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 Scott Morrison (Kenneth Simms)

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PostSubject: Scott Morrison (Kenneth Simms)   Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:07 pm

Full Name: Kenneth Joel Simms (birth name)
                        Aliases: Todd Monroe
                                        Drew Flynt
                                        Daniel O’Connor
                                        Mikhail Ivanov
                                        Scott Morrison
Age: 19
Date of birth: 14 July, 2003
Birthplace: Olympia, Washington
Current home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 10 ¼ inches, hawthorn, thunderbird tail feather

Hair colour and style: Light brown, sometimes gelled, slightly messy
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’10”
Body type: Average. He’s just very average looking in general, so he’s good at blending in. Slender, not especially muscular, but strong enough.
Dress sense: Changeable. He’s fine in anything, it really depends what sort of character he’s playing. At the moment, he can usually be seen in tighter, form-fitting clothes, scarves, and bright colors.
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: None.
Piercings: None.

Likes: (3 minimum)
  -Meeting new people (every new person is a new game--he can introduce himself as whoever he likes and they'd never know)
  -Going to new places (because they're full of new people and fresh starts)
  -Trying new things (he gets bored of doing the same things repeatedly or for a long time)
  -Research (he does a lot of it to make sure his characters are convincing)
  -Acting (it's fun for him to put on a show--he likes to fool people, it gives him a sense of satisfaction when people fall for his acts because he feels he has the upper hand by knowing something they don't know)
  -Transfiguration (he’s naturally gifted in this particular area of magic, which is useful for him)
  -Lying (along with acting, and for the same reasons, he enjoys convincing people of things that aren't true)
  -Playing the piano (he's played since he was a child, he finds it calming)

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  -Being told what to do (though he most likely won’t show his distaste)
  -Running into people from his past (they tend to mess things up for him, especially if he’s with people who know him by a different identity)
  -Boredom (he gets bored rather easily, which is why he often seeks a change of scenery, a new identity, and/or new people to mess with)
  -Feeling strong emotions (though it doesn’t happen often, when it does, he risks breaking character, which would be bad)
  -Getting caught (it’s only happened once, but it’s not fun, since it puts an end to his game)
  -Paperwork and legal documents (it’s much harder to fake your identity with the government, and it’s very tedious)
  -Nosy people digging in his affairs (they’re very annoying)

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  -Lying (he is a very smooth liar, and very convincing)
  -Improvising (he’s good at thinking quickly on his feet)
  -Acting (everywhere he goes he plays a new character, so he is very good at conveying emotions and expressions that might not necessarily be genuine)
  -Accents and impressions (he is very perceptive, and good at imitating what he sees and hears)
  -Keeping track of details (he knows it is important to remember all of his lies)
  -Reading people (he studies people as a hobby--he’s very interested in knowing how people tick, so he pays a lot of attention to what they say and do)
  -Transfiguration (he’s studying it currently at the university, as he has a natural skill for it)
  -Blending in (he can easily blend in with a crowd, which makes it easier for him to get away with things)
  -Piano (he’s been playing since he was six)

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  -At this point, he probably couldn’t tell the truth even if he wanted to
  -Because nobody knows who he really is, he doesn’t have any real friends, though he has plenty of “friends”
  -He doesn’t really care about anyone
  -He is easily bored
  -He is not good at potion making
  -He doesn't really have any ambition besides keeping himself entertained.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  -Perceptive (he’s good at noticing details)
  -Thorough (he does a lot of research to make sure his characters are convincing)
  -Imaginative (he likes to create characters, and adds varying levels of complexity to each one)
  -Quick thinker (essential for convincing lies)
  -Adaptable (he likes being able to blend in, and since he changes his identity a lot, he's not particularly set in his ways)

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  -Compulsive liar (it entertains him in a way few things do, so it's become a habit)
  -Apathetic (he doesn't particularly care about anyone or anything, and his main motivation is that he's bored and is seeking amusement)
  -Lack of integrity/conscience/moral code (he tends to think of other people as his playthings, and it doesn't really matter to him what happens to them)
  -No sense of loyalty to anyone or anything (again, everything about him is changeable, so he doesn't form attachments)

Kenneth Simms was born in Olympia, Washington to Diana and Gideon Simms. His younger sister, Leslie, was born six years later. Kenny was always a dramatic child, with an active imagination. From a young age, he knew exactly what to do to get what he wanted. He could make himself cry, he could be cute and polite, he could do whatever it took to pull on his parents’ heartstrings and convince them to do things for him--in fact, he made a bit of a game of it. As such, he grew up rather spoiled for the first eight years of his life.

Diana and Gideon died in a car accident with a drunk driver on the 19th of December, 2011. Kenny and his two-year-old sister were sent to live with their godparents in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Kenny started displaying signs of magic--little things, usually, but enough to get the attention of his staunchly religious godparents. One Sunday morning, as they were preparing to go to church, and Kenny was fighting against his godmother as she tried to stuff his feet into a new pair of fancy shoes, his godmother was shocked to discover the shoes shrinking in her hands until they could clearly no longer fit. She had no idea what to make of this, but she accused him of witchcraft, dragging him to the pastor after church. The pastor prayed over him, attempting to cast out whatever demons must be possessing him, but a week later, it happened again.

His godparents were repulsed. They tried everything they could to get rid of this curse, but nothing worked. Eventually, they gave up, opting to unofficially disown the boy instead. They kept their distance from him, ignoring him whenever possible, and keeping out of his affairs. As such, he grew up as an outsider to the family, with even his younger sister staying mostly away from him--their godparents adored Leslie, since she didn’t share his abilities, and she learned to look down on him just like they did.

