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 Flames to Dust... Why Do All Good Things Come to An End (Closed -- TW: Homophobia, Gun Violence, Hit & Run, Death)

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PostSubject: Flames to Dust... Why Do All Good Things Come to An End (Closed -- TW: Homophobia, Gun Violence, Hit & Run, Death)   Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:50 pm

Getting married had been the greatest day in Sebastian's life. The beauty of the day could be overshadowed by nothing, in Sebastian's opinion. But, nothing had tried to disrupt the day, everyone had been all smiles, the girls had been perfect in their duties as ring bearers at the wedding, and his Mama had looked so proud of her only son, that Sebastian had been awash with tears as he walked back down the aisle, hand in hand with his husband, ready to start their new life together.

The ceremony that had followed in one of the community halls afterwards had been a small event, but so, so enjoyable. The girls had been the centre of attention until Sebastian and Aiden's first dance, and then the room had gone silent as they danced, more tears from Sebastian's Mama as they danced, Seb's head resting gently on Aiden's shoulder, with a fond smile playing on his lips as they swayed in the perfect moment.

Their first night together had been spent in the hotel room Sebastian had had the night before, with the girls staying with his Mama for the evening. The night had been as beautiful as the day, in Sebastian's mind, both of them relishing in the sound of the word 'husband' leaving one another's lips between kisses until both of them had fallen asleep in each other's arms from exhaustion.

Unlike most couples, however, Sebastian and Aiden did not head off on honeymoon straight away. Pre-season with his club was unavoidable for Sebastian, and Aiden's work had a big dig going on that Sebastian hadn't quite caught the name of. So, the next morning, Aiden had headed off to England ahead of Sebastian, who had taken the girls to the airport -- in Mimosa's case, to go to see her family in France, and Mercy home.

And, then, routine had fallen in to place.

Happily married now, the two of them spent the next few months in relative harmony. Both men were busy with work, but made good effort to spend time with each other, going on 'Date Nights' when they were free, or else just chilling at home when they both got back exhausted. It was the end of September, when the Wigtown Wanderers had a weekend off (that they'd known about for months) that Aiden and Sebastian had left for America for two full weeks.

There had been a lot of negotiations on where they were going to go for the whole holiday. They'd started in Texas -- Sebastian wanted to see the Cowboys -- which was quite the eye opener, though very warm, and somewhat uncomfortable. Then across to Orlando for two days to see Disneyland -- Sebastian couldn't help himself! Across to the Grand Canyon for the day -- which had Sebastian's stomach turning over with the heights, but Aiden loved it, and that was all that mattered.

They'd both decided on heading to the casinos of Las Vegas, which hadn't really been as great as either one of them had expected, but after a heavy night of drinking on the day they'd chosen, they missed their trip to Chicago with something of a very bad hangover. From there, the boys were city hoping, and then heading to the National Parks, having magic was a beautiful thing when you could apparate across the country at leisure, and they were definitely making the most of it.

The last few days had been left for New York.

The city had so much to look at, they couldn't have done it justice in just one. They'd snapped photos of Central Park together, photos in front of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre, every site seeing place you could think of. Sebastian had even sent a couple of pictures to Mimosa on their travels -- after all, he had to make sure the young witch was doing well. Especially as she'd been sorted in to Slytherin -- Aiden had been proud, whilst Sebastian had been confused with that logic.

The two had spent the evening in a gay bar -- after finding out Aiden had never been to a gay bar, and Sebastian only ever actually accidentally ending up in one by accident, the ex-Ravenclaw had quickly looked it up and found one that would be cool. Flaming Saddles had come up, and, as Seb pointed out, this would give him good cause to wear the cowboy hat he'd bought in Texas.

The evening had been great, the two enjoying the company of other gay couples, and singles alike, and having great fun. They'd drunk a little more than necessary once again, but when you were having fun, there was no need to worry about it! At 2am, they rolled out in to the streets, hand in hand, and somewhat besotted with one another. Sebastian's lips simply could not fathom leaving Aiden's as he walked backwards up the street with his husband in tow.

