the American's date, grasping her hand as well and giving her a warm smile.


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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:49 pm


The second day of the Summit had been… unexpected in Vanessa Clement’s personal opinion. She had anticipated a much heartier debate but most countries had chosen to remain mute, merely observing the delegates that did speak up. She and Louis had been among the observers but for their own reasons, there was little anyone could say or do to sway their decision when it came to the future of France. And perhaps everyone knew that. Democracy was a tricky business, good in concept, abysmal in application. The Clement may look nothing like the stuttering Somalian Warlord but a small amount of research had shown he ruled with an iron grip, just as they did. The palace simply cared to dress it up with good PR relations and was happy enough to keep in line with the public’s best interest as long as said interest aligned with their own.

Tonight would be a rare opportunity to get candid with the leaders they had been seeing in formal settings for the past two days. Some of whom Vanessa simply could not think highly of because they seemed like children. The American disgrace who aired his country’s personal problems at an open forum, the Canadian baby faced Minister who looked like he should be in graduate school, the Japanese representative who too would not look out of place at a university campus. And yet the face of global politics was changing, she had to admit. Louis and herself would be old and irrelevant before their time, a younger, more connected Lord and Lady Clement stepping in to take their place.

Which meant they had less than ten years to do everything they needed, time was of the essence.

Sierra worked tirelessly behind somewhere as the Lady Clement’s Lady’s Maid applied the finishing touched to Vanessa’s make up. The regal deep red gown cut a slim silhouette; one Vanessa was pleasantly surprised she could still pull off at her age. Today’s proceedings would be a fashion event as much as one of political undertones, she knew and so she had appropriately chosen a gown that reflected simplicity but demonstrated the best in French craftsmanship. The piece de resistance, the diamond embellishments around the sleeves and back which would make this the most expensive dress worn tonight.  The Clements were no here to make friends, they were here to show power.

When Louis arrived – his footsteps accompanied by the same innate sense that told her when he was near, the Lady Clement inspected her image in the floor length hexagonal angled mirror once last time. The show was about to begin.

As she walked out, she couldn’t help remembering Louis’ words from earlier. “I miss the children.” She missed them too, and it was for them that they were here. So that they would never have to stand at  a forum again and justify how they ruled their land. Their powers would never be questioned on a global scale if the current Lord and Lady Clment pulled this feat off.

As the regal pair made their way to the gala, Vanessa held on closely to Louis, not so much out of nerves but more for comfort. His solid presence beside her would not last all evening and she intended to make the most of it while it did. All too soon, they appeared at the gaudy improvised ballroom, which answered the question of what would happen if a blind person went overboard with frill and lavender. Still, Vanessa had seen worse and survived, at least it wasn’t English design, that might have made her physically ill.

In fact, now that she saw the venue in it’s entirely, she realized soemoen had worked very hard to try and include all all the nations attending the ICWW conferences intot eh decor. French lace competd for attention with Vietnamese tulle, Turkish embroidery, Japanese calligraphy, a collection of drinks from all around the world. The witch made a note to send Sierra out the next day to find samples of this Trukish embroidery, Elenore might enjoy a challenge – or simply like seeing how her art was expressed around the world.

"Ready to dazzle, ma chérie?"

“Always,” Vanessa replied quietly in French, the last bit of French she would be speaking fro the night. Giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, she walked in – making her way casually to the German Chancellor, Aldric Forrester. His daughter was at Hogwarts with Elenore, and that would provide a good conversation starter.


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Andrei Kessler
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Head of Ravenclaw

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:58 am




Yusuf had more vices than he could count, so he never tried. However, one held a special place in his heart, khat. Chewing the comforting plant brought back memories. Memories of his first battle, his first wound, and his first wife all flowed together in a maddening frenzy when he partook. This evening, though, he restrained himself as he needed to keep his wits about him. After all, he had a job to do and a part to play.

He had always wanted to be an actor.

Dressed in billowing robes blacker than his skin, Yusuf strode into the gala with a sense of purpose and a glint in his eye. Each step sent a golden shimmer through his robes that couldn't quite be attributed to the ringlets of the metal on his fingers or around his neck, magic really was a wonderful thing. A proper set of robes, Yusuf liked to think, was very important in the wizarding world—an idea the other representatives seemed to disagree with.

And they had to the gall to call themselves wizards, laughable.

At his side walked a girl who looked to be in her early twenties. She wore a deep purple dress that hugged her body a bit too tightly in places but fell modestly to the floor nonetheless. This was his third wife...or was it his fourth? It didn't really matter either way, she would do for the evening.

Casting a glance that lingered neither too much nor too little on any one person, Yusuf navigated his way through the get-together—this was no party—with a practiced ease. He had hoped to speak with the British minister, but that could wait. In fact, it would have to wait for exactly, he stole a glance at his platinum watch, twenty minutes. His man had said twenty minutes, so twenty minutes it would be and not a moment more nor a moment less; the reaper waited for no man.

In the meantime, the Somalian interested himself in the open bar.

Surely a true Englishman would find his way there sooner or later.

Like hunting any big game it all came down to patience.


Thanks for the banner, Krissu.

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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:14 am

Kamren had watched the hall fill with others with mild interest. After his own arrival had come the arrival of the Clements. The French duo were, in reality, one of the largest threats to the world in question. Kamren had considered engaging them for a moment, before he stole himself. There would be no great moment of conversation if Kamren looked desperate for their time. He would, therefore, wait a few moment's longer.

Next, the American delegate had entered with his young... girlfriend? Kamren wasn't sure of the relationship there, and had no interest in finding out. The young American was voting Kamren's way, and therefore he had no use in trying to impress the younger man.

Next, the lady from Japan -- who's name escaped Kamren completely in that moment, where was Mycroft? -- who was also voting the same way as Kamren. Another cause not worth the limited time they had that evening.

The young Canadian Minister came but a moment later, and Kamren had been ready to step forth to greet him, to talk with Lucien and his fiance about the vote he was planning to cast, but before the older male could begin his descent, the young American couple were hurrying to the Canadian's side. Well, perhaps Jackson would manage that relationship, Kamren thought to himself, hoping that Lucien would not grow to be in a foul mood for Kamren's visit later.

By this point, the Somalian delegate entered. The man always put Kamren on edge, in truth, but that did not mean he could shy away from the man. As the past two days had seen the Somalian delegate -- Yusuf -- declare that they would not enter their own plea until the final vote, Kamren couldn't help but be drawn to the man. He was, after all, the only one at the whole Summit to pull such a stunt.

Stealing himself, Kamren moved to the African's side at the bar, ordering himself a whiskey. "Good evening, Yusuf!" Kamren greeted the man, ensuring his speech was both clear, and not too rushed for the Somalian who had shown that his English was not all that good when he'd been giving his speeches over the last couple of days. "How are you this evening?" The British Minister asked, giving the man a small smile.

"And, who might this be?" Kamren asked, looking to the young girl beside Yusuf with a small, but friendly, smile. He would not make a guess at whether the woman was a wife, or a daughter, that could, potentially, cause a rift Kamren did not wish to be the cause of. Politics, after all, was all about good people management.
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PostSubject: Re: ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner   

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ICWW Summit: Gala Dinner
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