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 Why We've Gathered Here Today (Christopher)

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McKendra Richardson
University Student
University Student

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PostSubject: Why We've Gathered Here Today (Christopher)   Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:53 pm

McKendra'd been sitting in the small nook of a kitchen in the hobbit hole that some may call a flat, when an owl came bursting through her window with a small cylinder of parchment. Having not expected post on this day, the young woman's heart jumped just a bit out of her chest (of course, she would never admit this to the sender of the owl, as shock meant fear and fear meant weakness.) Her brows furrowed in companionship with the downward motion exhibited by the curling of her lips as she stood herself up and walked up to the bird.

"What in Merlin's name could be so important as to disrupt my moments of silence and tranquility?" She questioned. McKendra knew that the owl had no ability to respond to her rhetorical question, but she hoped that it at least understood her annoyance.

And it did. The owl dropped the parchment in her hand and flew away rapidly. She could almost see the bird quaking as it fled from her flat. The Pureblood rolled her eyes. There was a certain time of day in which letters should be sent and during her morning cup of tea was not that time.

McKendra brought the letter back over to her cup of tea and she sat back down at the table, crossing one leg over the other as a lady does. Her eyes scanned the paper for any hint of sarcasm as she realised that this was a letter from her sister. No, this was not a letter. This was an invitation for reunion.

The woman became confused as she delved further into the note. Serafina had arranged for them to meet at a tea shop later in the week, on a day where they both had cleared schedules (McKendra would have been angered by her sister's stalking of her class schedule if she had not done exactly the same thing for exactly the opposite reason). She wanted to catch up, if not for the sake of catching up with family then for the sake of appearances, and McKendra found herself in no place to deny the request.

Yet, the invitation perplexed her greatly. She and Serafina did not speak outside of the occasional holiday and family gathering. They led their own lives apart from each other and McKendra had never tried to bridge the gap between them, as she'd never seen the gap as something that needed to be bridged.

McKendra was traditional. She was everything that a Pureblood woman should be and nothing that a Pureblood woman should not. She followed every rule to a t because that was how one held up their appearance in society. She did not stray from the path that her parents had laid out for her. McKendra Richardson was the perfect daughter, and yet there was nothing that she could do to be the favourite daughter.

Serafina often strayed from the Pureblood path, though she did not stray to a point in which she would be discharged from their legacy. She knew every in and out of the world she lived in and every moment was an opportunity to be her own person and fight for the rights that she wanted. She was proactive and defiant and yet she could do no wrong.

Somewhere, there was a part of McKendra that envied this trait in her sister. Though, she would never admit to this if questioned.

When the day came, McKendra found herself en route to the Rosa Lee Teabag. She didn't often frequent this establishment, as she often found that brewing tea herself produced a more desirable outcome. She enjoyed messing around with different elements and combinations of herbs and plant-life. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why she'd been so inclined to study herbology at university.

"How may I help you," A young girl, no older than fifteen or sixteen, smiled in her direction. She assumed that this girl was a student from Hogwarts who worked on the weekends for extra Hogsmeade allowance. McKendra looked down to the menu for a minute before parting her lips to speak.

"Rosemary chai," she told the girl. She nodded, her blonde ponytail flapping in the air as she retreated into the back. McKendra sat in wait, wondering if her dear sister had called this meeting out of sibling obligation or out of boredom.

'I guess we shall see,' she thought, folding her hands together atop the table.
'We shall see.'


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Christopher Richardson
University Student
University Student

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PostSubject: Re: Why We've Gathered Here Today (Christopher)   Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:28 pm

The letter from Serafina sat atop his desk whilst he scowled at it. A reply, perhaps, from her in response to his question that was Lilliana Atkinson. Or, perhaps something else. Christopher had been enjoying himself as of late and he was not so stupid to think Serafina hadn't heard of the late night parties he'd attended. Likely she was going to scold him for his behaviour, remind him (as if he'd forgotten) of his duties as a Richardson, before insisting he knew better.

It was why he hadn't opened the envelope for a number of hours. Instead, he'd turned to his essays on various potion ingredients and gotten down to the work he'd been neglecting for some time. The carefree attitude that Christopher gave off to his peers was not one that accurately reflected his ambitions. However, you could never be deemed cool if your nose was in a book twenty four hours a day.

Like Lilliana's was...

But even the essay, as insightful as it might be, could not keep Christopher from wondering what his sister could want. Not half an hour later, he'd carefully undone the seal and opened the letter out. Reading the letter slowly, and carefully, Christopher found this letter to be worse than anticipated. A written lashing he could deal with, but a verbal one?

Of course, Serafina wouldn't be openly rude, but it would be subtly portrayed that she was not happy, he would easily follow her leads on words, and they would come to a point where she had the upper hand, if only momentarily.

Resigning himself to the fate -- after all, he couldn't exactly tell her no, she would not go away and therefore this would only end up prolonged -- Christopher wrote it in to the diary in his mind before returning to his essay more than a little disgruntled.


By the time the prearranged date had come round, albeit a couple of days, Christopher was completely on top of his work, he'd laid low for a couple of days, and not done anything Serafina could pull him up for, simply so that he had the upper hand in the conversation once more.

After pulling on a casual, day time suit, he'd made his way to the coffee shop that Serafina had outlined, and stepped inside. Almost immediately a waitress was before him, smiling much too happily at seeing him. "Mr Richardson, your sister is waiting for you." She told him, and Christopher motioned for him to follow, Christopher did exactly that, moving to the table and taking a seat before even looking at the other person already seated.

"Ser-" Christopher stopped, his eyes taking in the witch before him who was certainly not the one he'd expected. But still familiar. Jaw setting only slightly, Christopher amended himself. "McKendra." He greeted stiffly, because courtesy insisted upon it.

"Can I get you a drink, Mr Richardson?" The waitress asked, obviously eager to get away from the situation.

"Coffee. Black." He told the waitress, not looking away from McKendra in that moment. Hoping, by some luck she would morph in to Serafina and he could laugh this off. His mind was not set for a meeting with McKendra. Not in the slightest, and he was going to murder Serafina if this were real.


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Why We've Gathered Here Today (Christopher)
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