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 Delia Foster

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PostSubject: Delia Foster    Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:58 am

Full Name: Cordelia Bridgette Foster (but originally Schaefer; she changed it to follow her mother)
Goes by: She prefers being called Delia, and introduces herself as that more often than not; Lia to her friends; sometimes uses Bridgette as an alias; introduces herself as ‘Cordelia Schaefer’ (or Miss Schaefer) when dealing with her those from her dad’s world

Age: 17
Date of birth: 30 April 2006

Birthplace: America
Current home: Britain

Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Pansexual; aromantic

Wand type: Chestnut, dragon heartstring, 10 inches

Hair colour and style: Originally light brown, but she does dye it, so it’s also often dark brown or blonde, with various highlights. She curls it, sometimes, and leaves it straight at others. She’s cut it short (below her ears) once or twice, but typically keeps it at shoulder length, sometimes a bit longer.

Eye colour: Green, but she sometimes wears coloured contacts, making them blue or brown or even purple, according to her whims.

Height: 5 foot 5, but she tends to wear heels whenever possible, making her 5 foot 7.
Body type: Slim.

Dress sense: It really depends; typically, she wears nicer clothes, with her favouring day dresses or skirts and blouses. However, when at home alone, she loves sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, not that anybody knows.

Birthmarks: Behind her right ear, she’s got something that resembles a spade.


Scars: None

Piercings: Ears and belly button

Likes: (min 3)
- Attention (but not too much)

- Shopping (duh)

- Looking nice/pretty

- Getting away with breaking rules

- Shoplifting, despite all the money she has

- Cupcakes and cookies

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Getting dirty/doing anything that could get her dirty (physically, anyway)

- Too much attention; while she likes having eyes on her and a posse, she knows she can’t get away with doing anything remotely fun if there are people constantly watching her every move.

- Chocolate, for whatever reason (except hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon and marshmallows, which she loves)

- Flowers; she finds them to be useless and of no value

- Shallow people; she prefers there to be depth (i.e, purpose and meaning to what they do that goes beyond skin-deep.)

Strengths (min 3)
- Acting/pretending; she’s really good at telling people what they want to hear

- Getting her way; due to the above, more often than not, Delia is able to convince people to do what she wants or sway them in her direction or point of view.

- She’s an audio learner, and so while she might not seem to be paying attention in class or focusing, Delia absorbs what she hears like a sponge and usually aces her exams thanks to it.

- Non-verbal spells; she's got a flair from them that, while not natural, stems from her time at Dumstrang.

- Slight-of-hand; she's picked up the art of shoplifting and pickpocketing from a few friends in Dumstrang.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- She has a fondness for shoplifting, although she’s not stupid and won’t attempt to do it with anything too expensive or large; she mostly takes things like nail polish or jewellery.

- Shopping; she’s a female. ‘Nuff said. (According to her, anyway.)

- Reading; she just doesn’t enjoy it.

- Sex. Particularly kinky sex. If she likes someone, no matter gender, and they like her back, she's all in. (When she's of age, she'll frequent pubs and bars for some fun.)

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Loyal to those she considers as family or best friends. (There aren’t many, but for the handful that are, she would do anything for them, including die.)

- Dedicated; Delia, despite her seemingly frivolous and a typical popular girl, she has not lost sight of her goals and visions (and, she might even say, duty). She will strive towards it without stop.

- Adventurous; so long as it isn’t something that will get her dirty (basically mess up her clothes/hair/makeup), she’s up for trying anything new, including ‘weird’ foods.

- Sticks to her rules and doesn't cross boundaries she sets for herself; she doesn't easily break from her principles.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Delia tends to bite her nails. It’s a habit she can’t seem to break, and while she hates it (she believes in having impeccable nails) she does it subconsciously. As a result, she wears fake nails on a daily basis, to prevent people from realising her nails are awful and short, due to the biting.

- Despite being able to afford more or less whatever she wants, Delia has a nasty fondness of petty theft; she loves the thrill of shoplifting.