By this point, he was ten years old, and he was perfectly fine with this. He really couldn’t care less about his godparents, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, he never made any sort of attachments at all. He liked to watch and imitate people, as he was interested in what motivated their behavior, but, despite wanting to understand them, he didn’t really care what happened to them. He was perpetually bored, and he entertained himself by messing with strangers. He played a game where every time he met someone new, he would introduce himself by a different name, and play a different character, just to see how they would react to different situations. Unfortunately, this only worked for so long at the school he attended, since eventually people talked to each other and realized that they all knew him by different names. Once they discovered this, he lost credibility, which put an end to his fun.

However, at the age of eleven, he got a letter from Ilvermorny. Since his godparents had given up on him, they grudgingly allowed him to attend as long as it got him out of the house. He was sorted into Horned Serpent, and on his first day, he devised a brilliant plan. Since he found it so entertaining to play different characters, he decided to see how long he could keep it up here at this new school where nobody knew him. He introduced himself to everyone he met as Todd Monroe, and created a new identity for himself, making up a backstory, and adding layers upon layers to his new character. Kenny Simms was uninterested in attachments, or real relationships with other people. Todd Monroe was a real charmer, a ladies’ man who developed a bit of a reputation. Kenny tended to observe people quietly from a distance. Todd quickly gained popularity for his goofy, laid-back personality, and was known as a class clown. He kept it up for all seven years at Ilvermorny, smoothly convincing the staff in his first year to change his name in their registers, and confidently presenting himself as a different person.

He got a great deal of enjoyment out of deceiving people. In fact, it was one of his only true sources of enjoyment--although Todd was a passionate boy, Kenny was rather apathetic in reality, and cared about very few things. He found that he had a natural talent for transfiguration, which he thought was very poetic, as he was able to change other things just as he was able to change his own identity. He got a little bored with Todd after a while, so when he met people outside of Ilvermorny, he did what he did in grade school, taking on a new name, a new character. He had a gift for accents, which he enjoyed using on strangers. The staff at a cafe that he frequented knew him as a Russian immigrant named Mikhail Ivanov. When he got a summer job at an ice cream shop when he was sixteen, he did so as Daniel O’Connor, a quirky Irish boy who used his thick Belfast accent to flirt with girls, and sometimes boys. When he graduated, he took a gap year to travel a bit as a young man name Drew Flynt from Alabama. Eventually, he enrolled at the University of Excelled Witchcraft and Wizardry in Britain, to major in Transfiguration, and to continue with a new identity in a new place.

He applied for a passport under the name Scott Morrison, forging his paperwork, and committing to another character. His professors would know him by this name, as would everyone else he encountered at uni. Scott, he decided, would be a flamboyantly gay, friendly, slightly nerdy native of New Jersey, whose slight Jersey accent became more pronounced when he was angry, drunk, or tired. He would enjoy watching quidditch, and be a particularly avid fan of the Fitchburg Finches (on whom he made sure to do his research). He wanted to be as convincing as possible, so this was more serious than his previous characters--he’d given Scott a legal identity, and gone through the trouble of getting an ID and driver’s license under that name. After all, now that he was an adult, it would require more work to set up new identities, so he needed to make sure he had some practice with it. With that done, he moved to England, renting a small flat near the university, and began a new life.

   Name: Diana Simms (nee Blanchard)
   Age: 46 (35 at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Realtor

   Name: Gideon Simms
   Age: 44 (33 at death)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Used car salesman

   Name: Carla Pritchard (nee Teague)
   Age: 46
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Graphic designer

   Name: Brian Pritchard
   Age: 52
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Oncologist

   Name: Leslie Marie Simms
   Age: 13
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Student

Diana Blanchard and Carla Teague met in high school where they both grew up in Washington state. They were inseparable, continuing their friendship through college and beyond--they rented an apartment together and were roommates for several years, they were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, and they stuck with each other through thick and thin. When Diana had her first child, she named her best friend Carla the godmother.

Carla and her husband Brian moved to Pennsylvania soon after Kenneth was born, and, though the two families kept in touch via social media, they only saw each other in person once more before Diana’s unexpected death along with her husband. Carla, heartbroken by the news, flew to Washington for the funeral, and took Kenny and baby Leslie home with her, as their new legal guardian.

Carla and Brian had no children of their own, having given up after several miscarriages. Carla’s infertility had caused a rocky period in her relationship with her husband, and the two sought comfort in the church, throwing themselves into religious activities with their local Baptist church--Brian eventually became a deacon, though he gave up this duty soon after Kenny’s magical abilities surfaced and caused some people to talk.

Carla and Brian cared for Diana and Gideon's children as if they were their own, but when nothing could be done about Kenny’s magic, they were at a loss. The ultimately decided that it was Kenny’s choice to turn from God, and only Kenny could choose to change his ways. Because they were good Christians, they would continue to care for him by providing him with a home, and everything he might need, but they kept their distance. They kept up a good public face, but privately shunned him in a passive attempt to pressure him into repentance.

When Kenny got his Ilvermorny letter, it took several days of debating, and some help from Kenny’s silver tongue, before they finally allowed him to go. Although they expressed their reluctance and distaste quite vocally, they were able to rationalize their decision by telling him they wouldn't pay for any of his “magic crap,” and that he better not bring any of it back to the house and, God forbid, corrupt his precious little sister.

Leslie was their little angel--the baby daughter they'd always wanted but were unable to have. They spoiled her a bit, though they'd never admit it, and they were relieved when she grew up perfectly normal, unlike her brother.

When Kenny left the house at 18, they made a show of wishing him well, but were secretly relieved that he would no longer be around. They knew nothing about his little games, and very rarely kept in touch after he left, besides the occasional perfunctory email.
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PostSubject: Re: Scott Morrison (Kenneth Simms)   Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:57 am

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Scott Morrison (Kenneth Simms)
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