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 A Drop of Acid (Elenore)

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Mimosa Harrington


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PostSubject: A Drop of Acid (Elenore)    Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:37 pm

As the days passed, it got harder and harder to find time alone. In her dormitory, Mimosa was with the other three girls who refused to leave her room. Catherine, Emily and Constance were mostly okay though, now they even let her do whatever she wanted. Apparently they had learned not to bother her from trying to do it so often and not getting any results. In the end, their wish to remain in her good graces had made the decision and being the nice girl she was, Mimosa had forgiven them for their initial behavior.

In the common room, if she wasn't with the group of first years, she was being pulled into conversations by others. Even some sixth and seventh years had passed her by, mussing up her hair or pinching her cheeks. One of the older girls had offered to teach her how to curl her hair with a wand and that was not a lesson the little witch was going to turn down.

Then there were times she was outside the common room, which were mostly for meals and classes. Bushrah was still adamant about following her wherever she went and Mimosa soon realized she would just have to get used to it until the Gryffindor found another hobby. The young American had really missed her private time until she'd come across a magical place called "The Library". Not only was it huge and noise cancelling but it seemed students generally avoided it. Mimosa could understand why, there were too many books here for her taste. but for now, it was her only refuge.

Of course, students could still come into the general reading area, so Mimosa had found a loophole around that too. The Restricted Section was almost always unoccupied. And the nice librarian wasn't always on guard to see if someone was getting in. Mimosa got away with it because no books were ever disturbed, she didn't go in there to read.

No, instead the young Slytherin took shelter in the empty Restricted Section to dictate her letters and try to do her homework. Of course, homework was lame so mostly she wrote out her letters and today, the ten year old was happily dictating a letter to her Grandparents who were now in Italy.

"Honestly Grandmere, there's lots and lots of food here. Good food too. They made this kind of pie last night and it was yummy, you don't have to keep sending me things to eat, my friends eat them all anyway. And tell Grandpere that he looks really good in that photo. Did you two get to meet the king and Queen of Italy? You look much better than the Queen and Grandpere looks much better than the king." The bright green quill danced across the parchment as the child continued.

"Jacques writes to me all the time, he is so popular in my common room. Every time I get a letter from him, all the girls crowd around me trying to read it. Don't worry though, I never open it in front of them. I have too many friends, Grandmere, I hardly ever get any time alone and when I do, I try to write to you and Jacques and Clara before someone comes looking for me." The child paused, composing her next thoughts before speaking them out loud for the quill to write.

"Thank you so much for the scarf you sent me, it's lovely and soft on my skin, not like the thing from Diagon Alley. Did you really do the embroidery on it yourself? Thank you so much! It looks better than all my friends', I even showed it to Tess Marie. She said it was made from very fine cloth. I like Tess, she's really nice and always helps me with my homework. We should invite her to the palace more often, I want to hang out more with her!"

Thinking some more, the child decided this would be a good point on which to conclude the letter. "Grandpere, please tell Grandmere not to worry about me, everyone here is taking really good care of me. I'm good in all my classes and have lots of friends and everybody knows I'm a Clement so its like being back in the palace. I love you two biiiiig much. Mimosa."

Having completed the letter, Mimosa triumphantly folded the sheet of parchment and placed it in the envelope. Dictating the Clements name and address, the child put it to the side, pulling out a fresh sheet for the hardworking quill.

"My Jacques..."


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Elenore Clement
Hufflepuff Sixth Year
Hufflepuff Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: A Drop of Acid (Elenore)    Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:09 am

Hogwarts had, like so many other things, lost its value to Elenore upon the arrival of one Mimosa Harrington. The world that had not been one Elenore liked when she first arrived, but one that had come to have something of a freeing feeling by being away from the Palace had been ripped to shreds on the very first day back to the castle when Mimosa Harrington had pronounced herself a Clement to the whole school.

Elenore hadn't know how to write back to the Palace, to Grandmere, with the news of Mimosa's actions, and thus she had internalised the pain she was feeling without knowing the way out of the situation.

