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 Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)

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PostSubject: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:56 pm

It had been Roman who managed to get news of the party, James had evidently been working too hard and not heard about it. James hadn't even had to think twice about his answer to the question of if they were going. The 'of course' had come from his mouth before he'd had chance to think otherwise.

He knew a certain witch was going to be there, something he was looking forward to. Even if it was only for the night, he would be happy with that much.

So, on the evening of the party, James had changed in to a suit and waited for his best friend to arrive at his apartment. After a quick catch up on the news - something about some girl Roman was fawning over that James wasn't quite listening to because it hadn't come to anything yet - the two men had left for the party.

Arriving (casually) late, James picked his way through the crowd until he found the drinks table. Motioning for Roman to follow him, the two had glasses of spirits in their hands before long, and that was the night at it's beginning.

Now, it was time for the women...

Time to help Roman get over the girl he was fawning over before he became boring like the rest of his friends had.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:23 pm

This was either going to be extremely boring, or extremely fun. She couldn't see herself having an ordinary evening. It would be one way or another cause these kind of parties were not just.. casual. No no no. There had to be some kind of drama during this lovely gathering. But this time, she wa going to be the cause, she believed.

Miles, her adoptive brother, had finally found his biological family, and that included a few other brothers. And that meant that Circe did not know what exactly would be changing from now on. From the looks Miles was giving her, it seemed she wasn't really accepted by them, which brought to surface the posibility of having no place to live, and no last name to use. She was an orphan. Without Miles, she was nothing.

So this was a family reunion Miles ha dcome up with, in order to bring the family together. She had to make them like her, or else she might seriously have some problems with her future.

Wearing her long red gown, Circe made her way through the crowd with ease, holding a glass of red wine between her fingers. Her curls were flowing down her back and her red lips were up in a smirk as she met the gazes of all the men.

They all wanted her. Shame she wanted none.

"Miles.. A word please," she whispered in his ear as she passed by him. He caught her eyes and nodded. Circe walked towards the buffet, not really touching anythign as she waited for her brother.

(Meanwhile, Roman was admiring the Mansion as his best friend was busy finding someone to seduce, when his eyes caught something red pass by him. He immediately followed the shadow to lay eyes on a beauty. He couldn't lie she was extravagant, but his mind was already occupied with that little brunette of his.

So instead, he moved closer to James and nudged him.
"Check that out, man."
Roman was sure that woman would be something James would be interested in, so instead of letting him wander around trying to find him a girl, Roman decided to get him busy as soon as possible.

Never taking his eyes off of her, he watched closely as a man approached her, whispering something in her ear. He was close. Too close. It was kind of annoying.
"Looks like you have some competition there.." Smirking, he took a sip from his drink and turned away from the scene. It was not his problem from now on.)
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:43 pm

True to form, Roman was already on Wingman duties the moment they had arrived. He could tell because the younger man's eyes had turned to the crowd instantly, and for that much, James would always be grateful. After all, two sets of eyes made it much easier in the long run.

What did surprise James, however, was just how quickly Roman had found someone for his attention. Following the man's eyes, James found the witch in question and almost... well, he wasn't quite sure what to do with that information. A smirk began to form on his lips, finding the witch again that he'd spent a night with many months ago was definitely a bonus. "That one has already been checked out, Roman." James told the man with a knowing look. "But definitely worth checking out again." He added, though the latter was more to himself as he appreciated the dress the witch was wearing.

"She's the one I told you about." James added, knowing (or rather hoping) his friend would be impressed with this information.

However, James delight at seeing Circe was somewhat dampened with the next statement, James' eyes confirming what was said only a moment later. A somewhat sour look touched the man's features in that moment, weighing up the options he had in that moment.

Whilst James had not wanted anything more than what he'd gotten, he disliked the idea of being played himself. He wanted the women to be after him, and only him. But, in this case it seemed there was another, and that sparked... jealousy in to James only a moment later.

Muttering an 'excuse me' to Roman, James moved towards Circe, his eyes flickering to the other man, trying to decipher what was going on here. But the obvious whispering in Circe's ear was not a good sign to James.

'Accidentally' bumping in to the witch as he passed, James put an arm out to catch the witch, before pushing a faux look of surprise on to his features as he looked at the witch. "Circe?" He asked surprised, his lips turning up in to a smile. "What are you doing here?" James continued, not bothering to acknowledge the man she'd been talking to only moments before. "Not that it really matters, I'm here now. We should get a drink..." He tried to insist, hoping to get her away from the man beside them.

Jealousy might not be a good thing in anyone's books, but in that moment, James didn't even know he was doing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:21 am

( "She's the one I told you about."

Roman was surprised. It was rarely that they would bump into one of James' 'girls', and when they did, it was as if he was a magnet. They were running behind him in a matter of seconds. Those girls would never learn, seriously.

But this time, it was different. So different that Roman had to stop whatever he was doing in order to look at his best friend. James never talked about his ‘girls’ with so much interest, but he had deemed this one worthy enough for some reason. So Roman had assumed she was just another one chasing after him, but maybe a bit hotter than the rest?

