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 Clara Kent

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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Clara Kent    Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:48 am

Full Name:  Clara Kent

Age: 45

Date of birth: Unknown, but celebrates on the first of April in keeping with the joke.

Birthplace: America

Current home: Carmel by the Sea, Monterrey, California

Blood Status: Unknown, likely Muggleborn

Sexual Alignment: Omnisexual

Wand type: 12.5 inches, birch, essence of mooncalf, whimsical, rarely used

Hair colour and style: Clara has had short hair as far back as she could remember so naturally the childhood necessity turned into a preference in adulthood. Much of her life, Clara has kept her dark brown hair in a short pixie cut. However this does not mean she pays no attention to it, quite the contrary she is likely to be sporting streaks of pink, green, blue and a number of unnatural colors in her short hair depending on her mood or what the omens say. Clara insists that nothing drives away a bad omen like a good dye job. Having maintained her hair in such a way for most of her life, Clara has now been growing it out for the past four  years after her goddaughter Mimosa got in in her hair to have hair like Clara’s. Thankfully Clara growing it out encouraged Mimosa to do the same. Discovering special shampoos, conditioners and treatments for her newly growing locks has been probably the most difficult part of raising Mimosa for the middle aged psychic.

Eye colour: Clara boasts vivid dark eyes that often lend to her authenticity as a psychic. If her hair and attire and dire warnings of the future (sometimes real, sometimes made up because a girl has to eat)  does not do the job, she relies on her sharp obsidian gaze to make someone believe in her gift.

Height: 5 feet 7

Body type: Naturally slender, Clara considers herself an apple shape more than hourglass figure, often complaining that instead of equal distribution, she was shortchanged in the chest area and compensated heavily for it in the hip allocation. Clara also possesses shorter than average limbs for someone of her stature, not short enough to prove a hindrance in daily functioning but enough to be noticeable. This often leads her to scowl when she has to reach high places and instead of doing so, she simply yells for her best friend, Kit Harrington, to come get the stuff on the top shelf. Shorter legs also mean she isn’t always able to go hiking with Kit as much as she’d like. Though she knows he would always slow down for her, she would rather not be the reason he gets left behind.

Dress sense: Clara’s dress sense can be kindly described as “funky”, and less kindly as nothing short of acentric. Believing that warding off evil begins with one’s personal style choices, Clara wears a number of charms, amulets and auspicious trinkets when going out, meaning she is never a surprise coming, the jingles of her dozen trinkets announcing her arrival wherever she goes. A child of the seventies with a fashion sense developed in the eighties that just sort of remained stuck in that decade, the psychic is a fan of floral prints, tie dyes, fringes and uneven hemlines. No matter where Clara goes, she always makes a statement, even if said statement is not appreciated by many. Before meeting and growing close to Kit Harrington, Clara was often refused service in finer establishments due to her dressing, but that is now a thing of the past.

Birthmarks: A former lover once told her she has a mole between her shoulder blades, at an angle that is hard to see without a mirror. Clara has never bothered to properly verify this story. Though she did try once or twice without a mirror and then gave up. Even psychic’s shouldn’t know everything.

Tattoos: Several over the course of her life but Clara isn’t fond of tattoos. She gets them when she needs to and then removes them when an omen has passed. Her tattoos are like her trinkets, worn when necessary and discarded once they’ve served their purpose. Currently the witch bears two tiny fang mark tattooed on her jugular but those are recently obtained and lead to her wearing a lot of turtlenecks around Mimosa lest the child too request similar markings on her throat.

Scars: Various along her arms formerly, now all healed. It was the eighties, everyone was doing it!

Piercings: Four in each ear, one on each side of her nose, one on her tongue and another one on her navel. One of her proudest moments was taking Mimosa’s mother to get her own navel piercing. It should be noted that despite all the piercings, Clara rarely strays from the one pair of auspicious feathered earrings she wears. The holes made in her body were fully utilized in her youth but now there is both little need and a good example to set.


  -Food: Clara cannot cook, or at least not anything that requires ingestion through traditional means. However she does love food. It was the one thing she never had enough of as a child so now she makes sure to keep plenty of it around and feed everyone she sees. Despite her lack of culinary talent, she microwaves like a wizard, leading to many delicious, premade, newly nuked meals in the Harrington household.

  -Knitting: Clara may be a no hit wonder in the kitchen but the witch is actually quite good with her hands. She can knit, sew, crochet and do embroidery. The seer can also been seen dying her own hair, sheets, blouses, skirts and numerous handkerchiefs – a skill she claims she picked up while living out of some guy’s van in the eighties.. Not only is her talent handy when it comes to sewing on buttons and mending rips and zippers but she also enjoys making Halloween costumes for Mimosa just as she did for Mimosa’s mother.