The whispers kept growing. People kept watching Elenore as she passed. And, though the Clement heiress went through the day with her head held high, and an air around her that said she did not care for people's words, or looks, they were wearing her down day by day.

What didn't help was seeing Mimosa each day, surrounded by a flock of followers, and seemingly loving the attention of the whole thing as she spouted -- much too loudly in Elenore's opinion -- of the wonders of the Palace, of Jacques, of the Clements, when she had no right.

But, it wasn't just the following, oh no, there were the packages, not labelled from the Palace, but obviously so. Mimosa was being in and dated with the packages from Maman and Papa, and Elenore's mind would not see the pattern. Would not accept that this was the normal thing to be done in the Clement family, a tradition for first years. No, Elenore would simply receive the letters from Papa -- despite being written in 'we', Elenore knew her Maman had no input on the contents -- and nothing more. She was second best, of course, because Mimosa was the one getting care packages, whilst she received 'hopes' of her being well.

And then, of course, had come the deepest betrayal of them all.

Elenore might not have been in attendance for the Ancient Runes classes this year, but that did not stop the information from getting back to the Clement heiress in that moment. Her Maman, she expected. Jacques, she expected. The masses in Hogwarts, Elenore expected to be taken by Mimosa's clutches. But Elenore had not expected her dearest friend to betray her like this.

Tess Marie knew what had unfolded over the summer. She knew of how Elenore had felt, and Elenore had believed the older witch to understand. But, Elenore had not expected Tess Marie to open her friendship, to aid Mimosa so quickly, so openly as she had. It had stung more than Elenore could ever have imagined, but it showed her the truth in this world.

The only person Elenore could ever, ever, trust was her Grandmere.

The Hufflepuff witch had taken to staying out of sight, in truth. Appearing only for lessons and, occasionally, food, Elenore had kept away from the deafening sound of the rumours and whispering, finding solace in her own company instead.

Until the world offered Elenore her bittersweet revenge.

The Daily Prophet had an international section, which Elenore read just as fervently as the news of Great Britain, trying to find anything in France that was going on that she could sit and denote her own thoughts on. After all, just because Grandmere said she shouldn't voice her opinion on the world politics, it didn't mean Elenore didn't have an opinion on them.

The death of Sebastian and Aiden Harvey-Aquila had been announced in the newspaper, as two up and coming young men in the British world, it was without question the Magical paper would bring the news back to the country from America. It was a Muggle catastrophe, under which a few Magical lives had been lost due to the nature of their love. Elenore held no opinion on sexuality, it was something that happened to others, and not something she had ever questioned. Knowing Mimosa would not have read the paper, and also knowing no one else would have been able to connect the dots in the school, a slow but unwavering smile touched the French witch's lips in that moment.

Many people might have rushed from the room in that moment to deliver such news, but Elenore was not most people. The French witch moved from her seat in the common room back to her dormitory, and changed in to a more suitable, a simple black dress which fell down to her ankles. From there, the witch ensured her hair fell neatly down her neck, brushed over her right shoulder so that the right side of her face would be hidden as she moved around the castle. The lightest, but most purposefully applied, of touches of makeup highlighted the witch's cheeks and as she looked in the mirror, Elenore knew she would be a force to be reckoned with.

"Pepper." Elenore summoned the elf from the kitchens and not a moment later the elf appeared, looking up to Elenore with a warm smile.

"Yes, Miss-tress Clement?" The elf asked, her wide eyes waiting for the service that would be required.

"Find Mimosa Harrington for me, and then let me know where she is. Don't let her know I'm coming, though." Elenore told the elf, her tone so calm, so soft, there was no hint of the danger the elf was about to put the young Slytherin witch in. Whilst the elf disappeared once more, Elenore moved around to collect the copy of the Daily Prophet, folding it back neatly in to quarters and checking her reflection one last time in the mirror.

In less than a minute, Pepper was back, with the news one Mimosa Harrington was currently in the Restricted Area of the library, pouring her heart -- as the elf put it with a fond expression that did little to aid Elenore's desire of hurting the child -- in to letters to the Palace. Dismissing the elf, Elenore exited the dormitory of the fifth year girls, moved through to the common room which she paid no attention to, and out in to the dungeons.

