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 The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)

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PostSubject: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:02 pm

Maximillian Hollingberry was the biggest fool that James had ever had the misfortune to meet. Not only was he incapable with Potions, he was a liability in the Potions classroom. James had realised this from day one when he'd messed up Miss Croft's potion, but now... Now James was seething.


Because in an effort to save the boy from a very nasty (permanent) scar, or disfigurement, James had intervened, and instead hurt himself. Sending the class away, James had wrapped his hand - which was now more than a little sore and blistering from the heat of the potion - and hurried up to the Hospital Wing. Disgruntled was one word for James in that moment.

Opening the door - with enough force to send it crashing in to the wall, James moved to the nearest bed, sitting down with a huff. "Nurse." He called, his tone not exactly nice in that moment, but he was not in the best of moods. Hopefully, whoever was doing the nurses' job around here would be competent enough to fix this.

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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:30 pm

For Circe, this was a new start. Being an Obliviator was amazing, don't get her wrong. She loved the power and the thrill it gave her, since she worked at the ministry. It was surely something completely different than this, but at the same time, it was quite boring sometimes too. Because it wasn't something that happened every day. The Ministry of Magic did not just sent Obliviators to erase people's memory like that. It was quite more complicated.

So instead, Circe decided it was about time she put those courses she had taken in use, and be something useful. A Healer. And what could be more active than a school?
So Circe Mayer applied to be the Hogwart's Healer, and she was accepted. Which meant, she would have to heal every spoiled little brat that decided to break something. Or worse.

She hadn't been working for a lot of time, and most days were spent peacefully. Not many kids paid a visit, and Circe was thankful for that, for obvious reasons, but it was still quite busy, since she could be useful in other places too. Healing was not the only thing she did in a gigantic school.

Same went for today. Everything was peaceful. A guy with a broken ankle paid a visit for Circe to check on his progress, but he was soon out the door as well, because boys never understood a word people said. So Circe didn't pay much attention, since his ankle was actually healed by now.
Staying in her office, she was reading a Quidditch Newspaper, spending her time by staring at hot athletes and smirking to herself.

That was until a voice broke the silence of the room, and Circe had to get back to work.


"Well, aren't you mad...," Circe murmured to herself as she got up and pulled herself together, ready to treat any form of wound. Even though the voice was quite familiar to her, the witch did not pay much attention to it, knowing that there were million possibilities.

"Coming!" She said, as she folded the newspaper and exited her office quickly, only to stop in her tracks just as soon as her eyes met the source of the quite angry voice.
She didn't know whether to laugh, be shocked, or push him into her office and fuck his brains out.

But it was James Balan.

And oh Merlin, was he angry.

A smirk touched the girl's lips, as she slowly approached him, trying to figure out what he was doing here. After all, they never had the chance to talk about his life, had they?
Well, sure life had it's own ways of bringing them together over and over again. "What may I do for you today, mister James?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:51 pm

The moment James had called out, he turned his attention to his right hand. Slowly - and perhaps a little clumsily - he brought his left hand up and carefully took away the towel he'd conjured to cover it whilst he hurried up to the Hospital Wing. It did not look nice, that much he was sure of, but the Healer at Hogwarts would be able to put it back to normal quite easily, of that much he was confident.

The response to his call was familiar, but James made no attempt to place it. The Healer was not someone he knew, he was sure.

"What may I do for you today, mister James?"

But that... that pulled his attention from the mess that was currently his hand to look at the witch before him. There she stood, before him in a nurses uniform. Circe. However, the nurses outfit was not quite as he might have imagined it, if you'd posed this scenario to him. Too much was covered, and it all seemed very professional - had he hit his head and fallen in to some lunacy?

"Circe?" James responded, confusion touching his brow for a moment as he simply sat looking at her. "What are you doing here? You don't work here." He responded, the pain of his hand forgotten for a moment. This didn't make sense at all. He knew the Healer... it was Winter.

But then... oh yes, there had been the bulletin that she'd left - a shame, really.

"You're the new nurse?" James asked, his lips tugging in to a roguish smirk before he motioned to his right hand. "Potions accident, that seems to have been rather, fortunate." He explained, taking in the witch before him and imaging a number of outcomes to this meeting. Real or no, he was quite happy to see Circe stood before him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:11 pm

Circe didn't know it would come to this when she had applied for this job. Truth be told, she just wanted to make a new start and have some fun. Do something new and something more interesting that her previous job. But who would have thought that she would find the only man that had actually kept her interested this long at her new work ?

She wasn't displeased. Oh Merlin no. On the contrary she just liked this way too much. James was someone she wanted to have in her life and she had come to grips with that. But what role he would play in her life, she did not know. She was not sure and she didn't wanna think about it at this point. After all, life kept brining them together over and over again. It would have its own way of showing them this too.

His surprise made that smirk on Circe's lips grow bigger, and she waited for him to finish his sentence before continuing. "Well, as it happens, I was in need of something more interesting. Who would have thought that I would come to the perfect place. I think I will enjoy it here.."