  -Gossiping: Clara treats privacy like most people treat doorknobs. Everyone knows that doorknobs carry more germs than almost any other bit of furniture in the world yet no one ever thinks twice about reaching for one. On some level, perhaps the psychic knows gossip is bad and sometimes harmful but on an overt, practical and fun level, she loves indulging in it. It also helps that gossip in one of the many ways her talents appear more legitimate. After all, a client would hardly care if she found out about their affair from the crystal ball or a chatty neighbor, as long as she gets paid.


  -Rushing: despite Clara’s acentric appearance and quick pace to keep up with the evil long legged people of this world, the seer is actually in possession of boundless patience. She had to be with the lot life gave her to survive to the age she did. As a result, Clara hardly hurries anywhere, firmly believing that the right time to get somewhere is the moment she arrives there.

  -Water: Clara can’t swim, she’s never learned to and she doesn’t plan on it. Irony of ironies being of course that she had to settle down in a beach house. Her fear of large bodies of water (anything bigger than a standard bathtub or kitty pool) is no longer as crippling after years of cleaning the large swimming pool in Harington House but she will never be the type of person who enjoys a dip or sits by the water’s edge to soak her legs in.

  -Using her wand: growing up in and around No Mags for the most part and never having received a formal magical education, Clara only has a wand because the Ministry requires her to have one. The witch finds little use for it on a daily basis and often forgets she even has it with her, choosing to defend herself by seamlessly blending into a crowd of No Mags instead.


  -More than any other positive quality in her, Clara has been the type to pick herself up, dust herself off and move on. She considers this her greatest strength, the ability to move on and still hope for a better future. Born with the odds already stacked against her, Clara could have given up many times along the journey but she did not, always believing that there was something better out there when all looked bleak. Of course, she may have cheated as she can sometimes see the future and know for certain that something is out there, but that shouldn’t take away from her fighting, resilient spirit.


  -Seer’s Curse: seeing the future is not all it’s cracked up to be, and despite the witch making her living off of convincing people otherwise, Clara rarely uses her gift for herself and those close to her. This is because she knows the shortfalls of both knowing and misinterpreting what’s written in the stars, in tea lives, in crystal balls, palm lines and in dreams.

  -Punctuality: it goes hand in hand with her dislike of rushing anywhere, Clara is rarely – if ever – on time for anything. Fortunately she has an abundance of good qualities that overshadow this particular weakness of hers but more than once a bad impression of the witch has been set on a new client when she showed up a good twenty minutes after she was supposed to.

  -Music in the eighties and nineties: Clara insists that only works from those two decades count as actual music, considering modern creations to be nothing more than noise and yelling. Clara by no means considers herself old, tired or unable to relate to the current generation but she does show her age when she’s on the rooftop deck of Harrington House with a radio beside her, listening to tunes of three decades ago and claiming that music had died along with the nineties.

Positive traits:

  -Straightforward: raised with none of the class and dignity of her best friend, Clara is not skilled in the art of being subtle. If she wants to convey a message, it will be conveyed very clearly and concisely. Some consider her too blunt for her own good but those near and dear to her know the honesty with which Clara conducts herself this way.

  -Practical: when Kit decided to adopt a daughter, Clara knew it wasn’t really a “him” thing. Adopting that little girl was a “them” venture. He knew next to nothing about raising children and while she wasn’t much better, she at least did not hide behind the “observer of the human condition” façade. Clara has always done what needs doing, learned what needs learning and taken a very practical approach to parenting both her first and then second goddaughter. This makes her the disciplinarian half of the parenting duo, the bad cop in some situations but also the person who keeps the other two alive lest they starve themselves in a world of metaphors and hyperbole. Art doesn’t fill your stomach, only good food does, she’s often found saying as she reaches for a takeout menu.

  -Social: Clara is a very outgoing and likeable person, generally speaking. She is warm, funny, likes to gossip and can be charming when needed. As a result, she isn’t just good company but most people’s preferred company. This helps her network, keep tabs on general going ons and ensure the people she cares about are safe and well. Unlike her best friend, she hardly ever cocoons herself into the house, keeping the world at bay. The world, Clara believes, is for the taking

Negative traits:

  -Clara has a long memory, and she is not afraid to dip into it to point out people’s flaws and mistakes that they would much rather keep concealed in the past. Add to that, Clara has very little tolerance for privacy and personal space, believing that such barriers are made to not so much be crossed as smashed through. She feels absolutely no hesitation in opening private letters, unboxing other people’s newly purchased goods, poking through diaries and asking personal questions. This habit of hers can be rather infuriating but once again, she has enough good qualities to her name to negate this one huge character flaw. And often enough, Clara’s poking and prying results in something good so all’s forgiven in the end.

