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 Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)

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PostSubject: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:20 am

Had anyone been walking through the First Floor Corridor they would have seen a lone Slytherin leaning against the sill of one of the open windows there. That wasn't exactly surprising however had they decided to take a closer look they would have seen the muggle cigarette that Aiden was currently holding.

As it is no-one was walking by and Aiden was much too preoccupied with thoughts of a certain Ravenclaw that he wouldn't have even noticed if anyone did walk by.

Blowing out the smoke, Aiden let out a soft sigh, his head tilted to the side. He had been so preoccupied with thoughts of Sebastian that he had even failed some of his classes and that was so not cool, not in his books in the least. He knew he had to find the Ravenclaw and talk to him about all these mushy feelings he was feeling but he was scared.

He wasn't exactly sure of what he was scared off but he knew he was just scared of something. Huffing, Aiden took a drag off the cigarette before flicking the burnt out thing down in the snow where it sizzled it out.  

Frowning, he pulled out the pack from his pocket and pulled out another cigarette, placing it between his lips before lighting it. With the way he was going he would probably die of muggle cancer from how much he smoked.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:10 am

Sebastian had been home for Christmas, more than a little annoyed at not seeing whether his friend was staying for the holidays or not. Perhaps, Aiden wasn't that interested in him after the summer, Sebastian didn't know. But, even with the negative thoughts around what he felt for the boy, and almost knowing it wasn't reciprocated, Sebastian had hurried back to the castle the day after Boxing Day to try to find the Slytherin.

It was after lunch that day, Sebastian had just finished a lovely turkey and stuffing roll. He was heading back up to the common room, because there was very little else to do. His eyes were scanning the halls for anyone of interest, but thus far he'd only been looking for one person.

And, perhaps luckily, it had been on the first floor that Sebastian had seen him. His heart seemed to pound a little harder as he took in Aiden just leaning against the window sill like that. Stealing a small glance at the other boy's body, Sebastian moved along the hall, noting something in the younger boy's hand.

Whilst Sebastian didn't encourage smoking, he couldn't deny it looked... well, hot seeing Aiden do that. The way his lips enveloped the butt of the cigarette... Shaking his head, Sebastian leant on the sill next to the Slytherin. "Long time no see!" Sebastian teased lightly, motioning to the cigarette in the other boy's hand. "Care to share?" He added, knowing a couple of drags wouldn't hurt that much.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:18 am

Aiden had really not been expecting for Sebastian to come seek him out but he couldn't say that he wasn't happy with it. Seeing the other male for the first time since Winter Holiday's started made Aiden confirm that he indeed was falling for the blond Ravenclaw and frankly he was pretty happy with that.

His eyes roved the muscled and lithe body before settling on the blond's face, a slightly amused look on his own at the other boy's want of a cigarette.

"Sure. A new one or would you like mine?" He asked with a slightly teasing voice even so he went ahead and pulled out the packet just in case Sebastian did want a new one.

Though Aiden certainly wouldn't be complaining if the blond Ravenclaw took a drag of his cigarette. It actually surprised him that Sebastian was asking for a cigarette.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:26 am

The offer of a new one, or Aiden's seemed to be something of a test, but Sebastian gave a small shrug, motioning to the cigarette in the younger boy's hand. "It'd be a waste if I started a new one." He insisted, taking the cigarette from Aiden and taking a drag.

He held the smoke in for a moment, allowing it to fill him completely before exhaling slowly. He'd only done it a couple of times before, but it was pretty good for someone who didn't smoke properly. Handing the cigarette back, Sebastian grinned in the direction of the Slytherin.

"All the boys smoked in the Italian school. Had to at least pretend to enjoy it to fit in." Sebastian explained, hoping that didn't seem too weird to Aiden to give in to peer pressure like that. Giving a small shrug, Sebastian allowed a moment. Trying not to lick his lips to get a better taste for the Slytherin. Was that weird, yes, it probably was, but Sebastian couldn't help it.

"So, how was your Christmas? I'm sorry I didn't see you before I went home, you're a bloody difficult person to find." The Italian explained, smiling to show it wasn't meant too badly.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:34 am

Aiden blinked his eyes as the cigarette was taken from his hand and then he watched with barely veiled curiosity as the blond Ravenclaw took a drag. It amazed Aiden that Sebastian could smoke but then again not really.

