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 Being in the Spotlight (Anya)

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PostSubject: Being in the Spotlight (Anya)   Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:09 pm

Jane was so over Hogwarts. Hogwarts didn't have America, or her twin brother whom she missed very dearly. She hoped that she could one day be reunited with him, and they could do twin shenanigans together like they used too. But, because of her parents stupidity, and her brother's stubbornness, she was left at a foreign school without her brother. It really stunk. Sure she wrote to him, but it wasn't the same. If he were here, he would play along with her ploy to trick everybody. She wasn't "Jane Sampson" she was "Rose Sampson". She wasn't British, she was American.

Jane aspired to be an actress, and if nobody caught on to her good acting in the couple years she would be here, then acting was her true calling. She really was quiet fabulous, and the fact that she was tricking these British low lives was truly remarkable. People really underestimated American's. She was wanting to prove that she really wasn't stupid, and that she could be whom ever she wanted to be.

Will would've loved to see her in action. The great part about him was that he also admired acting and proving people wrong. That was why Will and her parents didn't always get along. That was why Willl chose to stay in America. And while she was walking, Jane wasn't paying attention to where she was going. She walked right into a student. She said, "Oh! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention..." She got her head out of the clouds. This was her stage and she was the performer.
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PostSubject: Re: Being in the Spotlight (Anya)   Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:36 am

While making her way through the halls, Anya had her nose in a book. his was not the best way to go about walking, but Anya did not seem to do a-lot of things the best way. A few steps into the hallway and she was colliding with someone else.

"Oh!" She exclaimed. The girl whom she had hit was a blonde, seemingly older girl. "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," She gestured to the book she was reading. "Shakespeare is not a patient man." This was oddly true. Whenever Anya read a book, she liked to imagine what the author would be like; what they would eat for dinner, how they would behave at the movies.

Anya had currently taken upon the task of reading Macbeth and she figured that Shakespeare would not have been a patient man. He wrote rash and rushed emotions, that constantly grew and shaped. She figured that the man who wrote about love at first sight would not be able to sit through a three hour long movie such as Les Mis.

"I'm Anya, by the way," she told the girl.
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Being in the Spotlight (Anya)
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