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 Sterling Goldwasser

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PostSubject: Sterling Goldwasser   Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:54 am

Full Name: Sterling Goldwasser
Age: 15
Date of birth: 8, December, 2008
Birthplace: Ettal, Germany
Current home: Ettal, Germany
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: 14 inches, Horned Serpent Horn, Acacia, fairly flexible

Hair color and style: Usually in a messed up spikey mohawk thing, blonde.
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5′ 6″
Body type: Sterling is somewhat gangly and thin. He does work out some but not so much that he really gains a large amount of muscle.
Dress sense: Usually a t-shirt in jeans anywhere other than home, though he dresses up more at home and in front of his father.
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
Scars: N/A
Piercings: N/A

- Guitar: Sterling got a guitar from his mom for his fourth birthday. Ever since that day he's been playing, singing, and writing songs with his guitar.

- Singing: Sterling's been singing his whole life, whether it be little songs he made up or something he was listening to on the radio.

- Writing music: Sterling has been making up his own songs since he was little and sang to his mama as she tended to the newest cut or bruise Michael gave her. When he got his guitar it just encouraged that side of him, eventually he started writing lyrics and playing chords with them, creating his own music.

- Music in general: Sterling has had a love of music since he was little. His mom has sang to him since he was born and he grown up singing, and even eventually playing guitar.

- Flirting: You can often find Sterling flirting with random girls in the town, or in the school hallways. He doesn't care much whether they're pureblood or not, sometimes even prefering non-purebloods because he knows it would piss off his father.

- Annoying his father: Sterling very much enjoys annoying and pissing his father off, especially since the big fight. He honestly despises his "dad" and finds every oppurtuntity to piss him off.

- Dares: Sterling love truth-or-dare and will choose dare evry single time. He loves the thrill and adrenaline in knowing he's doing something he shouldn't be.

- Flying: Sterling got a broomstick for his eighth birthday and has been flying since then, always making sure to keep up with the latest broomstick. He even is his House's seeker.

- Animals: Sterling has a soft spot for animals. This is partly because of all the animals that are in his house, considering every kid has one.

- CoMC: This definitely goes along with his love of animals. Sterling loves them, especially the mythical ones he gets to hang out with in this class.

- Being spontaneous: Sterling gets bored with the same thing very quickly and perfers to make stuff up as he goes.

- His sisters: Sterling sisters occupy a huge space in his heart and he most definetly looks up to them. Even so, he constantly feels the need to protect them, looking at himself as the only real man in the house.

- His mom: Sterling absolutely adores his mom. It's only a matter of time before he goes off on his dad, for he's the one who always ha to be there for her to help her tend to her wounds, ever since her was little.

- Sarcasm: Sterling is a huge user of sarcasm, partly because it pisses his father off so much. He likes being able to be able to insult him without exactly sounding like he's insulting him.

- His father: Sterling simply hates his father. He may have been able to forgivr him of everything, if he didn't treat his wife the way he did.

- The words "you can't": Sterling take offense to these words. He believes if he sets his mind to it he could do anything, with the right resources.

- Uptight people or people who don't understand jokes or sarcasm: Sterling simply finds these people boring and plain.

- Cowards: Sterling hates it when someone isn't brave enough to stand and fight. It's one thing if you can't, while it's a whole different reason if you let yourself get so scared that you won't.

- Being bored: Sterling is constantly in search of someone new to meet and something new to do to combat his boredom. This stems from the constant boredom of his home.

- Musically gifted: Sterling is extremely gifted with both his singing and on the guitar, and is excelent at creating music.

- People: Sterling is very much a people person and will talk and/or flirt with anyone he meets, not ever judging or disliking someone until they give him a reason to.

- Daring: Sterling is very brave and daring, enjoying the rush of excitment and adrenaline involved in doing somthing you're not supposed to.

- Stubborn: Sterling is a boy who knows what he wants, and he won't stop trying until he gets it in many cases.