Taking the cigarette back, Aiden took a drag himself before exhaling the smoke, not really bothered by the taste of the nicotine. Though what he was trying to remember was the taste of Sebastian on the cigarette butt.

"Understandable." Aiden grunted softly, turning to the side to lean his hip against the window sill so that he could watch the blond Ravenclaw with a small smile on his lips. He didn't really blame Sebastian for giving into the peer pressure at the Italian school, if it was him in the blonds place he would be doing the same thing truthfully.

"Meh, it was alright." The Slytherin shrugged his shoulders. "I had to stay at school due to my folks going away to America for some business conference with my youngest sister while my older siblings and their significant others went away to London for Christmas."

Laughing softly the blond waved his hand in a dismissive sign. "It's okay Seb, I wasn't really expecting you to find me though I feel better knowing that you at least looked for me... And how was your Christmas?"
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:25 am

Hearing that Aiden hadn't had a good Christmas, Sebastian grimaced. "If you'd have told me..." Sebastian started, pausing because he wasn't sure if he should complete that thought... "Well, we could perhaps have come up with something more interesting than you being stuck here." Sebastian summarised, giving a shrug in the hope of appearing less upset about his friends predicament.

The laugh from Aiden brought a warm smile to Sebastian's lips, he liked that sound more than he could really say. But, of course, he would never admit to that.

"My Christmas was good. I went home to see Mama, she's doing well, and of course cooked the best Christmas Dinner ever. But, she's off seeing some distant family now, so I figured I'd come back to the school and... well, be bored out of my mind until classes start again." Sebastian admitted. "The other Ravenclaws aren't much of a party crowd."

Turning around, Sebastian leant on the sill with both of his elbows, relaxed, even if his eyes were checking for teachers so they wouldn't get in trouble for their smoking. "I didn't know you smoked." Sebastian said out loud, almost in a daydream. In truth, he didn't know much about Aiden, other than he was nice, hot, and... well, straight.

Last edited by Sebastian Aquila on Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:42 pm; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:20 pm

"I don't really mind being stuck here as long as it means I won't have to listen to my parents and siblings talk about weird adult stuff that I have no need to know yet. I'd rather stay here and do my homework and then enjoy the winter then sitting at home... Of course I did miss my youngest sister but I'll see her over the Summer holidays." Aiden shrugged.

It never really bothered him staying at school while his parents went away on some business trip or when his siblings took their significant others on a trip to go somewhere though ever since his sister had been born he had been steadily growing annoyed with how his parents just kept taking that little bundle of joy away with them and not letting him see her for that long.

"You had your mom to visit and I would hate to keep you away from her. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed with family." He pointed out with a small smile.

"...That's not surprising." Aiden snorted softly before elaborating. "That Ravenclaw's aren't much of a party crowd. My oldest sister, she was in Ravenclaw and she always complained about how her housemates were all boring with their noses stuck in books. It's why I love being a Slytherin you see, we can party pretty well though certainly not as well as compared to some of the older Hufflepuff's. I tell you those badgers may all look meek and honest but they can throw a pretty mean party." He grinned. "Remember that start of year party? That was thrown by a Hufflepuff."

"No need to look around Seb, no teachers come across these parts of the hallway until curfew, we're safe for now." He grinned as he took a drag of his cigarette. "...I don't usually smoke, only when I have something troubling on my mind or if I'm in too much deep shit." He smirked. "I started last year, when the OWL's got too much for me. I couldn't stand the pressure and one of the older Slytherin's gave me a pack of cigarette's saying that it helps to relax."
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:52 pm

Sebastian gave a small, sympathetic smile to the Slytherin when he mentioned his little sister. Sebastian didn't need to know everything about Aiden, but he could understand the feeling of wanting to be with someone. He often felt the same about his father, but that was probably a little different. "You'll see her in the summer holidays - and make the most of these ones, seventh year is horrible!" Sebastian explained, shaking his head at the thought.

His N.E.W.T.S. were coming around far too quickly, and though Sebastian wouldn't say it out loud, he was more than a little bit scared of this year ending.

"I know it is, but mama wouldn't have minded having you over, or something, I'm sure." Sebastian tried to explain, but he didn't know if it was wise to push the subject. "But, never mind, it's too late now." He added, hoping that it would be enough to dampen the subject in to nothing more.

