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 End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]

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PostSubject: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 5:09 am

The summer holidays had been spend, in part, corresponding with different people and planning for the latest party. The invites had been sent out the second week of the holidays, giving everyone who was invited a chance to purchase items necessary for the party which, he and Lucy had decided, was going to be a Masquerade one.

Mostly, they'd decided on that because Lucy had all but screamed at the suggestion, telling him they had to do it, simply because she wanted to look good in a hot mask. And Corbin was definitely not dumb enough to go against Lucy when she was in one of her moods; besides, a masquerade (although initially said in jest) sounded like a good idea.

He'd received a few letters back from those he'd invited, a couple or so of which had been with names for people he should also invite. Now, Corbin and Lucy weren't known to be the organisers by many people, merely the foot soldiers of the organisers, but there were a few -- friends and close acquaintances -- that knew the truth, and these were the only ones who could suggest names for invitation. As such, Corbin found himself sending out a few more invites, including one to a male Lucy had recently noticed 'was hot'.

It was enough reason for him -- who was he to argue with his partner in crime? -- and as such, by the third week of summer, all invites and whatnot had been taken care of.

The first Friday the very week school opened, therefore, was when the party was stated to happen, and Corbin looked around the room, a smirk on his face. They really had done well this time round. He'd picked a relatively simple mask, and was stood in a proper suit and tie. If it was a fancy ball Lucy wanted, it was a fancy ball Lucy would get.

"Hey, Luce," he called, looking up from the bar, where he was arranging the alcohol. "Are you going to help or are you gonna fudging prink the whole time?" Where she was, he wasn't sure, but he had an inkling she was somewhere in the bathrooms, adjusting her outfit or her mask. He knew her well enough to guess that much, in any case.

The twins were also there, having been scheduled to help out, although Corbin did not really talk to either Madison or Melody. There was something about the both of them that told him to be careful, that they weren't all that met the eye. Still, they knew how to keep their mouths shut and were good company, and knew how to handle ... unwelcomed visitors or those who blabbed well enough. He never asked them how and they didn't tell, but nobody who ever tried to talk ever really did.

It was their job, and they did it well, and so Corbin left them alone to do their thing.

Instead, he glanced around the room once more and nodded to himself. The guests would be arriving soon. That much was certain.
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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 12:16 pm

Lucy had spent majority of her summer trying to think of ideas for her and Corbin's end of summer party. And when figuring out a theme, Lucy might have gotten a tad too excited at the thought of having a masquerade party. Because masks were mysterious, and classy and it had been something she'd always wanted to host.

One of the more difficult things had been sorting out the invitations. There were a few that would certainly make it, a few questionable guests, and a few new ones that could potentially make the list. The twins for example always made the list. And Lucy, well, she liked them. Though they certainly weren't the sort she'd spill her deepest, darkest secrets too. Those that made the list were exclusively the ones Corbin and Lucy thought would be interesting. And occasionally, ones that were particularly good looking.

The first Friday of term, Lucy spent the afternoon getting herself ready in a bathroom the room had provided. Hair, makeup, the lot. She decided to go for blue. Blue was her colour, so she picked out her favourite blue dress and paired it with a fancy mask before she made her way to the room to help with the decorating processing.

The twins and Corbin were there when she walked out, and she happened to walk out just as Corbin had called out to her.

"It takes time to look like this," she replied as she walked over to help him get things ready. The guests would be arriving soon after all.

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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 1:39 pm

When Roxanne had received the invite for a party she had been, understandably, surprised to receive said invite, especially since she didn't know why she had been invited, until she read the fact that it was Sienna Gibson that had invited her to the party; it took her a bit of thinking but she had replied with an affirmative and had instantly gone shopping for a dress and a mask; she loved parties after all and there was no way she was going to wear a dress that she had already worn once before. She was a girl with class after all and hated wearing the same dress to five different parties.

It hadn't been hard to find the perfect mask but finding the dress had been hard, eventually though she and her father left for France where Roxy picked out a pretty dress that didn't clash with her hair, thankfully.

Come Friday, Roxy was a bundle of nerves as she waited for the time where she could sneak off to get dressed for the party; she had received the password for the Room of Requirements two days ago from Corbin, the Slytherin that she had talked to once last year, and thankfully she remembered it.

Sneaking out of the common room hadn't been hard for Roxy, considering the fact that it was fairly quiet that Friday with most Ravenclaw's spending time in the Library to get their homework done before the weekend so that the weekend was free.

Making her way up to the Seventh Floor she quickly found herself standing in front of the wall where the room was and, thinking of the password, she walked back and forth three times, a smile appearing on her lips at the door that opened.

Stepping inside, Roxy noticed the room and was pretty much in awe of how the room was set out; it certainly looked better than any ballroom she had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

"Am I early?" She questioned the four people in the room, blinking her eyes behind her mask as she stepped further into the room. The dress she wore was a simple black dress and her black mask.