So the next question made her roll her eyes as a smirk touched James' lips. She gave him the 'Obviously' look and moved closer to him, eyes finally landing on the problem. His hand looked really messed up, and Circe moved her eyes to his with a question, but her thoughts were quickly answered. Potions accident. This meant he was the Potions Professor.

It would be nice to visit his office, was one of Circe's thoughts, but she had a more serious problem now, and since she didn't want a really angry, and in pain, James, she sat herself in his lap without a warning and grabbed his hand as carefully as possible.

"Let me see... How did you manage to do that...,"
His hand was in a bad state, but it could be treated. His hand would be back to normal for sure, but a scar might be left visible. It wouldn't be anything too big, but Circe was going to do her best. After all, it was James we were talking about.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:43 pm

James couldn't help but cock an eyebrow at the insinuation of needing something more interesting. He wasn't exactly sure what she'd done before, but he couldn't work out why she would think being the Hogwarts School Healer was going to be 'exciting'. Still, he allowed her to believe that might be true, after all, it would be rude to burst her bubble when he wanted her to fix him up.

The questioning look was one that James merely returned in the same manner. He had no clue what she was looking at him questioningly for. In his mind, this was blooming obvious as to what was wrong, and, for someone who was qualified in this area, it should have been easy to fix.

As Circe took a seat in his lap, James was both surprised and quite happy with the movement in one go. Surprised because this was a professional environment, and he'd figured she might act like it. But, happy because... well, Circe was beautiful, and with her sat in his lap, the pain wasn't the first thing on his mind.

His thoughts were pulled away from the witch in his lap, though, turning his attention back to his hand as she examined it. "I stopped an idiot from ending up in here with the same potion on his face." James grumbled, he was still not happy with Maximillian, but it had probably saved his god-forsaken job in the process.

"It's just burns, the potion wasn't harmful." James added. "I can't brew a healing paste without my right hand, though. Hence I'm here." He admitted, which obviously displeased him because his tone was indignant in that moment. "You can fix it?" James' question came out more of a 'you must fix it' than anything else, but Circe probably knew his demeanor enough by now to know it was his ego talking more than him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:19 pm

Circe was examining his hand carefully, listening to his explanation and nodded affirmatively. This was a good enough explanation but he could at least be more kind to his students. James had seemed quite strong and demanding when she had first saw him, and with every time they met, her thought was coming true. He was indeed a very easily angered man, but Circe liked it. She liked James.

"You can fix it?"

Circe scowled at the question and released his hand, getting up from his lap and going through her stuff. She was looking for an ointment for him to use for some time after, just to get rid of the scar that might be left after.

"Of course I can fix it. And next time, I'd appreciate it if you don't act as if I am stupid." Gathering all her things, she moved back to James and took his hand, a little bit demanding this time, since she was offended by his words. She didn't like people considering her an idiot. Especially when she has proven the opposite.

But James was James. And she hated the fact that he considered her one of his girls. Cause she certainly was not one of his other girls. Cause she was not a whore and she did not give her body to anyone. James was smart. And arrogant. That was the worst part. And that was what she despised the most. That he was exactly what she wanted and needed badly, and at the same time he was exactly the type of man she wanted to beat the shit out of.

"This will sting a bit." Circe then proceeded to drop a few drops of a healing potion to a cloth and place it quite roughly against his hand. It might hurt him a bit too much, since she was being forceful but who cared ? He could suck it up just fine.

Staring straight in his eyes as the potion did it's job, Circe made sure he knew she was mad, and that he better make sure he changed his tactics, or the next time, the accident would be worse. And she would not be here to fix him up.

After a couple of minutes she pulled the cloth away, nodding at the result. She had done a good job and she was proud of it. His hand was almost healed and it wouldn't take much time for it to be fully in tact.

Handing him the ointment she started gathering her stuff to put it back in place. "Put his on your hand twice a day for a week. Your hand should be back to normal in no time. And you can keep on working to your little potions."

Not even turning to look at him, Circe picked up her things, and started placing them one by one on the shelves, careful not to break anything. That was the last thing she wanted right now.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:33 pm

Truth be told, James did not think Circe was stupid. His reputation of women showed that, he preferred the educated ones over the klutz's, and the binbos. Not that talking happened often, but the clever ones usually understood that he didn't want the one night stands to be anything more.

No, only the idiots believed he could settle down.

Knowing she could fix it made James let out a small sigh of relief. "Good. That's my dominant hand." He responded, not picking her up on the comment about her being stupid. The only ego he ever stroked was his own, so he was not about to tell Circe that he didn't think she was stupid.

"This will sting a bit."

"I'm sure it will." James replied, smirking at her as she got the medication ready. James readied himself for the sting, grimacing slightly when it became real and then it faded. A small sting, but that was the beauty of medications. James was a man, and he was not going to pansy around with the pain.

His eyes met Circe's and he noticed the feelings on display. Oh, anger, that was always the best one to play with. Managing to keep the smirk from his features, James waited for her to finish what she was doing. When the cloth was taken away, James flexed hi fingers, the skin was still sore, but he knew that even magical healing took it's time. It would be okay, with time. Taking note of the treatment, James gave a short nod to show that he had taken her words in.