Clara’s first real memory was of seeing her mother lying dead on the floor of the house they were squatting in for the last few months. The child has seen it vividly, her mother in the same dingy, once pale green dress lying on her face, a pool of blood spreading quickly from where her forehead should have been. The slowly growing sea of red from underneath her mother’s dark hair had left Clara sobbing, only for her quite fine and healthy mother to look over at the child in astonishment. One moment little Clara was playing with the few toys she and her siblings shared and the next, she was crying her lungs out.

It didn’t happen that day, maybe not even that week, and even at four, Clara knew she had to stop it from happening.. So she did the only thing she could think of, she hid her mother’s once pale green dress away. If the older woman couldn’t find it, there wouldn’t be any blood. Sadly, fate was not changed so easily for her vision did come true, only the dress was different. This time, Clara didn’t cry. Her little brother and twin older sisters did though, and the noise alerted the people who called the police.

Most of the next ten years were a blur of foster homes, different parents, different siblings, different types of drugs to help forget the different types of homes and music. Having lost her real siblings to the system, Clara never did find them again, but she found freedom at the age of sixteen, running away from her final court mandated foster home to join a group in San Francisco where she first learned of magic – namely how she might be in possession of some.

It was an awkward conversation with the Ministry official who had come to pick her and her friends up from the No Mag police after Clara had made the cop’s pen turn into a joint and his handcuffs develop pink feathers. She was told many things that didn’t make sense, like how she was magical, how she needed a wand, how they were sorry for not detecting her sooner, how the system didn’t always work as it should. Of all these things, Clara only understood the last. She already knew things never worked as they should. If they did, a four year old wouldn’t have had a vision of her mother dying and been unable to do anything about it.

Odd as her introduction to the magical world was, it also stabilized her some. Registered as a witch with no formal education, she was signed up for rudimentary courses, given shabby her livable accommodations and best of all, given free rein to explore her gift. Soon she learned that being psychic was not a common trait even among the magical community, And being the enterprising American that she was, the girl immediately turned it into a business, doing readings for five dollars per person from her humble lodging and waiting for whatever the next best thing would be to come along.

He came along in the form of Kit Harrington, a photographer who looked every bit the part of a tortured poet, so much so that the seer had burst out laughing when she’d first seen him. This was a good paying gig, a paranoid movie mogul crippled by his own superstitions had insisted on having a psychic on set to predict the perfect moments in which to shoot the short ad film Kit was assisting with. The film had tanked hard but Kit and Clara, their relationship was the super hit thing to come out of that particular venture.

Things were easy with Kit, mostly because they both neither knew nor cared very much for what the other had been through in the past. They shared a taste for black coffee, dark humor and a come what may outlook of the future. However, Clara didn’t actually move in with him until he returned one day from Alabama with a little girl in tow, smiling sheepishly at Clara with a “So… What now?” Her first instinct had ben to call him an idiot and return the child, but then she had taken a look at the lost little girl and her heart had melted.

So they had moved in, became makeshift parents, and twenty odd years later, had done it all over again. Sometimes Clara likes to joke that she had seen it coming when in truth, all she’d really seen was that she was going to be with that brooding love-struck artist for a long, long time. Her visions didn’t always reveal the big picture, but life did. And Clara has a feeling it’s not done revealing secrets yet.

   Name: Gertie (last name unknown)
   Age: Unknown
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: No Mag
   Occupation: Unknown

Siblings: Younger brother
   Name: Randall
   Age: Separated at 3
   Living or Deceased: Unknown
   Blood type or Species: Unknown
   Occupation: Unknown

Siblings:  Older twin sisters
   Name: Chloe and Zoey
   Age: Separated at 7
   Living or Deceased: Unknown
   Blood type or Species: Unknown
   Occupation: Unknown

Best Friend/Partner in Crime:
   Name: Kit Harington
   Age: 51
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: Internationally acclaimed photographer, artist and poet

   Name: Mimosa A Harrington
   Age: 9
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Child Model

Former Goddaughter:
   Name: A. V. Harrington
   Age: 21 (deceased)
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
  Occupation: Formerly an Herbologist

Clara knows nothing of her family, all she remembered in lieu of a mother is the lady who died. Her siblings too she lost a long time ago and there had never been a father in the picture to speak of. Today, Clara’s family is with Kit and Mimosa Harrington and she’s quite happy with the way thing turned out.


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PostSubject: Re: Clara Kent    Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:58 am

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Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Clara Kent    Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:21 am


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Mimosa Harrington
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Slytherin Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Clara Kent    Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:47 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Clara Kent    

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Clara Kent
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