"Oh yeah? Oh! It's Trevor - or something, right? I know some of the girls were talking about him the other night." Travis explained, rolling his eyes. He didn't see what the pull was towards the arrogant Hufflepuff, but to each their own, he supposed.

The explanation on smoking was one that pulled Sebastian in to feeling sorry for the Slytherin. No, he honestly felt sorry for Aiden, and also very concerned. "What's wrong?" Sebastian asked, realising that it came out too worried, too heartfelt. Quickly, the Ravenclaw cleared his throat, in an attempt to make it seem like his throat had dried up, or something. Trying helplessly to clear up the mistake he just made. "I mean, you can tell me, if it helps." Sebastian corrected, watching his friend take another drag on the cigarette.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:14 pm

Really, ever since his sister had been born Aiden had been literally wrapped around her little finger. He was. to her in her own world, her Prince Charming and he always did whatever she wanted, within reason of course but short of killing someone for her there was nothing that Aiden wouldn't do for that little princess who was growing so much that it scared the Slytherin he wouldn't have much time to enjoy his time with a younger sibling.

But he knew that no matter how much his sister grew up and how quickly, she would always love her big brother and he would always love her.

"...I know I will but it doesn't make it any easier. She's growing up so quickly... She'll be in Hogwarts in two years time..." He sighed softly. Really, he was too protective of his sister that was sure.

Mentioning the NEWT's made Aiden huff slightly as he took another drag of the cigarette. This year was the last year Aiden would have to spend with Seb and that certainly was not a nice thought; his crush would be graduating at the end of the year and he would be stuck at Hogwarts for another, why was life so unfair to him?

"Yeah, Trevor. He's a pretty cool guy, too arrogant for my tastes but he certainly is hot and those clothes of his certainly don't do him justice I'm sure." The Slytherin hummed softly, not really realizing that he just said, in a roundabout way, that he was into guys.

"Just... thinking." Aiden said with a small hum as he watched the Ravenclaw with an arched brow. Now those words made him smirk a little and he decided to dive headfirst into confessing to Seb about his feelings.

"You see, there's this guy I met last year. He's cute, hot, sexy, amazing, beautiful, smart. He's the best guy I ever met and I'm slowly but surely falling for him but I'm not sure what he thinks about me. I don't know if he's into guys at all as I never saw him hitting on any cute guy that came along, I just don't want to get my hopes up only to be rejected at the end. Of course being a Slytherin I certainly wouldn't let him reject me and instead I would just wear him down until he agreed to date me."

He was so rambling now that he had the chance to confess his feelings though of course he didn't actually say the guys name or mention that it was Seb and instead he wanted the Ravenclaw to work it out on his own.
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:26 pm

The idea of a sibling was one that Sebastian could only pretend to want. He liked being an only child, and he had absolutely no chance of having a younger sibling. His mama wasn't interested in finding someone else after his papa - something Sebastian was certainly glad of - so there would be no other Aquila children. Though, Sebastian realised a moment later, they probably wouldn't have his last name anyway.

"Two years? Definitely growing up fast!" Sebastian replied, raising an eyebrow. "You'll be in the big world by then, too!" He added, not meaning to sound rude about it, or hurt Aiden, but being truthful. "She'll be fine though! Hogwarts is a good place!"

The comments about Trevor, or whatever the Hufflepuff was called, made Sebastian's features move in to a small frown. Was... Aiden saying what he thought he was saying..? But... the way he'd been with Adaline... But, he was saying the boy was hot...

And there was the jealousy that Sebastian did not wish to admit he felt, but it hit him hard in that moment and he wouldn't deny he was more than a little annoyed at Aiden now. Well, happy to know the guy might not be straight, but annoyed because he found that hot.

But, it was perhaps nothing in comparison to what Aiden went on to say a moment later. Making Sebastian feel cold as he realised the guy he liked obviously liked someone. Someone that, Sebastian was almost sure, wasn't him. "Well... I guess the only way you'll know if he likes you is to just ask him..." Sebastian replied, probably a little shorter than he really should have been in that moment, but he was really annoyed now.

Sebastian hadn't looked at Aiden after hearing the comment about Trevor. His eyes were on his feet, trying to work out how you got passed liking someone who wasn't interested. It was silly, really, he was just Sebastian, after all!
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)   

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Thinking about you (Sebastian - PG Swearing & Kissing)
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