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 Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)

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PostSubject: Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)    Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:14 am

With summer coming to an end and work starting to kick up with the discovery of a tomb in the deepest recesses of Grignott's, Naomira found herself flooded with work and whatnot to keep her busy. She took it all in stride. She kept her organizer at her side at all times to pencil in dates and times; kept her hair up and out of her face, kept a strong presence in Theo's life, and kept taking her med's and talking to her therapist on the regular. Sometimes Theo tagged along for the therapist sessions, except usually he just fell asleep on her last.

With everything that was going on, she felt rather bad that she'd been almost neglecting her bestfrien-err-boyfriend? Gods, it was so confusing to determine just what they were! They'd barely had time on their own, instead opting to have Theo tag along with them since he kicked up a fuss whenever he was alone (clearly having Daniel and her around made him just a little more selfish for their time). Daniel didn't seem to mind that Theo was there, in fact in some sort of scary and sort of nice way, Naomira wondered if he preferred that her son was there as a buffer.

Nevertheless, she'd been overworking herself and so she took this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off; tonight she planned on having a nice, quaint dinner in the gardens with Daniel while Theo was sleeping. She was pulling out all the stops after having a nice most of the day rest following her breakfast and jazzercise class. There was a white pinot noir, rack of lamb, steak, jams, breads; all really assorted foods that she'd practically begged the House Elves to make. They hadn't any issue with helping, but she was nervous still that she was making them hate her and she hated the idea of being hated for that reason.

Nevertheless, dressed in a fancy yet classy dinner outfit, she sat nervously playing with her fingers by the doors that led out to the garden, just waiting for Daniel to come home. She'd sent him a note earlier in the day after discussing it a couple of nights ago. The note read as so:

Late fancy dinner tonight @ 9:30 in the gardens? Just me + you?
<3 Naomira

She was a little proud of herself, even if her palms were sweaty and her heart was threatening to jump out of her chest, for not bailing on this night and being able to pull it off. She just hoped the rest went okay as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)    Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:21 pm

Daniel was not a man who required a lot of time from other people. Whilst at university he'd become quite happy with company, those years were well behind him. He knew the notion of people being busy was something that happened as you grew older, and thus, he accepted what he received.

Which, more often that not, was minimal.

He did not begrudge anyone for their commitments, however, instead busying himself for one thing or another. Recently that had been Naomira's son, Theo. When Naomira was busy, or sleeping, or just unable to be around, Daniel made sure that Theo had everything he needed and more. When he finished work, he would head home and play with the child that he had helped to raise for many years, enjoying every moment of it.

Even when Naomira was around, he spent the time with Theo, because the boy didn't have other's to play with, and he didn't want the boy to feel left out. How Naomira felt about that, however, Daniel didn't know, but to him it didn't matter if they had time alone, or if they spent it with Theo, so long as they were together. That notion in itself brought a smile to Daniel's lips, the thought of them being together.

Whilst nothing had happened much to show they were together, Daniel still liked their dynamic, he couldn't complain, but he knew deep down that they probably needed to make things clearer. But that could come with time.

Today was a Friday, and Daniel was running the usual school errands when an owl swooped through the window and dropped a note in familiar handwriting. Already having a smile on his face at the sight of Naomira's note, Daniel opened it and couldn't help but chuckle at the teenage kind of idea that looked to be flitted in the note.

I'll be there.

Daniel x

The note he sent back was simple, but he didn't think there was much use in further explanation. Wondering what his partner (Daniel was much too old to use the term girlfriend in his mind) had in mind, Daniel spent the rest of the afternoon clearing his desk so that he wouldn't have to come back in over the weekend.

Just after nine, Daniel left the school, Flooing back to his room and changing for the evening after a quick shower. His hair was a little ruffly in places, but he donned a suit (sans tie) and headed out to the gardens just after agreed time.

As he reached the destination, however, Daniel paused as his eyes fell upon the witch he was to meet. She looked... simply exquisite in the outfit she had picked out, and Daniel really did have to take a moment to appreciate the effort. Naomira was never poorly dressed, she was always tidy, but tonight... Daniel wasn't sure why she'd gone to such an effort to sit in the garden, but he was glad she had.

"Good evening, Naomi." Daniel said, moving to stand before her, taking her hand and placing a soft kiss on her knuckles. "You look beautiful." He told her, a smile playing on his lips. "Truly." He added, to show he was sincere about the comment.