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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 5:06 pm

Stephanie had been surprised, to say the least, when she received the invitation for a masquerade party. It wasn't the invitation that surprised her - though she couldn't help but feel that Corbin had been a bit rude in his introduction - since, as a Pureblood and because of her name, which she was beginning to wish she didn't have, she received many invitations to balls. No, none of that surprised her. It was the fact that there was to be a party at Hogwarts and it was to remain a secret. Why a secret? Though her summer had been full of balls and parties and Stephanie was frankly quite tired of having to socialise with - as Toryn had enlightened her - fake people, she decided to go anyway, wondering what it was about this party that warranted it being so secretive.

Looking for a dress hadn't been a problem at all. A month before the summer holidays, her family's tailor had been commissioned to make her a dozen new dresses in light of the functions she had to attend. She'd only worn about six of them, receiving admonishment from her mother. It does not do at all to wear the same dress to a party. Why! People will think we don't have enough money to afford new ones! Just to shut her mother up, Stephanie had put on her best pouty face and complained that she didn't like the other dresses. Truthfully, she loved them, but that damn Toryn had made her second guess all her decisions, even her way of life, and she wanted to find out if what he said was true.

She stood at her closet, deciding between two dresses. The first had ruffles at the skirt - which she loved, but wasn't as sparkly as the second. She stared at the two gowns for a good ten minutes before laughing at herself. Here she was, the epitome of a Pureblood deciding what to wear when there were people who couldn't afford proper clothing and had to content themselves with whatever scraps of material they could find.

Finally, she took out a coin, assigned one dress to each side and flipped it, ending up with the dress with ruffles. She put it on, accessorised with a diamond necklace and matching earrings, put on some heels, and a mask, and headed to the room of requirement, thinking the password that was given to her,

The splendour of the room didn't surprise her, having been used to many a ballroom. She had entered just in time to hear someone ask if they were early. After greeting both Corbin and Lucy - because it was very impolite to ignore one's host - she walked up to the girl. "It's better to be early than be late and miss all the fun," she commented lightly. She didn't think she needed to introduce herself - the Richardsons were rather well-known - but she didn't know who this girl was. "I'm Stephanie. How do you do?" she began with the polite greeting that had been drilled into her as she curtsied gracefully. "And you are?"
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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 8:38 pm

An invitation to a Masquerade Ball had arrived for Wesley during the summer. He'd read it a few times, before it spontaneously com-busted before his eyes. Whilst the Bulgarian understood the information in practice, he didn't understand why he - a boy who struggled with conversation and was new to the school - had been invited to the secret party.

The only person he knew was Madison Bishop. Well, her and Alexei, but Wesley did not like the boy. He was terrified of him, in truth. So, why in Merlin's name had he been invited to a party. Maybe it was a party made by the professors? Wesley did not understand.

Madison's note had cleared it up shortly after, and that had... slightly relaxed the boy as he sent back his consent to the party.

That had left him with a dilemma, though. Wesley didn't own a suit that still fitted him, so he'd had to go to his mum to ask for the money. She'd, of course, questioned the need for it, but upon hearing Wesley's explanation of the party, she had agreed, and not long after, Wesley had been kitted out with a suit for the occasion.

His mask had been one of the less detailed, because Wesley did not wish to bring attention to himself. That done, Wesley could only wait for his impending doom. Yes, that was the only way he could think of it after a boy had cornered him in a corridor and insisted the password to be used was Persona.

It had taken Wesley less time to get ready than it did to navigate the halls, but after a long time walking around - he'd left early for this purpose - he'd finally found the corridor, and started to pace. Only when the door showed itself did Wesley stop chanting the password under his breath.

Stood, fixated with the door, Wesley took a few moments to compose himself. He was trembling with the fear of social situations. He hated them, in truth. His stomach was churning from nerves, he felt rather light headed...

And yet, he stepped forward, pushed the door open, and admitted himself to one of the most beautifully intimidating rooms he'd ever laid his eyes on.

Stopping just inside the door, Wesley marvelled at the room. What else could a boy do when he'd never seen such things in his life. For only a few moments he was left not fearing the socialisation, but living in the awe of the moment. Perhaps... parties weren't so bad after all?

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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Tue May 02, 2017 10:30 pm

Cassiopeia was a bit of surprised when she had received an invite to the secret party again. she did attend to one last year. She still didn't completely why she was invited to that party. She realised this time it was the masquerade party which made this party even more interesting one for sure.

Well, Cassiopeia wasn't really very familiar anyone at this party. Of course, she has seen most of them around but she barely talks with those people who seemed to attend here.

So when she realised it was masquerade party she needed to find herself a dress. She has some money on her account in the bank. So she didn't have to go ask money from her parents and explain why she needed some new dress. She actually spent a couple of hours for finding the perfect dress in the summer.

When the school year started she was excited about this party actually. She really wanted to share this excitement with someone but she kept inside since she knew she can't tell about it to anyone.