Happiness, Sebastian had found, was made by Aiden.

As they walked on, the two were discussing the (disappointing) reality of their trip home the next day, though they'd done everything they wanted to, and more, it still felt like a shame to be heading home. They both agreed, though, that they would leave it as late as possible, so that they could make the most of the day in New York.

Had the two of them been concentrating in that moment.

And, had they not been being catcalled ever since they left the bar by the other couples, and singles leaving behind them.

Sebastian and Aiden might have heard the speeding car.

They might have spotted the white male in a pickup truck hurtling towards them, anger darkening his eyes as he mounted the pavement at two fifteen that morning, months of planning deciding that tonight was the night he was going to finish as many 'filthy gays' as he could.

Had either one of them not been intoxicated as they were, they might have managed to avoid the man who plowed through thirty unsuspecting men and women before he rammed in to the front of the bar.

But, what neither of them could have done was avoid the shooting spree that came after than killed another twenty people in the street.

Neither of the young men had had a chance to do such things, though, as they were the first victims of the mentally unstable American.

Their bodies hit the pavement with a sickening crack -- Aiden being the first to hit the floor. Head hitting with such a force that he was knocked unconscious instantly. Sebastian's fall was cushioned by his husband, though the pain that racked through his body was testament to a number of broken bones that he did not dare to think about.

"A-Aiden?" Sebastian asked as his eyes focused, seeing a pool of blood starting to spread from behind his husband's head. "No... No... No, Aiden, wake up, wake up honey, Aiden... Open your eyes, come on." Sebastian insisted, growing hysterical as his hands moved to cup Aiden's head, apply pressure to the wound as he turned his head to listen for his love's breath to sound about the screaming.

"Aiden!" Sebastian screamed at the man beneath him, his body refusing to move as he held on. "Don't you dare, Aiden!" He insisted, sobbing loudly now as tears flooded his vision.

Another time, Sebastian Harvey-Aquila might have thought to reach for his wand. To try something, but his mind was blank, his body numb. Another time, Sebastian might have thought to protect himself, but his eyes were trained on the man he loved, trying to get him to wake up, to respond, anything.

Another time, Sebastian and Aiden Harvey-Aquila would have been a million miles away from this place, in another country, doing their work, living, being happy.


"After he'd rammed in to the bar, he got out of the pickup with an AK, I think. Turned back to the streets, and fired a burst in to each couple he'd knocked down. Ensuring their deaths, I reckon." The witness explained, eyeing the multitude of white sheets being laid over the victims behind the police officer. The gunman had been shot multiple times by the police, who had not even attempted to talk the man down from his shooting spree, but the killer bullet had been the gunshot to the head from the revolver the homophobic man had pulled out when the AK was out of bullets.

Crowds had appeared around the scene, trying to get a good view. The reporters were busy recording the scene, and the papers busy taking pictures for tomorrow's newspaper.


"Aiden..." Sebastian had tried once more, shaking Aiden gently in an effort to wake him. "Please..." He mouthed because the pain inside was too great. Too much...

The bullets that ripped through his body were nothing in comparison to the pain in his chest, and as the last punctured through the back of his neck, just below his skull, Sebastian Harvey-Aquila fell silent, head lulling on to his husband's chest as the bullet cut through the spinal cord that kept any man alive.

Their hands remained joined in that moment, holding on to one another as they had been when they were walking away from the bar.

Except... in that moment, the rings that were goblin made disappeared from their fingers.

After all, Aiden had promised the Goblins the rings would be returned on their deaths.

And the Goblins never forgot a promise.
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PostSubject: Re: Flames to Dust... Why Do All Good Things Come to An End (Closed -- TW: Homophobia, Gun Violence, Hit & Run, Death)   Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:09 pm

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Flames to Dust... Why Do All Good Things Come to An End (Closed -- TW: Homophobia, Gun Violence, Hit & Run, Death)
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