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 Elenore Lissette Clement's Diary

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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Hufflepuff Fifth Year

Posts : 120
Birthday : 2006-12-14
Join date : 2015-12-12
Location : Versailles, France

PostSubject: Elenore Lissette Clement's Diary   Sat May 27, 2017 2:40 pm

Elenore's diary is written in French, and therefore cannot be read by those who do not understand it (duh). She keeps it hidden (she hasn't told me where) and therefore I'd deem it very unlikely anyone would have read it. However, she insists I write it down, and well, enjoy!

November 2021,

It has become something of an amusement to me that I have found comfort in the arms of a… boy of lesser blood. I do not like to think of him in such a manner, but the simple state of the matter is precisely that. For his own safety, we will refer to him simply as The Boy.

It will sound rude, to many, I am sure, that I am referring to The Boy as such. However, for The Boy to be seen as anything more than that would be to overestimate his understanding of my world. Something that I simply could not allow.

But, back to the point of this entry. The Boy and I have an arrangement of which no Pureblood woman should allow herself to become indulged in. Yet, sharing a bed with The Boy has allowed me a new found freedom that I would never have thought possible.

I am uncertain for how long it may be able to play out. Inevitably things come to an end, willingly, or otherwise. But, the exploration of this world, is like no other.

But, for all the good things that have arisen, I have found myself within a conundrum. Should I continue on this path, and should we ever be discovered, I am quite sure The Boy will find himself… removed. Selfishly, though, I keep him around. Raising the topic with The Boy, in my mind at least, would be rather fruitless, I’m sure. His mind would never be able to compute the danger he’s in.

For now, though, I intend to say nothing.

After all, it is not my life I am playing with.


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~ Ambitious ~ 16 ~ Slim ~ 5'3" ~ Athletic ~
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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Hufflepuff Fifth Year

Posts : 120
Birthday : 2006-12-14
Join date : 2015-12-12
Location : Versailles, France

PostSubject: Re: Elenore Lissette Clement's Diary   Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:58 pm

August 2022,

It has been a long while since I have written in my diary, many things have happened in the last year that have come to a head in the last couple of months, forcing me to leave my writings for another day.

Procrastination, I believe many people would call such things, but procrastination is a word used only by the lazy, who need an excuse for their short comings.

I rather believe that my lack of entries in my diary have arisen due to uncertainty. Uncertainty is not something I like to feel. It is admitting a weakness in one’s self, something I do not enjoy doing.

So, why has today been the day that I choose to write?

It is him.

The Boy.

I knew from the very beginning that involving myself with The Boy would not be beneficial in the long term. I had, perhaps, hoped that I could work out how to make something like this work out, but The Boy showed himself to be inadequate.

The results from the O.W.L.S. went out today, and though I haven’t heard it from The Boy himself, I have found that The Boy did not manage to achieve even one O.W.L.

Not one.

The incapability of even gaining one O.W.L. has changed everything. I feel… stupid for believing things could be different. I only wish that I could discuss such feelings with someone, but as always, the Palace is unforgiving of weakness, and forces you further in to isolation.

The only respite today being that great-Grandmere is not here to witness such weakness. Merlin let her be resting in peace.

I was hoping to avoid Papa and Maman for a while longer, but it is, unfortunately, Jacques name day, his eighteenth name day. The Palace is, decorated in all it’s splendour for the evening. A Ball in his honour.

And, of course, the perfect stage for me to continue with my duties as a Clement. My duties of finding a husband who will only ever care for my name.

Duty, I have come to realise, is the death of love.

Unless, of course, you are Papa and Maman.


~ Diary ~ Profile ~ Plot Page ~
~ Ambitious ~ 16 ~ Slim ~ 5'3" ~ Athletic ~
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Elenore Lissette Clement's Diary
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