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 Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)

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PostSubject: Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)   Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:09 pm

The first year of Hogwarts had - in Theo's mind - gone much too fast! How had he finished his first year already? He'd barely made a dent on exploring the castle and all it had to offer. Not to mention making friends - he had some, but he'd barely had time to get to know more people properly. Except from Darron and Peter whom shared a dormitory with him, Theo only knew others in passing. Not that he was a social butterfly, but Theo would have liked a couple more friends.

However, with the summer being here, it meant Theo had time to spend with his mum - whilst she wasn't working. Which was a good thing, because Merlin knew the attacks had not helped his mum's emotional state. He'd written after the attack, of course, insisting he was okay. That he had (luckily) been no where near the monsters who'd entered the castle. Theo had been in the kitchens, eating. He hadn't included that he'd made himself sick that day after trying to fit the twenty-fifth marshmallow in his mouth as part of one of Darron's dares.

Today, they'd agreed to head to Diagon Alley - the whole family - and collect Theo's books and supplies for the next school year. However, in that moment, Theo's attention had been captured by the new sweets in the window of Sugarplum's Sweet Shop. "Mum!" Theo called after his parents. "Dad, look! They've made new sweets - well, new exploding bon bons - tropical fruits!" He explained excitedly, pointing against the window. "Can we go and have a look inside, please?" The twelve year old asked sweetly, giving both of them a butter-wouldn't-melt kind of smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)   Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:50 pm

Taela woke the morning after her first year of Hogwarts with a renewed sense of excitement. She’d been out for a while, but she had total faith that this was going to be a good summer. Hogwarts had been such a fun experience, well save for the whole attack, she still felt guilty thinking about that. Phillip and Ellie were in the Common Room together at the time, but at the first news that there was an attack going on, Ellie rushed out of the Common Room and into the Dungeons searching for Taela. Phillip went on the run towards the Ravenclaw Tower, found Caelan and brought him down to the Dungeon. Luckily, Ellie was a brilliant dueller, and with Taela she met Phil and Cay part-way. She was able to fend off just two attackers, which proved to be enough as soon as Phil and Cay met them, Cay used his knowledge of the hallways to take the entirety of the Brennham’s to an empty unused classroom. Once they were in there, her older siblings used their magic to barricade the entrances.

Two hours after, they were found by Professor Vitali. In that time, Taela stayed curled up in Ellie’s arms as she checked over Taela. Of course, at the time Taela was reading in the Common Room with Aiko, a Fourth Year. They had a small little book-club, and at the time they were reading the Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, a muggle author talking about life in muggle early 19th century. It was terribly harrowing, but Taela was so very interested in each and every one of the characters. It was heartbreaking, but also moving the power of friendship. Phillip and Caelan remained on guard for the rest of the time, but once the first hour passed and the adrenalin drained, and so did the shaking, they chalked it up to Aurors and the sort.

Her parents met them after the attack, with Katherina in her mother’s arms. Their mother threw a fit, but it was an emotional one, fairly subdued to the pregnancy swings Taela remembers seeing her go through. Their father embraced them all, and that’s when Taela cried, because she missed her parents. The first year wasn’t that rough, but she absolutely missed her parents, and her baby sister. Neither of her parents were fearful of the world, instead choosing to face the possibilities together, united. Unfortunately, her mother had work during the summer still, and she was taking her sister and oldest brother to France for business. While she was gone, her dad, middle brother, and little sister were at home to watch the estate.

I’ll take Taela to Diagon Alley,” Phil offered, seeing how his father was struggling to juggle filling out a few bank statements and watching Katherina, Phil threw his arm around Taela’s shoulders and grinned down at his sister, “she only wants to pick up a few candies, maybe some books. Y’know shouldn’t be gone for more than an hour or two, we’ll be totally safe.

How will you be getting there?” Devin asked curiously, trying to feed Kate and type at the same time, “and back?

Uncle Park’s in the area, he offered to, in case you didn’t catch the owl,” Phil explained showing their father the letter. Taela smiled encouragingly.

It’ll be fun,” Taela said encouragingly, “it’ll give you two less kids to watch.” She added.

Fair enough,” Devin waved them off, “back in two hours, yeah? Don’t make me come looking for you,” though the threat sounded empty, they both knew it was anything but. “Watch after your sister,” his voice held no arguments, as he said this to Phil. Phil’s hand tightened around Taela’s shoulder.

Bye dad,” Phil murmured, going over to kiss Kate’s forehead and pat his dad on the back. Taela pressed a kiss to Kate’s wiggling fingers, then to her father’s cheek before following Phil out the door. As Phil chattered on in the car with Uncle Parker, Taela reread the list of things she wanted to buy from Diagon Alley. The closest place to the entrance was the Sweets Shop, and she wanted to get some nice little gifts for her aunt, mother, older sister, and grandparents (on both sides). She definitely had enough money for that. As Phil ran into some friends, she bade him farewell at the entrance, making sure she could always make eye contact with him in a pinch.

As soon as she walked in, Taela immediately regretted not having her brother show her around. After ten minutes of wandering, she felt her frustration hit a boiling point as she let out a heavy sigh. She looked for the least intimidating person, though that was hard to find, and settled for the only other student-looking person in the building.

Hey,” Taela started to say, “um, can you help me at all?” She added, trying to add in what was a warm smile, but it turned out to be just as awkward as she felt.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)   Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:05 pm

Theo's dad had given in easily - Theo knew by the fact that his dad looked to his mu without hesitation. Theo's dad was infatuated by his mum, it was easy to see, and often the decisions were turned to her. Which was good, because Theo knew his mum wanted him to have the world, but not to be too spoiled. It was only a moment later that his mum agreed and Theo bounded happily in to the shop, moving to the new fruit flavoured sweets.

His hands moved for the smallest packet of the sweets - Theo was not a greedy child, he knew that sugar wasn't good for you - and turned back to his mum. "Mummy, could I please have just one little packet?" Theo asked, giving her one of his smiles that said he would be an angel for a very long time if she allowed him them. Not that he was a naughty kid, either.

"Course you can." Theo's dad replied, giving Theo's hair a ruffle. "Have a look around, your mum and I need to get a few bits, too."

Theo gave a nod, holding his small bag of sweets close to his chest as he moved down another aisle, the chocolate aisle. He'd just been perusing the bubblegum flavoured white chocolate - Theo wasn't sure that would taste nice - when someone's voice made him aware of someone close by.

Jumping a little, Theo turned with a warm smile to the source. A girl, about his age. "Hi!" Theo greeted the witch, before contemplating her question and turning a little. "Umm... well, I can try. I don't work here, but I do like sweets!" Theo finalised, hoping this would merit him enough to be able to help.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)   

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Sweet Tooth (Taela & Theo)
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