The walk to the third floor was not rushed, Elenore would not allow herself to succumb to the childish whims of excitement. Each step was calculated as she formulated her plan on her walk to the library. Fifteen minutes later, the library came in to view, and the French witch turned inside to find the usual peace of the place consuming everything inside it. With a small nod to the librarian, Elenore moved towards the back of the library, looking back over her shoulder when she had reached the Restricted Section.

No one could see her.

Pushing through the small door, Elenore followed the faint sound of the American witch's voice, hearing it grow steadily louder as she dictated a letter to Elenore's parents. By the time Elenore had come to see the young witch, she was writing to Jacques.

"Mimosa." Elenore spoke softly, playing on getting the younger witch to trust her in that moment. The Hufflepuff used the moment it took Mimosa to connect the voice with hers and turn to face her. There was no time for small talk, though, Elenore had no interest in knowing how Mimosa was. Instead, the French witch held out the newspaper to Mimosa. "I would insist that you read page forty five, however, I don't have all day to watch you stumble over the words." Elenore explained, if Mimosa took the newspaper, all would be well and good, if she did not, Elenore would drop it before the witch, leaving it for her because Elenore was done.

Ensuring there was a moment, in which confusion could mount. Curiosity would peak, and that, for once, Mimosa would be in Elenore's hands to play with, the Hufflepuff witch gave her a small smile. It was not meant to soften the blow, anyone with half a brain would see the joy that the next sentence was going to bring Elenore. But it did not stop the Hufflepuff witch.

"Your friend, Sebastian, and his husband Aiden, were murdered in your beautiful country." Elenore explained, not with emotion, not with remorse, simple facts that were not wavered by any feelings for the couple. "Murdered because they loved each other, the newspaper claims. Dead."

The last word was used to ensure there was no room for confusion for the American witch before her.

And then, Elenore waited.


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Mimosa Harrington


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PostSubject: Re: A Drop of Acid (Elenore)    Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:46 pm

".. And now I'm officially on the team. I'm so excit-" The child was abruptly cut off as someone very familiar spoke her name, someone whom Mimosa had missed terribly over the last few months. "Elenore," the child looked up, the slow smile growing on her face until her features glowed with joy at seeing the Hufflepuff witch. After having talked her way into the Slytherin Quidditch team, the child had wrestled with showing up to the Hufflepuff common room to just tell Elenore. She was certain Jia En would let her in. But in the end, she had simply let Elenore finish the game.

And her dearest, darlngest Elenore had, She was right here, talking to Mimosa. The game was finally over. Before the child could stand up and launch herself at the older witch despite how much it would hurt herself, Elenore was speaking again, handing her a newspaper.

"I would insist that you read page forty five, however, I don't have all day to watch you stumble over the words."

Mimosa looked at the page, puzzled and embarrassed as her reading ability was called into question yet again. Only Elenore ever did that, but that was because Elenore loved her the mostest. She probably wanted Mimosa to get better which was why she kept reminding the young witch about it. She didn't mean to make Mimosa feel... wrong inside. Quickly counting out the pages, Mimosa reached forty five and stared blankly, the headlines making no sense to the little brunette.

"I don't..." she began only to be cut off once more.

"Your friend, Sebastian, and his husband Aiden, were murdered in your beautiful country. Murdered because they loved each other, the newspaper claims. Dead."

Words were ensuing from Elenore's lips but they weren't making sense. Why would she say such things about Uncles Seb and Aiden? Mimosa had just written to them a few days ago. They were on their honeymoon...

"Oh," she child expelled a soft breath. "This is part of the game... You're just teasing, aren't you?" A shaky laugh escaped her own lips as she glanced at the paper, the words refusing to make sense no matter how hard she looked at them. Uneasily, the child noticed what looked like a partial New York city skyline... The picture was taken in America. There was an ambulance with the red cross on it, and the police cars...

"What does it really say?" Mimosa asked, half curious half wanting to keep Elenore talking because she'd missed talking to the older witch big much.


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PostSubject: Re: A Drop of Acid (Elenore)    

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A Drop of Acid (Elenore)
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