Though the only thing he could make out here was the fact that she was hot, obviously, minus the chasing part. She was not like the others. And to add to that, she already had some company ready, which meant James was played just as much as he had played her. ”And here’s where I thought this was really boring…,” Roman thought as he turned to look at his best friend with amusement.

He could see the jealousy forming in James’ eyes, and Roman almost choked on his drink. James? Jealous? ”Just another girl, my ass,” he muttered under his breath as James excused himself and started making his way towards that woman. Oh dear, this was definitely going to be fun. And he would have to ask James a few questions about his feelings towards that woman. )

Miles did not take long to reach her and Circe was thankful for that. She was hiding how scared and nervous she was just fine, but she didn’t know how long she could keep it up. If his brothers did not accept her, they could very well stop this party and throw her out right now. And she was not ready for something like that.

”Everything is fine,” Miles whispered in her ear, drawing a smile out of the woman before him. ”Your charm and elegance seems to have changed their minds completely… They want you, Circe. And they’ve seen your work. They are impressed.

Circe was so happy she could die at that moment. She was ready to thank him and give him a big hug of relief, when she felt a mass on her, pushing her out of balance and causing a mess. Her glass of wine –after being spilled on Miles- landed on the floor, and a pair of strong arms caught her body before she could touch the ground.

Hearing her name, Circe immediately looked up in complete shock. James. No. This was a bad joke. It had to be.

"What are you doing here?"

But Circe was too shocked. She was still wrapped in the arms of the man she had spent a night with a few months ago, with Miles staring at her, and some of the guests who heard the crash, trying to figure out what had happened. Reading her mind, Miles motioned for them to go back to whatever they were doing, and reassured everyone that there was no problem. A house elf came to clean up the mess, and Circe was ready to turn to Miles, completely ignoring the man who was oblivious to where he was going.

But he obviously had other plans.

"Not that it really matters, I'm here now. We should get a drink..."

She gave Miles and apologetic look that meant she would explain this mess to him later that day, and grabbed the other man’s arm, pulling him through the guests, and leading him to the balcony. She knew no one would be there since it was her favorite balcony and Miles would never allow someone to spoil it. She had to have a word or two with this young man here.

It didn’t take long, and once they were outside, Circe crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at him expectantly. There were so many things she wanted to ask him, but the moment she stared into his eyes, she felt her heart sink just a bit.

”What were you thinking?”
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:46 am

Oblivious to his best friend's words, James had head off quite happily towards Circe. Or... as happy as any man could be when he was obviously being played. James had always been the player, not the playee, so this was not going down well with him and he really wanted to get to the bottom of it.

The theatrics were enough to get him the attention he wanted, and allowing a smirk to touch his lips as the other man was doused in wine, James felt he was winning already. Muttering an unenthusiastic (and unmeant) sorry, James allowed himself to be pulled off towards another part of the room. Triumph had been too easy in that moment, which only served to big up the man's ego. Stepping out on to the balcony in the cool evening breeze, James raised an eyebrow at the witch. "Couldn't wait for the party to finish?" He asked cheekily, but a moment later her question came and he wasn't sure what to make of it.

"What do you mean? I'm not the one flouncing around with others." James countered, trying to sound at ease with the statement even though it left something of a sour taste in his mouth. "I'm here to party, like everyone else. Thought we could catch up, perhaps pick up where we left off. I mean, you can't be serious about him." James insisted, motioning back towards Miles with an amused look on his face.

"Also, a hello wouldn't go amiss." James joked, giving a small shrug.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:46 am

She didn't know what to make of this. Circe believed that she would never see James again after that night. She knew what she was going into when she gave herself to him and it was fun. It was exactly what she needed at that time to get her head off of the things that tormented her.

Though she had caught herself thinking about him multiple times, she had never paid attention to those thoughts. It was simply the fact that he was a charming man who stood out. She was drawn to him and it was magical. For that night.
She didn’t hide the fact that she wouldn’t mind to see him again after that, since he was different enough to make her want him, and it was obvious that he kinda wanted her too, but you could never know with men.

After all, something else was offered before and after her, so there was no possibility for her there, right?

"What do you mean? I'm not the one flouncing around with others."

Circe wanted to laugh. Was he serious? He was accusing her of what? Cheating on him? It was impossible. She didn’t, couldn’t, believe that he was actually jealous, so she was trying to find a good enough explanation for this kind of attitude. James was a strong willed man. He could have anything he wanted. He had whatever he wished. So what was happening to him now?

"I'm here to party, like everyone else. Thought we could catch up, perhaps pick up where we left off. I mean, you can't be serious about him."

Ah, now I get it…

A devilish smirk touched the woman’s lips and she took a few steps closer to the man, biting her lower lip rather seductively as she stared into his eyes.
”My Merlin, James… Are you actually jealous?”
Of course she did not expect an answer from him, since he would never admit that, but just the idea that James was jealous, worried of losing her, fed her ego too much for his own good.

"Also, a hello wouldn't go amiss."

