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 The Cold Before Break (Sasha)

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Chauncey Rousseau
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Ravenclaw Fourth Year

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PostSubject: The Cold Before Break (Sasha)   Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:17 am

Chauncey had been preparing for his return home, that would be happening soon. Since he had decided that he would return to France. He had so much to ask his father about his brother who he wanted to know more about. The Ravenclaw had decided that he would dress casually for once due to him not having classes. Walking unto the school grounds, which had been very cold for the fourth year. Since it was December, and he brought a book out. Since he wanted to do some homework, even if was walking in the cold.

He had looked around the snowy grounds and saw some students playing in the snow. Which was never his forte, he never liked it. Why should play childish games, when he had a future that was waiting for him. So he pulled his jacket against him, to keep warm. Since where he came from in France, it had been warm this time of year. Since South France had been warm most of the year, minus the snowstorms, that last a couple days. Walking out the lake, that had been frozen over and he smiled. It looked nice just standing there motionless, and one could say Chauncey found it soothing.

Walking along the lake, as he was curious to see what was there. He hoped that no one would choose to come and bother the Ravenclaw, who disliked people. The only people he ever enjoyed had been his muggle friends who he would soon see. Chauncey decided that he would take a seat in the snow, watching the lake with a sigh. Even though inside the fourth year had been freezing cold, and it was not exactly enjoyable. But he was not going to let him phase him in the slightest, he wanted peace.


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Sasha Denver
Hufflepuff Prefect
Hufflepuff Prefect

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PostSubject: Re: The Cold Before Break (Sasha)   Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:26 am

Sasha had plans for her holiday too, she will spend most of its time in America instead of being at home mostly alone. Well, she didn't really get along with her own parents. More likely they didn't really wanna know her. She didn't let that matter most of the time. So she was actually glad to spend it once again away from her home, at least she would have fun and won't be bored now over her Christmas time. She knew that things at home might never change.

She was walking on the grounds today. She was wearing once casual clothes too and warmer ones. She didn't really like the cold that much but she didn't mind it. She saw how some students played with snow, she wasn't really interested in doing it. She just barely plays in the snow, she just didn't have that many friends while growing up. Then again even here in Hogwarts, she didn't seem to have that many of friends even if she has been here for so many of years. All she has to do probably was talk with more people.

She noticed from the corner of her eye how some boy being alone there now. She wasn't sure at first if she should go talk with him or no. Seemed like he wanted to be alone. She knew that at times she needed some peace too. Anyways at the end, she walked a bit closer to him. "Hey," she said there. She decided to leave it there. If the boy ignores it then she will just leave him there now. She didn't wanna disturb someone who didn't wanna be disturbed.


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The Cold Before Break (Sasha)
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