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 ; love me, love me. [[ Thread Begging ]]

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PostSubject: ; love me, love me. [[ Thread Begging ]]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:03 am

Emily MacDonald.

thirteen years old · ravenclaw · the bookworm · the gossip · the troublemaker

emily macdonald is from a large family. four sisters and a deceased younger brother, she grew up too fast; her father left when she was ten years old and emily struggled through helping her mother, and making sure her sisters got everything they needed. a girl of petite stature, small and slender, with a heart-shaped face and a mis-matched sense of style. her bio will tell you everything you need to know.

everything about her is strange. she carries a notebook around everywhere with her, where she writes the secrets she hears so that she doesn't forget them later. the trusted master of deception. with angelic features, she radiates honourability, and if your secrets appear around the school a few days later, it definitely wasn't her.

a demisexual, hopeless romantic, emily longs for that fairytale ending, but has been put off the idea of love when she watched her parents marriage break down before her eyes. finding someone she trusts won't come easy, but when she does, she will let down all of those walls and tell you secrets of her own. things even her sisters haven't heard - things she wouldn't tell her mother. potential love interests are more than welcome.

but mostly, friends. acquaintances. people from classes who she might know, people she hates, people who hate her. it should be known that not a soul knows she leaves these notes around the castle, telling other's darkest fears and fantasies, and that no-one will find out for quite a while unless she trusts them enough to tell them, but that will need to be discussed first.

all threads are open for this little lady, and plotting in advance is what i live for. feel free to reply here, or send me a pm, and we can figure something out; i'm sure i would love to write with you. thank you for reading. all love xox


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PostSubject: Re: ; love me, love me. [[ Thread Begging ]]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:17 am


Jake would like to offer his services to your character! *thinks for a moment*

Theo Jameson
So, Theo is my little cutie - second year. He's the Headmaster's son. A werewolf (currently unknown to anyone outside the family). He has a sweet tooth that is unrivaled (however, he can't yet go to Hogsmeade). Magical creatures and Ancient Runes are his favourite lessons.

Basically, he is quite a new character, I'm still developing him in my head, but I'm pretty open to threads, if you'd like.

Naomi Wilson
Straight up, Naomi is not a nice character. She's quite the bitch and thinks very highly of herself. This is not to say she's unapproachable but I wouldn't suggest getting on the wrong side of the witch. She has an older brother at the school who is fiercely protective of her. She's currently being pursued by Humphrey Williams (a boy she doesn't have very much interest in at present) and could definitely do with some friends.

Again, she is a new character, and I need to get her out there more Smile

Maximillian "Max" Hollingberry
So Max is very special. He's quirky. Verging on having ADHD (I'm undecided if he's got ADHD or whether it's just him). He loves animals beyond anything in the whole wide world. He's not very good at giving people space. He talks way too much. But he is completely harmless, and has a good heart. He's open to making friends, with anyone and everyone.

He's shipped, so unfortunately I can't offer him for the long run. But, I'm not adverse to crushes being made on him or anything like that (if Emily likes the weird kind).

Elenore Clement
Last, but most certainly not least, I can offer Elenore. Now, as a Hufflepuff, she is very friendly. But please don't ever think she's always sincere in her words/actions. Elenore is very much the kind of witch that makes connections for her own advantage. She's a Pureblood - but she's not hung up on making friends only in that circle. Well 'friends'. Elenore likes to dance, and she likes to come across as proper, but Merlin knows if she can do things the boys can, she will.

There is a lot of murkiness in Elenore - hidden behind a golden child.


Let me know if any of these interest you!

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; love me, love me. [[ Thread Begging ]]
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