- She can be somewhat fixated on her point of view and doesn’t listen or consider the other side of the coin; she believes what she thinks is right and won’t bother listening to other opinions.

- Wants to be liked by people; while she isn't likely to sway from who she is or her principles, she does want to be liked (or at least, admired) by others.

Random Facts:
- She’s an idealistic cynic (is this even a thing)

- Super charming; this comes naturally to her and she is more or less able to get what she wants through convincing words and puppy eyes.

- Has a high metabolism rate, so while she eats a lot, she doesn’t really gain weight. She prefers swimming as an exercise, since it doesn’t leave her sweaty.

- Secretly a Pegasister (female version of a Brony; a fan of MLP)

- Addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes but will swear she doesn’t like coffee. (And, aside from PSLs, she honestly doesn't.)

Delia grew up in what would appear as a typical Pureblood family, with servants and money and status, in the US. On the inside though, they were a mess. There were fights almost every day, shouting and hexes and silent treatments. Delia didn’t quite mind so much, mostly because during fights and periods of separation, they would try to get her on their side — and that meant getting presents, trips, and other things she wanted.

When she was ten, she woke up one morning to an empty house — servants, house elves, and literally everyone else was gone — save her dad, and a whole bunch of suitcases. He told her, rather curtly, to pack all her stuff up, with them selling what she didn’t want to take.

And so Cordelia, not quite knowing what was going on, did as she was asked. A few hours later, with six large suitcases, she and her father left for Germany, where she slowly adjusted to the new environment and world. At 11, she was admitted to Dumstrang.

Throughout this time, she had no contact with her mother at all, and while she tried numerous times, every time she brought it up with her dad, she was shushed; he would grow angry, and forbid her from asking again. Eventually, she gave up asking him. Her education progressed and years passed.

One day, at the start of her 4th year, she'd received a letter from an owl she did not recognise, delivered to her while she stood outside by a lake; it had not gone through the proper school channels. Opening it, she saw a small and practically ancient handphone. There was only one number on it, and somehow, Delia knew. Making sure she was alone, she snuck deep into the forest, to a place where she could still get signal but was definitely alone, she called the number.

That was the first time she started talking to her mother.

Towards the end of that very year, she was rifling through some of her dad's stuff one day when he was away -- mostly trying to get a few more galleons to spend on stuff he wouldn't approve of -- when she found it: a slip of paper that explained it all. He had, she learnt, taken out a restraining order on her mother, for reasons that she didn't quite yet get but somehow knew. Her mother, she knew from the phone calls, was into things that he didn't approve of: things that she had been learning in Dumstrang, much to his dislike. (There was no better school, though, and he believed her when she told him they didn't cover specifics anymore.)

A plan was then set into motion, mostly hers but with fine-tuning by her mother. Through a lot of cunning work, late night break-ins into his office, and bribes given to the right people, Cordelia managed to rack up enough fake evidence to convince people that her father was negligent. It was enough to get her custody transferred to her mother, but not enough for charges to be brought against him (she didn't want him incarserated, only to live with her mum). At first, he was angry, but knowing it was either he remain angry or lose his daughter forever, he gave in and didn't bother trying to fight it; instead, he only requested that she attend certain Pureblood functions and not let the 'news' of his 'negligence' spread any further. (She'd only notified a few essential people, who all kept it hush hush out of respect for her dad.)

That wasn't a proposal she minded (she didn't hate him or anything), and so that was how she came to transfer to Hogwarts. Being put in year 6 wasn't too much of a struggle; she didn't mind the 'downgrading', since it gave her an opportunity to chill instead of going straight for the NEWTS.

  Name: Alannah 'Anna' Foster
  Age: 42
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Pureblood (nobody is entirely certain if they truly ARE Purebloods; their background is iffy, but since there is no proof that they AREN'T, they are identified as Purebloods, though my no means even close to The List)
  Occupation: Officially? None. Unofficially? She makes and sells illegal potions and shit.

  Name: Lukas Schaefer
  Age: 45
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Pureblood
  Occupation: Business man. Leave it at that.

