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 People Watching (Open)

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PostSubject: People Watching (Open)   Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:39 am

It wasn't often that Florrie found herself walking around by herself. Her parents insisted that she travel with one of their household employees when she wanted to go somewhere other than school- something that irritated Florrie greatly, mainly because she found the household employees rather boring. And she knew for a fact that they found the task of accompanying her tedious as well. She disliked having to listen to their thoughts about what they'd rather be doing, and disliked their strict adherence to her parent's rules about where she could go.

Her legilimency was a skill that had seemingly come from nowhere, and she could feel it growing easier to hear people's thoughts with each passing day, though she found she had little control with who she could hear. Wanting desperately to improve on her skill, she had asked to go into Diagon Alley to people watch. Focus on particular people that looked interesting, trying to expand how far she could dig into their mind without notice... Trying people who were further away from her physically... But it wasn't working as she wanted- her mind clouded with the thoughts from the staff member with her. People she had become 'attuned' to were often the strongest presence in her mind, she'd found. People she spent most of her time with, and with her skill level at the current time, she was finding it difficult to ignore.

The pair had stopped for lunch, and Florrie saw her opportunity to leave, for a little bit. She'd excused herself to the bathroom, and had promptly climbed out the window of the bathroom. After that, she broke out into a run, dodging and weaving through the crowd of people as fast as she could. She knew that the woman with her, Agatha, would notice something was wrong and go looking after about ten minutes, and she wanted to be as far away from the establishment as she could be.

It didn't take too long before she came to a dingy alley-way, off to the side of the main street Between the Quidditch shop and Flourish and Blotts, a sign read 'Knockturn Alley'. The name had sounded familiar. And then she remembered, James being berated for taking a trip down that way last summer, being expressively told to never venture there. And Florrie almost walked past, almost just left it to go and look at books. But she couldn't help but wonder why exactly her parents had prohibited her and her brothers from going there. It was tempting, even more so because it was against her parent's wishes. And Florrie had always had a rebellious streak. Before she knew it, she was making her way through the narrow alley-way and coming out at a street of shops. The first one catching her eye being 'Cobb & Webb's'. Without a second thought, she pushed the door open to see what it was all about. Even more exciting, what sort of people there would be, and what was running through their minds at present.

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PostSubject: Re: People Watching (Open)   Wed May 10, 2017 6:47 am

Shaun's heart was beating rapidly in his chest from nerves. It wasn't like he was exactly scared, per say, he was more...cautious then anything. Okay, yes, he would admit to himself that he might be a touch nervous and anxious for being down an alley that he more than likely had no business being down. Really though, if they didn't expect to have people wandering down it where they shouldn't go, they really should have made Knockturn somewhere else, or put in some kind of barrier or something. So was it really Shaun's fault that he gave into the lure of something that was off limits? He was fourteen, and a boy, a Gryffindor, and well, his impulse control was terrible.

He'd started out the day with his father shopping as they had the previous two times. Well, the first time in the alley he'd been accompanied by his father as well as the alumni who helped them figure out wizard currency and the exchange rate. This year, Shaun had wanted to do some exploring and had asked his father after they had taken a break for lunch if he could finish by himself. His father had agreed seeing that Shaun was turning fourteen in September. They had agreed to meet back up at the Leaky Cauldron in about an hour or so which would give Shaun plenty of time to explore. Which he had, and then had been drawn by Knockturn.

After glancing about and casually making his way as if he belonged there, the boy made sure his gait was confident and had his head held high, back strait. Admittedly he didn't cut a very imposing figure standing only at a mere four foot eight inches. He'd severely hoped he'd gain a couple inches over the summer, but alas, it wasn't to be. There was still the school year to have a growth spurt though! Trying to observe everything and not give himself away as a fresh meat down here, Shaun slowly sauntered along until a display in a window caught his eye. Peering at the store's name he saw it was Cobb & Webbs. Werid. But then there was a lot of things he considered weird that everyone else took for granted. How many times had those in his house and classes that weren't from 'the muggle world', thought something Shaun talked about was weird which he didn't think was?

Opening the door, he stepped inside and took a look around after his eyes got used to the dimmer interior. A smile blossomed on his face as he ventured further in and looked at this and that. He stopped when he saw there was someone else in the store around his age. Whether they were the same age or if she was younger or what, he wasn't sure. Shaun was terrible at guessing ages. And really, he didn't want to try after offending some girl stating she was older than she was. He still didn't understand why she got angry after asking him what he thought!

Giving the girl a brief smile in greeting he glanced behind her to see that she too seemed unaccompanied. "You escape your minder too?" he asked as he put a hand into his hoody pocket and pulled out a bag of treats. "Want a jelly baby?"
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PostSubject: Re: People Watching (Open)   Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:20 pm

Wandering through the store, she saw that not many people were there. It was quiet, with a damp, dusty smell to the air, and the lighting rather dark, in contrast to how bright it was outside at least. The customers in the store were, well honestly, unlike anyone she'd ever associated with before. Though, to be fair, her parents had been adamant that she only associate with those considered her 'equal'.

When she focused, she found she 'heard' fleeting thoughts- one person gawking at the expense of a particular book, the shopkeeper listing all the things he wished he could be doing, rather than waiting at that musty counter... People, she found, were all the same. Boring, dull... Honestly Florrie might have been better just staying with Agatha. But, she supposed, it was worth a try. She'd considered leaving, trying another shop, when someone, a boy that couldn't possibly be much older than herself, address her, offering her a jelly baby. The corners of her mouth twisted into a smirk, and she plucked a jelly baby from his outstretched bag of treats.

"I did," she replied, popping it into her mouth, "It wasn't particularly hard either," she added after a pause.

"So, what brings you here then?" she asked.
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PostSubject: Re: People Watching (Open)   

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People Watching (Open)
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