Watching Circe move away, James took advantage of seeing her uniform from the other side. His smirk was back in full force, and he stood from the bed, moving behind the witch and wrapping his left arm around her waist. "No bandages, nurse?" He asked, though he didn't want them, he just wanted to see her attend to him a little more. Of course, he knew she was angry with him, he'd already seen that, but he could change that.

"Don't drop them." He added in respect of the vials she was putting out, placing a light kiss behind her ear. He wondered how long she would stay mad. "You wouldn't want to waste all the important things I've made with my 'little' potions." James teased, knowing a few of the concoctions in the Hospital Wing were what the old Healer had asked him to brew. Whether they were still here was neither here nor there, really.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:54 pm

Circe was not interested in knowing whether this was his dominant hand or not. She knew that it would be fine because she was skilled and smart enough to deal with it. The pain was gone and his hand was just fine. She knew that before he even had the chance to try it out for himself.

And soon enough, James was right behind her, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Oh what he was doing to her with just the slightest of contact. And a lot of her hated that because she was vulnerable. He had that effect on her and she hated it. It was unfair to know that the only man that could drive her wild like that was an arrogant, stuck up, very hot potions master. And it was killing her. She was torn between fucking his brains out and kicking his ass to oblivion. It was nerve wracking.

His question brought a small smile to her lips and she bit her lip, shaking her head. "You don't need them. You are a very, very big man." The witch made sure to emphasise the last part, knowing that James would surely be pleased at the sound of that. Stroking his ego was one of her strengths, and she was going to mess with that.

"Don't drop them."

It was a mere warning but Circe had other plans. She didn't do more than simply ignore his next sentence and kept on tidying up everything until she reached the last potion. Truth be told, she had a few more of these so it could be used as the key for her little plan. But instead, she went for something that would  not break.

Instead, she knocked her wand that was sitting nearby off the shelf and turning her head softly to look at him she whispered, "Oops.."
Circe then turned around, and pushing her backside right into him, she bent over to pick it up, knowing this was exactly what the man behind her wanted.

Oh this was going to be quite fun.

Maybe Hogwarts wasn't that boring after all.

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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:07 pm

The words of not needing the bandages made James smile. Ego stroked, he knew that he was not staying in the bad books of Circe's for any long period of time. Which was, of course, good for him, because he would very much like someone to go home with - or not necessarily even home - that evening.

"You'd know." James replied softly in her ear, making sure that if she wasn't thinking on his line of thought in that moment, she most certainly would be now.

His warning, it seemed, was not completely heeded by the witch before him. And perhaps, no, definitely, James had not wanted it to. For with not having it listened to, he had Circe bending over in front of him. Provocative as always, James admired the view whilst it landed, his bottom lip tugged up between his teeth, because Merlin he had never quite taken in the witch fully.

His enjoyment of being in the same room as her, enjoyment of being so close to her, would not go unnoticed either, and James made no effort to hide that. Only when he was sure Circe would know did James pull her up right, turning the witch around and pressing her back against the cabinet.

"You really shouldn't have come here." He murmured, pressing his lips hungrily to Circe's in that moment. This was a distraction he did not need whilst he was teaching, and yet it was so convenient he couldn't ask for anything better. Oh, he was pushing his luck, and breaking so many rules in the employment handbook in respect of harassment, and other stupid things that had such a fine line, but James didn't care, the kids were useless anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:41 pm

Circe knew that what she was doing was going to lead to a series of events. Very... hot ones actually. And that was what she was aiming for. It had been a while since she had felt James' touch on her body, and she needed it badly. She hadn't done anything with another man, so her quickies with James was all she was getting when it came down to pleasure. And she liked that. But she would prefer if it was more constant. Like a specific schedule.

And of course it did not take much for James to pick up from where Circe had stopped. She was soon pulled back up and turned around, and in a matter of seconds pushed into the piece of furniture behind her. A small laugh escaped her lips and she bit her lower lip, trying to keep in the moans that were threatening to escape her lips. Even the thought of him touching her in dirty ways was enough to get her horny.

"You really shouldn't have come here."

But before she could protest his lips found hers and Circe couldn't be more happier. She kissed him back eagerly, knowing that right now, practically anyone could walk in on them. And oh Merlin, we're they breaking a handful of rules right now. But who cared. She wanted James and she wanted him now.

And she would do anything to take him.

"Oh Professor.... I think coming here was the best thing I have ever done.."
Circe then kissed him more furiously, pulling him closer, in need to feel him against her. She needed him oh so bloody much , she did.

But it was too dangerous here.

Pushing him back just a bit, Circe looked at him breathlessly. Her eyes full of fire and want. She had to stop before things got out of hand.
"We might get caught... I don't wanna lose my job." Or you.., she thought but didn't dare voice it. She would never.

"But I am sure we could meet somewhere. You sure know a few places.."
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PostSubject: Re: The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)   

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The Potions Accident (PG13 - Circe & James)
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