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 Welcome Feast (2024/2025)

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Third Year
Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:34 pm

Adelaide Goshawk had spent much of the summer at her estate in Ireland, choosing to have her work either flown in through owl or sent in via the vastly more convenient email system. It had given ehr and Harvey a much needed break from their lives before they returned to their jobs. It hadn't been easy fro Harvey to give up his partnership in Darby International but they both knew he had reached the topmost rung of the ladder he could in that firm. It was now time to climb higher.

His election to the position of Minister for Magic had brought into question ehr own career choices now. Though he job of First Lady didn't pay anything on paper, it did require doing a number of things to ensure the world that Britain's first family was as strong an institution as its Ministry. As a result, the couple had requested Autumn fly in and take on part of her own duties as First Daughter now. the younger redhead had not been pleased.

But work was not about pleasure, as Adelaide could attest to that Sunday evening, having taken her place among the staff members she had now grown to... tolerate. Professor Kesslar was still battling his illness though she did spot his son at the Slytherin table. the train had arrived near half an hour ago and the hall was slowly filling up with students. Old professor and new sat around her, chatting genially or keeping an eye on eh children that were starting to interest Adelaide less and less.

She knew her final year as Headmistress was approaching, even the school board knew. She could not take up the mantle of First Lady and Headmistress, but something in her still compelled the woman to find  a competent replacement first. Someone who would finish what she started and run Hogwarts like the business that it was. The sky was surprisingly clear this evening, gentle stars beginning to twinkle as more and more students poured in. Finally when it was time to welcome the first years, Adelaide rose to her feet, towering above the other staff members from her golden throne on the dais at the staff table.

"Welcome one and all, to another year at Hogwarts," she began, looking out at the students to see how many were anxious, how many excited, and how many just plain hungry. By the way some of them ate, she was certain they were kept in cage and away from food items at their homes. "Once again, the wheels are in motion. We say good bye to our seventh years at the end of this school year while we welcome a fresh batch of first years today. You will be taught by some of the greatest minds in the country during your stay here and if you work hard, you might even be prepared for what awaits you outside these walls."

Giving the spectators enough time for polite applause, she continued on. " As you can see, we have two new professors joining us. Mr. Hughes has graciously accepted the position of Transfiguration teacher while Mr. Venizelos has come all the way from Greece to spearhead out CoMC programs. I expect you to make him feel at home here and show him the best hospitality we have to offer." once again, more applause before Adelaide launched into the usual reminder of the school rules and punishments for breaking said rules.

"And with that, let us not hesitate in welcoming our first years. Mr. Hughes will be doing the honors once more as he commences with the sorting ceremony."


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:30 pm

A Welcome Feast. That was definitely not what Odysseas had expected on the very first day of the term, but the man wasn't complaining. Oh no, on the contrary, he was quite enjoying the distraction while it lasted. The man had a couple of weeks until the lessons started, and he was thankful for that, but Hogwarts was a big Castle. A Castle he did not know. The Headmistress had mentioned that an older student would be available to show him around, but he still awaited for a specific name. Until then, Odysseas felt slightly... lost. This was something new to him.

Whilst Adelaide gave a lovely speech, Odysseas took his time to scan the Great Hall. The students were sorted into four different Houses, much like Durmstrang, but it was different here. All of Durmstrang's houses were powerful, but it seemed that Hogwarts had a spot for the weak. The Hufflepuff House, from what he had read, housed the loyal and unafraid of toil. Pathetic, in simple words. The other three Houses seemed to be much more useful than the badgers, but Odysseas knew that as a Professor, he shouldn't be biased. Or, at least, he should try not to be.

" As you can see, we have two new professors joining us. Mr. Hughes has graciously accepted the position of Transfiguration teacher while Mr. Venizelos has come all the way from Greece to spearhead out CoMC programs. I expect you to make him feel at home here and show him the best hospitality we have to offer."

