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 Long time no see (Summer) Flashback!

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PostSubject: Long time no see (Summer) Flashback!   Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:02 pm

Adam hadn't seen his best friend in a year and it was driving him nuts. She was exploring the world and he was making sure that he got things ready for the prepare of his daughter, who was already five months and it was so sad to see her so big already. He loved her so much even though her mother was a lunatic that liked to lie to him, he was going to make sure that she didn't turn out to be like her. He wanted his daughter to be a human and not someone who liked to get what they wanted.

He had OWLed Summer to meet him and he had gotten the reply that she would but it was when she showed up that was the different story. Adam had his daughter balanced on his hip while he waited for his best friend to show. He was a little nervous on seeing her again. Yes she was excited to be meeting Annabel and vice versa, but having his best friend by his side like old times was nerve raking. All he had to do was wait for her to show.
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PostSubject: Re: Long time no see (Summer) Flashback!   Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:09 pm

Summer had not been feeling herself ever since she got back from Paris. Back in England, the old, familiar buildings looked oppressive, and the cafes did not have the same, relaxed culture of aspiring artists and philosophers. Arriving back at London was liking waking up from a beautiful dream, only to find out that the day would be stormy and grey.

There was one thing she did look forward to, though, and it was seeing her best friend Adam again. She and Adam had known each other since their first year in Hogwarts, and they eventually became best friends after he got over his little crush on her. Summer smiled at the thought. How quickly time passed by—as a student in Hogwarts, she never would've imagined Adam as a father, and yet when he saw the photos he had mailed to her, she could see just how lucky Annabel was.

Arriving at the university quad, she eventually saw Adam with Annabel on his lap. 'Adam!' she practically screamed as she ran towards him. 'I'm ba-ack, and I've got stories to tell! But let's start with yours first though, and aww, Annabel, you are much prettier in person!' Giggling and cooing at Annabel, Summer began to think that maybe being back wouldn't be so bad.
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Long time no see (Summer) Flashback!
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