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 New Beginnings (Zoey)

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PostSubject: New Beginnings (Zoey)   Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:21 am

Caramarienne was enjoying summer; summers in France were beautiful. She spent some days with the Clement's most of it with Joubert. They had an influx of orphans recently and Joubert needed all the help he could get. Strange enough, Cara thought, however much help they needed the orphanage was very in wonderful shape. There had been many renovations done, she could see. It was all very modern and expensive seeming she wondered. When she asked Joubert, he merely shrugged, ruffled her hair and told her not to worry about it. She spent most of July with Joubert and the orphans, but now August was fast approaching and she needed textbooks for her second year at Hogwarts.

She was with the Clement's and her return to them was known, therefore she decked herself out in the typical Clement clothes. She didn't pick her own clothing, her head servant, Yulisa did that, but she kept a keen eye on whatever Yulisa picked. More often than not, she tried to be as intimidating as she could so that Yulisa picked clothes that Cara would actually wear in public.

Cara was so used to living a fashionable life, sometimes going back to her casual clothes with Joubert felt more like slipping into a second skin. She was accustomed to walking around in heels and carrying some designer bag with a brand name jacket on her shoulders, the feel of a name brand dress on her thighs and torso; she missed it most days.

As she entered Flourish and Blott's, giving a reporter a kind smile and wave, she noted another girl standing around the bookshelf where the Second Year books were. She immediately walked herself over there, the Clement heir cloaking her.

"Good afternoon," she bade the girl with a soft smile, "any luck finding a Potions textbook? That is if you're attending Professor Balan's classes at Hogwarts next year; a second year right?"

Cara's Outfit
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PostSubject: Re: New Beginnings (Zoey)   Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:03 am

Zoey was enjoying her summer. Of course, she hadn't made very many friends at Hogwarts because she had been so shy, but she tried to make the most of it. She spent most of her time in Diagon Alley, which was the one place her grandmother couldn't go. She was lucky she lived so close to the place that brought her closer to her mother. She had found her mother's journal from back when she was in school. It felt like she finally had a piece of her and being a witch felt more and more real day by day. The journal had begun to feel like a part of Zoey because she carried the book with her everywhere she went. Some days, she would just sit in the ice cream place and just read passages that her mother had written.

She had gotten to her mother's sixth year of school, and got to the part where Meredith had met her muggle father. Her mother, naturally had been worried about leaving him for a long period of time. But she believed in fate, so if it just so happened to be that Meredith and David where to be together, then it would happen. And it did. Zoey had cried at the end of that part. Whipping her tears, she closed the book and decided to look for some school books.

She was rather excited about the next school year. Even if she hadn't made any friends this past term, she was glad she would be going back. She enjoyed the learning process. She enjoyed being in a place so big, that it was impossible to not see the same faces every day. She enjoyed that she was learning about a whole new world that she didn't even know existed.

Walking down the busy streets of Diagon Alley, she went in to her destination. The book store. Diagon Alley always amazed her. It was lined with books from top to bottom and it made her have mini anxiety attacks. She was glad that the book keeper knew what she was doing enough to point her in the right direction of the Potions books for school she would need. She had also grown a love of Dragons now that she knew they actually existed, so maybe she could learn a little bit more about them as well.

Zoey was busy looking at all the delightful books when some one came up behind her and startled her. The girl was ridiculously dressed for being as hot as it was outside. Zoey looked at her weirdly, but nodded when she asked about the book she was looking for. She said, "Yes, Second year Hufflepuff, I'm Zoey." The girl looked young, totally not somebody Zoey would associate with outside this conversation, but maybe this was the chance to find the best friend she was looking for. Even if it was somebody who wore fur coats in the middle of England's hottest summer.
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New Beginnings (Zoey)
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