- Family: Sterling has a major soft spot for his family. He sees his mom and sisters as people that it's his job to protect and take care of. If you get close enough to him he automatically thinks of you as a part of the family, and would do anything to protect you.

- Hot-headed: Sterling does have a temper, and he's most often not afraid to show it, though he tries hard not to demenstrate it as much in front of his mom, sitsters, or anyone he cares about.

Positive traits:
- Honest: Sterling is a very honest person, only lying when it is absolutely neccesary, like if someone will get hurt if he tells the truth. Most of the time if his mom or sisters mess up somehow around the house he will take the blame - and the beating - for them.

- Optimistic: Despite a rough childhood Sterling is a very optimistic person. He always tries to choose to see the bright side of things.

- Dedicated: Sterling always does his best in eevrything he does. When he sets his mind to something he sees to it that he finishes it completely.

- Passionate: Sterling is a very passionate person. In everything he does he pours his soul into it, especially when it comes to his music.

- Bold: Sterling is a bold person, if he knows what he wants he will just go for it, making it clear to everyone exactly what it is that he's aiming for. He's even bold when he's talking, almost to the point of being blunt.

Negative traits:
- Argumentative: Despite Sterling being good with people, if you disagree with him on something he will make it excessivly clear that he does not agree. He is not interested in hurting people when he argues, just getting his point across, though he often finds things spilling out of his mouth that he regrets later, especially when his temper takes over.

- Reckless: Sterling, while smart, often rushes into a descision without thinking it through all the way. This leads to many half formed plans, which leads to mistakes and disasters.

- Overconfident: While Sterling isn't one to flaunt his money, power, or anything like that in front of anyone else, he does consider himself to be pretty awesome. He doesn't shove his good features in everyone's faces but he is a very confident.

Sterling's life has always been... complicated. He was ignored by his father his whole life. Well, ok. Ignored may not be the right word. He fed Sterling, clothed him, gave him everything he needed, he just didn't ever connect to him or dote on him as he did his other kids, the distance becoming more and more obvious as the years went on, more and more severe.

A large part of that was due to the fact that Sterling was a wild child. It was really a never-ending cycle. Sterling's shenanigans made his father distance himself, thinking the child wasn't worth his time if he couldn't behave properly, and yet the child's behavior was mostly attention seeking. The more his father distanced himself the more Sterling acted up. While his father made sure to provide a rock hard influence to his eldest son, his main hier, he didn't bother to provide such a thing to his youngest child. Without this as a child Sterling just didn't understand, not even knowing that hitting a woman was wrong.

He saw how his father and brother behaved, sure, but he didn't gain any of the reasoning or logic behind it as his brother did. When Sterling was 6 he got his first spurt of magic and accidentaly caused an incident in which his father's office got wrecked, sending Michael into a rage, deciding he couldn't deal with the child anymore. He sent him off to live with Oma and Opa Tischer.

His poor mama was devastated of course, pleading with Michael not to send the child away, but he wouldn't have it. Sabina missed her youngest greatly and the two sent letters back and forth the whole time he was there. It became the highlight of her time in her home, other than spending time with her daughters and eldest son.

His grandparents were delighted to have him, and spoiled him and introduced him to the purebloods, halfbloods, and muggles of the city. For the next three years he grew up in the mixed city, surrounded by people of all kinds and learning right from wrong, for while his Oma and Opa spoiled him with love, they also made sure he would grow up to at least know how to act like a gentleman. It was while he was with his grandparents he learned that the way his father treated his mom was not ok. That was the beginning of his hate for his father.

When he was nine his brother died and he was whisked back home, for he was now the sole heir of the Goldwasser family (even if he wasn't technically a Goldwasser). He spent the next two years, living under his father's thumb, learning which fork to use at which point in a meal and how to properly court a lady. When he got his hogwarts acception letter he was thrilled to simply be out of his father's house.

