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 Meet Up with Victoria (Victoria and Adaline)

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Adaline Harris
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Ministry Worker

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PostSubject: Meet Up with Victoria (Victoria and Adaline)   Sat May 27, 2017 2:25 pm

It had been a long time since Adaline had actually had some time to hang out with her friends, for one she had her job now and then there was the fact that she was always taking care of her kids but now that Silas was six and Eliza four she had sent them off to a pre-school for a couple of hours so that during the day she didn't have to worry what was happening with her kids.

That day she actually sent them to Kai's parents, with kisses on their cheeks and smiles at Kai's parents, who had reassured her that leaving the kids with them when she wanted time to herself was okay with them, before she had flooed over to the Leaky Cauldron and then made her way to one of the many empty tables in the place, ordering two butterbeer's and she waited for her friend; sure they saw each other at the Ministry but both of them were swamped with work, being Lawyers was no easy job and even though they worked in the same department, their boss had them do so many cases that it was a surprise how they got time to take their breaks.

Sipping on her butterbeer, Adaline relaxed for the first time in a while, eagerly awaiting Victoria;
maybe they'd be able to finally take some time to just chat like they did before they got their job.


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Victoria Newbury
Ministry Worker
Ministry Worker

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PostSubject: Re: Meet Up with Victoria (Victoria and Adaline)   Sun May 28, 2017 8:43 pm

After having Jake ring her up in a flood of tears explaining that Veronika had left without any real reason being provided, Victoria had been so angry she'd left work in an instant. Family, in the Newbury household, came first, and her brother needed her. Victoria had stayed with her brother for a week or so, aiding him in getting back on his feet, and helping him to deal with the four and eighteen month old child he'd been left to look after on his own.

Victoria, of course, had been enough of a distraction to help her brother, but she still did not understand why all of this had happened. But the children were more important.

However, even Victoria needed a break, and so when Adaline had asked about meeting up, the witch had said yes. She'd apologised to Jake, but he understood she had her own life, and though she could see that he was a little nervous of being left with the two children, he'd smiled. Pressing a kiss to her brother's cheek, Victoria had set out for the evening.

The pub was as busy as always and Victoria wasted no time, getting two vodka and cokes, she located Adaline, and moved to sit opposite her friend, passing the drink to her friend who looked to be 'going steady' with a Butterbeer. "Hey, let's not play around with soft drinks, eh? We could both do with letting out hair down!" Victoria told her best friend with a smile that could simply not be said no to.

"How are you? How are Silas and Eliza? It seems an age since I saw them both!" Victoria asked enthusiastically. Kids were her forte, and she was definitely envious that everyone else seemed to have them but her. Though, of course, Victoria was more than happy with her life, and doting on other people's children was enough for her in the present moment.


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Meet Up with Victoria (Victoria and Adaline)
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