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 (Mis)Communication (Keona)

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PostSubject: (Mis)Communication (Keona)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:49 am

While his parents were muggles and weren't quite the type to understand how people in his world lived, Chee Wye was still a good child, and he made it a habit to write to his parents at least once a week, telling them about his life and what he had been up to. Most of the time, he lamented about missing home - there were so many Malaysian things that he craved, things he hadn't even considered to be 'Malaysian' until he had left the country.

"Hantu, faster send the letter okay?" he murmured to his owl, stroking its head gently. "And make sure ma and pa write back. Last two times also never reply." The owl gave a soft hoot, as though acknowledging its owner's request, and Chee Wye smiled, gave it one last pet, and then let it go.

Watching it fly away, he stared after it for a few moments before turning around. It was a nice day outside, and although he was still pining for the heat and humidity of his home country, Spring wasn't too bad a time in his opinion. So, instead of heading in just yet, he took a seat on a bench.

A few moments later, movement caught his attention and he turned to see someone else entering the building, and he offered the witch a smile. "Morning, leng lui," he greeted. "Sending mail ar?"
[Translation: "Good morning. Are you sending out mail today?" Leng lui means 'pretty girl' and while started as a compliment, is now used by some Malaysians as a means to greet strangers.]
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PostSubject: Re: (Mis)Communication (Keona)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:20 pm

Coming from a strong family unit, meant keeping even stronger connections. Just the thought of her irate parents sending double letters made her roll her eyes like come on, she was a growing youth! She had so many other things to do, so many other non-familial obligations. For one thing, Jess needed help with her Potions Essay, which wasn’t nearly as demanding as Alexander’s necessity for attention and relationship advice which was hard to give because Keona frankly didn’t give a flying hoot for Ellen or Ella whomever that girl was. Drama was irritating, but it seemed to just follow her around like a curse. It made her sick to her stomach to think that people craved that kind of attention.

She rolled her eyes, but decided that was perfect enough to write in a letter to his parents. Give ‘em a good detail and rundown of how things were going in her friends life. Not to say Keona lived a boring life, but love wasn’t her - okay well it was. Look she was just bored though with the pick of the litter she was receiving. Well, there was one fish that caught her eye… Pretty Richardson boy, she dreamily thought as she finished signing her name with a sigh after detailing how much she loved her parents. She headed up towards the stairs, humming a little tune from muggleland. Upon seeing a figure standing there, she flushed.

He was rather handsome! She thought happily, straightening up and smiling. Her smile faltered just the slightest at the words following the ‘morning’, she still smiled though. “Sorry, I’m not leng lui. Were you waiting for someone else?” She asks tilting her head, she stepped closer, and offered him her free hand. “My name is Keona and you are?

I am sending mail,” she answered, her brows furrowing a bit as she tilted her head, curiosity coloring her features, “are you sending mail too?” She asked, smiling again, politely and friendly now.
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PostSubject: Re: (Mis)Communication (Keona)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:59 am

Taking the witch in, he couldn't help but wonder about her as she corrected him. "Eh, don't be so shy-shy lah. You so pretty, don't say like that," he told her, no hidden meanings beneath his words. He was not flirting or trying to get her attention in any manner. It was simply something he was used to saying and doing that it didn't even occur to him that she had misinterpreted his greeting as a name. "No, no, not waiting," he went on. "Wah, so different the name! I'm Chee Wye." [Translation: "Hey, there's no need to be so shy, okay? You're so pretty; don't say things like that." (He assumed she said, "I'm not a pretty girl").]

Shaking his head, he smiled at her. "No, I send already. Now just lepaking," he explained, then, realising he had forgotten his manners, scooted over to the side so there was more space on the bench. "You also want to sit? Come, come. Very nice out today," he invited, motioning to the empty seat beside him. [Lepak is the Malay word for 'hanging out/chilling'. In this case, it's been combined with the English suffix 'ing' to make an action word. Translation: No, I've sent my letter already. I'm just chilling, now. Do you also want to sit? Come, join me. It's a very nice day to be outside."]
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PostSubject: Re: (Mis)Communication (Keona)   

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(Mis)Communication (Keona)
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