The woman grabbed him by the tie and pulled him closer, lips crushing against lips as she kissed him furiously. Pulling back she smirked and shrugged.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:14 am

The flash of amusement on the witch's face was enough to annoy James in that moment. He was, of course, being serious in what he was saying, but apparently Circe was not in the same mind set. Perhaps he'd been wrong about their understanding - or perhaps he'd just had too much alcohol that evening for his interpretations to be right.

”My Merlin, James… Are you actually jealous?”

James let out a scoff at those words, almost answering way too quickly with a 'no', but stopping himself just in time. Was he jealous of... His eyes roamed back to the man she'd been with and he decided that he was most certainly not jealous of him. And yet here he was. Looking back to Circe, he tried a small smirk of nonchalance, but it came off slightly wrong. As if she'd hit a nerve, or something.

The kiss, however, was enough to straighten things back up. His meaning of hello had not been that, but he was not going to argue with these things for a moment. Instead, James' hands rested gently on her hips, enjoying the moment no matter how brief before she pulled away.

His smirk had righted itself by now, feeling much more in control than he'd been only a moment before. "I don't think I'm ever going to be the jealous party if that's my hello." He told her smoothly, nodding back towards the party where the other guy would most certainly be licking his wounds if he could see them now.

"So, what's brought you to this stupid party?" He asked, not making the connection for a moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:45 pm

The woman knew that James would never accept the fact that he is jealous. But just the look on his face proved that much,and it made the witch wonder. James Balan was not a man that felt jealousy. He had any woman he wanted, any time he wanted her. She was almost sure there was some girl already dreaming about him in that Hall. And that made her angry. She already had to put up with the thought of him with someone  other than her, but in her home? Here, he belonged to her, and she would make sure every female knew that.

Circe caught his eyes as he mumbled a quick 'no', yet turning to take a good look at Miles, as if he felt more than a tad bit jealous. The woman decided to hide her smirk for now, and maybe torment him just a little more before he learned the truth about the guy he was so glaring at.

"I don't think I'm ever going to be the jealous party if that's my hello."

She had missed his lips. And just the thought of all the other girls that had the chance to have him made her angry. Circe didn't share. And James was hers. Or well, he would be.

"So, what's brought you to this stupid party?"

"This is my home, love. My party. Did you even had the time to ask who was throwing this party,or was the girl you had on her knees good enough to make you forget, hm?"
Circe was vicious when she wanted to. And the fact that James was making somewhat of a scene about Miles while he was allowed to fuck any girl he wanted was not going to be accepted.

"Though, by the looks of it, she wasn't that good since you came here to find someone new, right ?
Jealousy was obviously lacing her every work this time, and she didn't even bother to hide it.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:01 pm

There was, for the briefest of moments, a look of a surprise on James' features as Circe told him this was in fact her party. Now, he had made a fool of himself for saying this party was stupid, and he admitted defeat on that point. "It wasn't my choice to come." James told her honestly, giving a small shrug. "But believe me, if I had the opportunity that someone might be on their knees right now, I most certainly wouldn't be here." James quipped, making sure the jealousy problem was most certainly not on his behalf.

"Unless, of course, that was an offer?" He teased, his tone playful but almost hinting on serious as he quirked an eyebrow in her direction.

The quip of whoever James might have been with not being good enough brought a smile to James' lips. "Well, she either wasn't very good, or not very memorable." James replied. "Or... a friend of yours making me forget?" He joked, not hiding his amusement at Circe's own jealous streak that was showing.

"Of course, if you'd wanted to see me again, you need only have asked, I do love a women who knows what she wants." James told her, leaning down to press another kiss to her lips, full of want and hoping she'd give in to him like all the girls did.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:29 pm

Circe wasn't going to sit back and let him act as if he had some power over her. Sadly, she had feelings for that obnoxious man, but she wouldn't admit it to him. She actually had to admit it to herself first and this wasn't going to happen anytime soon.
As much as James made her want to do all kinds of things with him,  she knew he would never be faithful and would never be hers. But that did not stop her from having the power to destroy every opportunity he had with someone else,  right?

His nasty comment about not being here if he had a girl waiting for him made her scowl and she shook her head in disbelief . She had to understand he would never change.

"Unless, of course, that was an offer?"

Circe felt the small smirk forming on her lips and she let out a small laugh, loving the fact that he was serious about that statement.

"Oh, so I'm one of the girls you remember?

She wasn't  very pleased with his words though. She growled low in her throat as he talked about a friend of hers making him forget.  She had no friends and the girls at her work would love to make her angry. She would not give them the chance to have an affair with her man.
"Believe me, they wouldn't dare.

"Of course, if you'd wanted to see me again, you need only have asked, I do love a women who knows what she wants."

The kiss left her wanting more and she was indeed easy to give in to him. She wanted to scream yes and let him do as he pleased but no. She would be the predator this time.
Pretending to have fallen in his trap, she leaned in,  pressing her body against his roughly as she whispered in his ear, "I'm not one of your whores."
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PostSubject: Re: Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)   

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Family Reunion Party (Circe & James)
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