"I'm sorry I'm late, but, you know, old habits die hard." Daniel joked softly, taking the free seat across from her. "How was your day? Theo has been good... There's nothing I should be worrying about..?" He asked, motioning to the setting before them.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)    Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:43 am

Naomira adored the fact that Daniel and Theo had such a close relationship; she relished in the fact actually. To her it was beautiful that her boyfriend - err best friend? - had such a connection. She knew others didn’t have it quite so well; most men didn’t want women with a child already. Instead they wanted looser women; wanted women who were so confident and self-assured in their actions. That wasn’t Naomira at all; she was still trying to come to terms in some ways that she was attractive.

The most assuring evidence that Naomira was attractive was her son. Theo was such a handsome little cherub of a boy; it was hard not to adore and cherish him whenever he came bounding into a room with bright eyes and a huge grin. She felt her heart warm at the very thought that her son was lying safely asleep in a bed and home that she knew he’d never feel alone in. How could he feel alone? Around reading and talking with her, Theo was with Daniel doing whatever it was that boys would do. He had playdates sometimes with kids from his private academia. All of them were great children truly however, they liked to flounce around their money and achievements.

Truthfully, Naomira preferred Theo’s friends from football. With all his excess energy, she thought it best she enroll him in a sport of some type. He was only three practices in, but he adored the sport with a sort of passion she hoped he’d carry with him all throughout life. His football friends were all happy kids who ran around and laughed freely and sometimes did childish and stupid things; not at all too sophisticated or snobby. She loved those kids who asked her questions like: “Why doesn’t Theo have straight hair? Why do busses have so many wheels? Can we have ice cream before dinner?”

It seeded the small idea of more children in her brain… But she pushed the thought out as often and as quickly as she could, it was improbable that she ever ask that of Daniel! She wouldn’t dare impress that kind of thing on him. Daniel was … too good to be true most days.

Thank you,” she murmured, cheeks flushed, but lips curled into a small smile, “and you look dashing as well.” Her heart had practically leaped from her when she saw him dressed neatly in a suit. After he kissed her knuckles, she lifted her hand to his face and pull him down to press her lips against his tenderly.

I’m glad they do,” she laughed at his little joke as they sat down, “my day was good; terrific even. It was relaxing and just all the rest I needed, Theo is wonderful. Nothing you should worry about at all.” She added before shyly putting her hand with the palm upturned, her cheeks flushing again embarrassedly.

I just think that perhaps you and I ought to spend more time together since we’re you know…” she trailed listlessly. “And how was your day? Any interesting stories you can tell me?
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PostSubject: Re: Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)    Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:57 pm

The correction in the kiss made Daniel smile in to it. Around Theo he was highly unsure on how to act, for fear of confusing the child if he was in any manner more than friendly with Naomira. Of course, that wasn't to say he was going to be in any way rude in front of the boy, but he was sure Theo understood the difference between a kiss on the hand and a kiss on the lips.

But, without Theo here, he could revel in the taste of the witch's lips, not pulling away in any haste because this was... nice.

The answer to each question made Daniel relax more and more with each word. Naomira was okay, Theo was okay, everything was okay. That was exactly how he wanted things to be, and he could ask for no more. "I'm glad." Daniel replied softly to the witch, visibly relaxing now he knew everything was going to be okay from this point on.

Hearing the reason for the dinner together made Daniel smile a little more, how could he not? "You know, I don't mind being with Theo too, though. I love spending time with both of you. But, it is also nice to have you to myself." Daniel replied, taking her hand and giving it a small squeeze. "Sorry for not realising we needed this sooner." He added softly, because he hadn't thought about this at all.

"Interesting stories..." Daniel mused, thinking about his day. "I had to owl a child's mother explaining that he'd managed to get his finger stuck in a door on the fourth floor, because Peeves had played a prank on him. Fortunately, we managed to remove the finger without any permanent damage, but I think the boy will never trust the school ghosts ever again." The Headmaster explained with a soft chuckle. Whilst he'd been at the school, he'd had to take the situation very seriously, sending the Bloody Baron after Peeves to make him see some sort of reason, but now... It was funny.

"Other than that, a lot of paperwork for new professors, and getting the newsletter ready for the parents and families of the school." Daniel finished, giving a small shrug.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)    

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Of Busy Bee's (Daniel & Naomira)
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