His father was the reason behind the letter, of course. His branch of the Goldwasser family had always gone to Hogwarts, and despite the long distance He refused to let that tradition end. He got all five of his children into Hogwarts, even the mistake.

The summer after his third year, however, his father found out he was sneaking out at nights to see a halfblood girl that lived nearby. They got into a huge argument in which Sterling accidentally let spill that they had done much more than make out and his father let spill in his anger that he wasn't in fact his father. Michael was outraged and considered disowning the young boy on the spot, the only thing stopping him being the fact he was his only hier.

He instead resorted to forcing the boy to break up with the girl, putting bars on his window, and keeping Sterling on lockdown, meanwhile completely ignoring the boy, leaving his care to the servants of the Gutshof. He was able to get out of the house for weekly guitar gigs with the help of his sisters however. Ever since the fight Sterling harbored a pit of hate against the man, that came out every time the two of them spoke until they stopped speaking all together, only communicating through his mother or sisters.

    Name: Sabina Tischer
    Age: 43
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: N/A

    Name: Michael Goldwasser
    Age: 47
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: Head of Gringotts' German Division

    Name: Christoph Goldwasser
    Age: 23 - 19 when he died
    Living or Deceased: Deceased
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: College student

Name: Seraphina Waldstien (Married to Asser Waldstein)
    Age: 20
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: N/A

Name: Valentina Goldwasser
    Age: 17
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Name: Mathilde Goldwasser
    Age: 16
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Pureblood
    Occupation: Hogwarts Student

    Name: Bubba
    Age: 12 1/2
    Living or Deceased: Deceased
    Blood type or Species: Toad
    Main Owner: Christoph Goldwasser

Name: Hoodini
    Age: 9
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Barn owl
   Main Owner: Seraphina Waldstien

Name: Ratatat
    Age: 6
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Rat
    Main Owner: Valentina Goldwasser

Name: Owlbert Einstein
    Age: 4
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Horned owl
    Main Owner: Mathilde Goldwasser

Name: Stella
    Age: 1/2 a year
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type or Species: Bengal kitten
    Main Owner: Sterling Goldwasser

The Goldwassers have been around for centuries. Generations upon generations of wizards, all keeping the bloodline pure and building a name for themselves. They are a family of great importance, power, and authority in Germany. Of course, everyone knows with power comes money, and the Goldbergs are certainly a sign of that.

This pureblood family has even resorted to marrying and spawning offspring with cousins in order to keep thier blood pure. They always choose the people they allow into thier family carefully, anyone not conforming to this idea being shunned, or worse, disowned.

Michael Goldwasser has by no means been an exception of these traditions. He was born in the UK and graduated from both Hogwarts and the University of Excelled Witchcraft & Wizardry. He majored in Arithmancy and went on to move back to Germany, where the Goldwasser bloodline originated, and moved into his ancestor's house that was currently unoccupied.

Michael began work at the Gringotts' in Germany and did his reasearch, arranging to meet with a minor pureblood family in Berlin. The family met with him and, impressed by his lineage and success, arranged for him and the family's older daughter Sabina Tischer to meet. Sabina was a perfect lady, and eventually was allowed to marry into the Goldwasser family.

Sabina and Michael lived married at 19 and 23, having thier first child a year later. Sabina gave Michael four children, one male heir and three young ladies. At that point Michael decided that was enough, but a year later she got pregnant again. Sabina had ended up having an affair with a pureblood man from her childhood, who ended up getting her pregnant. Michael was enraged, but abortion was out of the question as it would raise too many questions from the media, who the woman had told before her own husband to ensure he could not harm her unborn child.

Sterling was a mistake from the start, his father even naming him after an old Goldwasser family friend that died a week before he was born, just to show that he didn't really even fit in with the family. He, of course, was never told Michael was not his father of course. Sabina has been abused since then, and her youngest child shunned.

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Sterling Goldwasser
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