Siblings: None (that she knows of)

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance:  None

Name: Irene Chavez
Age: 16
Blood Type: Halfblood

They had an explosive relationship when she was 15 to 16, just before she left. It was explosive and loads of fun. They dated for about 8-9 months, and it was toxic as hell. Much like her parents, Delia and Irene had an instant chemistry between them -- sexual tension and all -- that erupted into a fireball of a relationship, with them spending most of their free time behind closed doors.

They parted on good terms just before Delia got herself transferred to her mother's custody, knowing that they were not mature enough for it to work (and Delia also recognising it wouldn't end well, like her parents). Breaking up was surprisingly easy; the fireworks had pitted patted to a sudden end, and they merely stopped going to each other's rooms.

Even after this breakup, they remained friends (though not with benefits, since they know that would lead to a relationship and more fireworks that will end badly), though not best friends, and still write to each other every so often.

Children: None

An owl
Two cats
A dog
A horse

~ More prestigious family
~ Father died when he was 20
~ Mother didn't really approve of Anna but he didn't care

~ From an iffy family (they’re Purebloods but nobody is sure if they REALLY are)
~ WAS into super dark arts (necromancy)
  ~ Her parents were into it, so she grew up kinda into it too, but it’s not her favourite thing in the world and she stops once they die) She still does dark arts, somewhat, just not necromancy
~ Now just basically does whatever she pleases

Anna and Lukas met in the UAE, although they tell people it was Vietnam, since neither really had permission to be in the UAE in the first place. Anna was 24, and had been there to scout out some dark art resources she'd heard rumours about; Lukas, 3 years older, was there on business, meeting with people who were intrigued by what his father had started, and he was continuing.

Unfortunately, as Anna was meeting up with the suppliers, there was a raid on the compound; with anti-apparation wards having been set up around it, Anna had taken off by foot, ducking behind other tents and buildings as she did. Luckily -- or perhaps, unluckily -- Anna ducked into a room that was being occupied -- by Lukas, for his meeting. Taking one look at the somewhat panicked Pureblood girl he dimly recognised from one of the functions he'd attended over his lifetime, he assumed she was being pursued by unsavoury people, and decided to pretend they were dating and she was his secretary/assistant.

They became infatuated with each other during this period, and even when Anna came clean, the love (or rather, lust) he felt for her made him dismiss it. They got together a week after this meeting, and flew to Vietnam for some fun together. They continued travelling around like this, spending equal time as tourists and in the hotel room. When Anna fell pregnant during this time, they realised the implications of it, and sealed the knot in a chapel in Fiji, only delivering the news of pregnancy a few weeks later; as far as anyone is concerned, Delia was conceived in the covenant of marriage, although her mother has since told her the truth.

Their marriage was not a happy one. The lust and infatuation had died out two months into their marriage, with their honeymoon period having already been expended when they met and travelled. Soon, the little things that they had managed to ignore became irritants that lead to fights. Anna's intrigue into the dark arts turned from a 'bad habit' into something that could get them both killed; his dislike of them turned from a personal preference to discrimination against her... For 10 years, they fought back and forth, neither wanting to admit defeat for the humiliation it would bring their families.

Eventually, though, when Lukas caught Anna going behind his back and getting ingredients to a love potion, he snapped and called his lawyers. A few meets later, a divorce was finalised alongside the restraining order. Delia was 10 at this time, and due to his weight in society, he managed to get custody.

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PostSubject: Re: Delia Foster    Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:31 am

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PostSubject: Re: Delia Foster    Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Delia Foster    Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:00 am

Ms. Foster,


Due to your impressive skills in potioneering, you are invited to partake in the Slughorn Potions Club. This is named in honor of Professor Slughorn, an entrepreneur in experimental potioneering. In this club we will be working on more advanced potions work and prepare you for your OWLs as well as every day life. Should you accept the invitation, we shall meet once a month in the potions classroom.

Hope to see you here.


Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Delia Foster    Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:46 am


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PostSubject: Re: Delia Foster    

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Delia Foster
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