A small smirk touched the man's features at that. Feeling welcomed was the first thing Odysseas expected to feel, and until that moment, things seemed to be going very well. Though, there was still plenty of time for things to go downhill, and the wizard knew better than just follow his heart.
The Sorting Ceremony started right after the Headmistress' speech was done, and Odysseas allowed himself to relax in his chair, watching from the Staff Table curiously. Hopefully, this year was going to be... breathtaking.
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Dominique Greene
Gryffindor Third Year
Gryffindor Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:42 pm

Dominique was excited now that she was sitting at the Gryffindor table. Soon the sorting ceremony would take place. It was something that she remembered doing last year. As she was placed in the Gryffindor house. She then listened as the headmistress said that there would be two new professors. Dominique wasn’t thinking about classes yet. But she knew that she would be thrown into it. Wasn’t really ready for them, but she didn’t have a choice. Afterwards she would have to catch up with Mimosa. It didn’t bother her that her friend was in a different house. And Dominique hoped that she could see Sasha. But she knew that she would be busy with her head girl duties.

Right now she was going to enjoy eating. As she loved the food at Hogwarts. She needed to find Sasha and tell her about the sleepover. And she would tell Mimosa that she could invite whoever she wanted. As this was also for her birthday too. This was going to be an amazing school year. And she knew that she had something planned with Sterling. As he was going to help her with her flying. As she wanted to be on the Gryffindor house team.


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Sasha Denver
Hogwarts Head Girl
Hogwarts Head Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:38 pm

Being back to Hogwarts made for Sasha so many mixed feelings this year. It was good to be away from her home for sure but then again she would like to have not come here. She really wishes she would have finished the Hogwarts last year already. Nothing isn't same in her life anymore. There is so much going on and she isn't even sure who she can trust nowadays. The girl can't even trust her own parents, they basically lied to her entire of her life.

The girl did sit currently at her own house table and was barely even listening what Headmistress had said there. She didn't really find it that much of important this year. She just wished this school year to end already even if it has just started. Being Head Girl of the school didn't really help at all. She needed to be responsible person and role model to younger ones but she really wasn't in person neither of them. The school just didn't know what she had done. Her academics were good ones but she wasn't sure if she will manage do it this year again. She hopes she can.


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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Tue May 15, 2018 9:54 pm

Jade stood in the great hall among many more first years. Her eyes were wide with amazement, just like they had been when she looked upon the castle from the outside earlier. She looked at the many students sitting at these long tables. All of them looked back at the group of first years standing in the middle of the room. She could feel her heart beating. But then she heard a name being called. The student in question walked up to the professor and sat on a stool to then have a talking hat placed upon his head. This hat was the one who decided in which house the students would go. The decision for the first student was reached after the hat said a few words. The hat exclaimed: "Ravenclaw." As soon as the student left the stool, the next student was called: "Jade Blackwood!" Hesitant, she took only a few slow steps forward, at first, but then she quickly regained her confidence, walked toward the stool proudly and sat on it. The talking hat was put on her head.

"Oh! I see... So that's how it is..." the hat spoke. Oh no! Where am I going to end up? It's not going to be Hufflepuff, is it? Just what will my parents think? No, mother was sure I could get into Slytherin. And father told me I would be good in Ravenclaw. It doesn't matter. I'll show them just how good I am when I see them again. No... I'll show everyone! She couldn't stop thinking now that the hat was on her head. Jade must have looked a little afraid. But the decision was reached rather quickly. "Slytherin!" The hat was taken off and she jumped up from the stool, a big and happy grin on her face. She quickly made her way to the Slytherin table and sat down. The students around her congratulated her and she only smiled back, before turning her attention back to the rest of the Sorting Ceremony.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:19 pm

Lilith's nails tapped on the wood of the Gryffindor's table in the Great Hall. Per usual, the ceiling was decorated with floating candles in the night sky. Friends were reconnecting and chatting excitedly over their food as Lilith picked at her salad. Oh, was it good to be back.

She sat at her designated end of the Gryffindor table, away from everyone else. Just as she liked it. Lilith listened to the words of the Headmistress and her eyes slid over the two professors before going back to her food. Lilith bets the new guy will last a week.

Despite Lilith's cold and 'don't-look-at-me' demeanor, her stomach was bubbling with the prospect of being back at Hogwarts. Even if it meant more school work and annoying voices.

The Gryffindor second year watched the Sorting Ceremony with more interest. She watched through narrowed eyes as one girl was sorted into Slytherin. Lilith remembered her own sorting, where she was sure to get Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Imagine her shock when neither of which happened and she was put into the Lion's Den.

Now, Lilith ate and continued to do so as she listened in to conversations around her in a form of entertainment. Who knows what she might hear that may be of use to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Feast (2024/2025)   

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Welcome Feast (2024/2025)
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