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 Ozskar S. Cserepes

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PostSubject: Ozskar S. Cserepes    Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:02 am

Basic Information
Full Name: Ozskar Schindler Cserepes
Nickname: Oz
Age: 15
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Birthday: September 1st, 2008
Current home: Bristol, United Kingdom
Blood status: Mixed-blood
Wand type: 12 1/4" Laurelwood, with Unicorn hair core
Patronus: Stoat

Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Light brown
Height: 5'8" (will be 6'1")
Body type: Fairly built but slightly toned
Dress sense: Varied from leather jackets to suit vests, jeans to slacks
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: N/A (But it is possible for later)
Scars: Small lip scar (hard to notice)
Piercings: N/A

-Quidditch and horseback riding: He was brought up on a ranch in Hungary and spent lots of time with the horses. When he hit his second year he grew fond of Quidditch.
-Helping people: He loves most people and always tries to bring the best out of them, though he may use less conventional methods.
-Being useful: Ozskar enjoys being with people, but what he loves more than that is feeling like he deserves their time.
-Baking/cooking: Ozskar loves baking and is always willing to help with a food-related project

-Receiving help: Ozskar isn't in any way against receiving physical help, but when it comes to emotional or passionate situations is where he hates help.
-Laziness: He doesn't mind if someone is resting or taking a break from life. But when it becomes extensive it can bother him quite a bit.
-Narcissists: Ozskar has incredible difficulty with dealing with narcissistic people, it is one of the top three things he hates and he has incredible difficulty with not just hitting the Narcissist.
-Bullies: This is at the top of the list of what Ozskar hates. When encountering a situation where someone is being bullied he is immediately going to stand by the victims' side, that or fighting the bully.

-Emotional smarts: Ozskar is an incredibly smart emotionally, he knows emotions and what typically spurred them.
-Strong will: Ozskars will is incredibly strong, which is why he is quick to act upon his personal beliefs and morals.
-Care for Magical (and nonmagical) Creatures: Ozskar loves animals and loves spending time with them and caring for them.
-Potions: Ozskar has a knack for potions making, which he just chalks up to his love for cooking and how similar they are.

-Reckless: Ozskar is quite reckless. Especially in subjects, he is passionate about he will charge straight into a situation with no plan in mind.
-Transfiguration: Ozskar is not the best with Transfiguration and struggles immensely with transfiguration.
-Self-conscious: He is terribly self-conscious with almost anything he doesn't have absolute faith in. So even if he is incredible at something (such as dancing or singing) he'd refuse it and simply say they're trying to make him feel better.
-Atelophobia: Ozskar has a constant fear of never being good enough. This goes for most things in life but specifically with friends and relationships.

Positive traits:
-Charming: Ozskar has an uncanny way with people, he claims it's likely his understanding of people and their emotions.
-Analytical: Ozskar may charge head into situations with little to no plan but he makes up for this with his ability to notice things in people, typically dealing with how they think or feel.
-Empathy: Ozskar is able to pick up on other peoples emotions, and what caused them incredibly well and loves using this to help people.

Negative traits:
-Willing to lie: Ozskar will lie. Especially if he believes it will help someone, or if it fits his morals.
-Quick-tempered: Ozskar is quick to anger but specifically with these three things. One: Bullies; Two: Narcissists; Three: His own failure;
-Mild obsession: When Ozskar starts a project (such as cooking or helping someone) it takes up 80 percent of his mind's energy.  

Ozskar Schindler Cserepes was born in Budapest, Hungary but he spent the majority of his life in a much more rural environment. His family was fairly blunt about his likelihood for magical abilities and taught him much of the magical world and at the age of six, he had his first burst of magic when he accidentally let loose a herd of horses from his fathers' ranch, by magically unlocking the gate. This was when his mother Elizabeth contacted Hogwarts to ask for her children to be admitted into Hogwarts and after some time Hogwarts accepted her children into Hogwarts. When he was eleven he received his admittance letter to Hogwarts and this news brought fantastic joy to the home, as this was the school his mother had attended and thus the one she wanted her children attending, as Ozskar's older sister had gone and was finishing her fourth year there.  

In his first few years of Hogwarts, he spent most of his time just making connections and friends, aiming to portray a smart, fun, and cool guy to hang out with. In his second year, he tried out for the Quidditch team and grew to enjoy the sport, practicing to play as a beater with the most of his free time he had in the second year. In his third year, he spent less time with sports and more time with people and this was when he became a more reliable friend focusing on helping as many people as he could.

Name: Elizabeth Cserepes
Age: 43
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or species: Half-blood
Occupation: Magizoologist

Name: Abel Cserepes
Age: 41
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or species: Muggle
Occupation: Rancher

Older Sister:
Name: Sabrina Cserepes
Age: 18
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or species: Half-blood
Occupation: Apprentice Magizoologist

Younger Sister:
Name: Ashleigh Cserepes
Age: 9
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or species: Half-blood
Occupation: N/A

Family History
The Cserepes family history isn't all too interesting as the name is from their father Abel who traces his blood all the way back to the Huns and has had the Ranch in the family since the ending of the First World War. Sabrina hasn't got any extremely powerful family in the bloodline but her mother was a Pureblood whose maiden name was Cholmondeley, this family came from the United Kingdom, and Elizabeth had traveled to Hungary in search of Hungarian Horntails when she had met Abel, fell in love and decided to focus her research in Hungarian creatures.

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PostSubject: Re: Ozskar S. Cserepes    Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:28 am

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Ozskar S. Cserepes    Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:37 am

Hey Oz,

Welcome to HaB! We look forward to having you around the site and getting to RP with you! Before we can, though, the admins have found the following points we'd like you to adjust in your profile:

1. Please can you explain why Ozskar and his sister attend Hogwarts rather than Durmstrang? This would be where Hungarians normally go, so more information would be great!

2. The FC you have chosen, as mentioned in your application, doesn't match the description you've given. Many people rely on the visual representation of your character, so this would be vastly confusing to many other users.

If you edit your original post with these changes and notify the admins when you're done, we'll get to sorting you so that you can jump in to RPing!

~ HaB Admins
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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Ozskar S. Cserepes    Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:35 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ozskar S. Cserepes    

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Ozskar S. Cserepes
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