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 I'm Not Just A Pretty Face {Michelle Plotting Page}

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Michelle Roux

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PostSubject: I'm Not Just A Pretty Face {Michelle Plotting Page}   Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:36 pm

Michelle Roux
24 || French || Nightclub Hostess || Single
Empethatic | Hardworking | Protective |  

Brief History:
Michelle comes from a family that has had only boys born into it for nearly thirty years; due to being born a girl, Michelle is considered a blessing to the family as that means that she can marry some wealthy Pureblood and bring more money and prestige to the Roux. She, however, doesn't care about that and only wants to live her life. She is estranged from most of her family, only keeping in contact with her eldest brother and her father. She has a Mastery in Ancient Runes, she loves Potion Making and she's quite proficient in other Languages. She currently works as a Nightclub Hostess in Muggle London along with being a part time dancer there. She lives in a middle-class apartment in Dover and hasn't touched her Roux inheritance ever since she took it from France.  

Brief Personality:
Michelle is a pretty simple woman; she's friendly, quiet, affectionate and pretty interesting. She enjoys sitting down to read a good book just as much as she enjoys going out with her friends to drink. She's fairly easy-going until you get on her bad side then she can be just as bitchy as the next person.

Looking for:

~ Friends, or more like, casual acquaintances; either one really works, she does want friends but not ones who would use her or her connections.
~ Significant Other; her mother wants her to marry a rich, pureblood male. What she, herself, wants though is to just have a happy relationship with someone.

Current Plots:

~ Mimosa Harrington - Her 'student' of sorts though mainly she tends to look at Mimosa like a younger sister that she never had. Even though she doesn't spend as much time as she wishes with her, she still enjoys the scant few hours that she does have with the girl.
~ Jacques Clement - Despite their rough start, Michelle has a crush on the male and not the puppy crush but an actual 'I like like him' crush. She refuses to say anything though because she knows nothing will come of it and she doesn't want her heart broken.
~ Louis and Vanessa Clement - Her employers that she has only talked with once before.
~ Scott Morrison - A 'kinda' friend that she met during her usual hours of work at a Muggle bar. She does have a feeling he's hiding something but she isn't too sure what that is exactly and even though she tends to scan his surface thoughts she doesn't go too deep.
~ Jake Newbury - An acquaintance that she met during one of her nights off. He's a charming guy and something of an ex-crush for her.

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Ivy Wool
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: I'm Not Just A Pretty Face {Michelle Plotting Page}   Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:02 pm

I can offer Carlotta as a friend Smile They'd get along really well I think. She's bright, bubbly (a little odd at times) but generally incredibly nice.


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I'm Not Just A Pretty Face {Michelle Plotting Page}
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