When they day was finally there. She got dressed for the party and walked towards the room of requirement. Soon she reached there and she thought about the password that was a few days ago given to her. She soon entered the room and looked around there. She realised she was this time one of the first to arrive there.

"Hello, everyone," she said simply with a small smile on her face. She had decided that this time she will try to be here more social one but she wasn't really sure what else she should say there at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Wed May 03, 2017 1:55 am

Since when did Hogwarts throw parties? That was the first thought that had run through her head. Of course Hogwarts had probably always thrown parties and she had just never been invited. Why? She didn't know. She was a Charlot but maybe people were intimidated by her because of that. Either way, Severine was pretty ecstatic to receive the invite during her boring school holidays. The holidays had a pretty boring start when her parents decided that the current political aspect of Monacco needed to be focuses on more than the pre-planned trip to Maldives so Severine was bummed about that being canceled and then she got the invite.

The invite had combusted five minutes later, like it had said and luckily Severine was usually pretty good at remember the important stuff. She had gotten a new dress and mask while in Diagon Alley school shopping and eyeballed it every morning before classes the whole first week. At some point, a girl had passed by her and whispered the password she'd need to get into the room before running off. Severine dared not approach anyone else about this secret party, for she didn't want to make her new potential group of friends angry. Finally, the first Friday had arrived and Severine couldn't be more excited for classesto end for the day and when they did, the non-athletic girl raced to the Gryffindor tower.

Severine spent the entire afternoon getting Masquerade ready. She made sure all of her makeup was on point and that her dress was smoothed out. She carefully pinned her hair into an elaborate braided updo and strapped on some black heels. Lastly, she placed the mask on her face. She twirled in front of the mirror, her bright azure eyes staring back at her through the deep shades of red and black the dress and mask put off. There was a slight sparkle to them, enough to give attention but not enough to make her look like a child that accidentally went overboard with the glitter glue.

When it hit that time, Severine took a deep breath in and set on her way to the location she'd been given. Severine didn't think she'd even been to the Room of Requirement before but she had definitely heard and read about it. Arriving in front of where it should be, she paced three times while thinking of the password and lo and behold, it appeared.

The girl, unfortunately, was not prepared for what lie inside. It was absolutely beautiful and remarkable and every other synonym to those words she could think of. Her mouth gaped open for only a moment before she pulled her composure together and straighten her back. With a smile on her red tinted lips, she walked forward with a small nod in the direction of the others who were there.

It was in Severine's best interest to make this a night she'd never forget. After all, it was her last year here.
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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Wed May 03, 2017 6:31 am

Corbin and Lucy threw the best parties. Everyone worth knowing went, and it was the best place to make connections; the pair made sure of that. It was no doubt, therefore, that both Madison and Melody were not only on the list (permanently), but among the select few that knew that it was the pair that hosted the parties in the first place. Everyone else thought they were just right-hand people to the actual hosts, the faces -- but that simply wasn't true.

But that was a secret, and Madison knew how to keep her mouth shut. After all, the perks that came with being in league with Corbin and Lucy were far too good to pass up. Besides, they had an understanding, and she wasn't going to try and break that for the world.

Knowing the two, therefore, was exactly how Madison had come to invite Wesley. She'd considered making him her plus one, at first, but that had been too risky, too out of character for her. So she'd written to Corbin, called in a favour owed to her; and, to his credit, the other Slytherin merely delivered, asking no questions. He had them, no doubt, but their understanding included neither questioning the other, and that worked fine.

Showing up early to the party (she was on duty this time around, both as security and for decoration), Madison and Melody greeted Corbin and set to work, doing odds and ends. The mask she'd chosen had been really simple, hiding nothing, as intended.

People began arriving soon after, not that Madison cared. She stood at the side, wand tucked away into a special holder she'd sewn into her dress, obvious and on display. She was, after all, meant to be the security, and there was no denying she had easy access to her wand should it call for it. She watched each person as they entered, running their face through her mind, making sure they were the ones invited. Corbin would do that, too, she was sure, but there was no harm in double checking.

And then Wesley arrived, shortly followed by two others, and at once Madison set to work. Stepping forward, a smile on her face, she made for the male, making sure her movements were soft and not authoratative. "Wesley!" she greeted, as soon as she was near enough. "I'm so glad you could make it. I was afraid you'd be too tired or anxious. The place is grand, isn't it? The organisers really outdid themselves this time."

She paused, taking him in, then added, "How were the rest of your summer holidays?"
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Dimitri Moreau
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Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Sat May 06, 2017 10:36 am

Another invite to another party. Dimitri couldn't help but smirk to himself as he'd read through it - secrecy assured, he'd picked out a very nice red suit for the masquerade ball, before pairing it with a mask that befit the occasion. Why the choice of a masquerade this time, Dimitri couldn't be sure, but he knew it would be fun.

It had taken him some time to get ready for the event, making sure his hair was neat before tying the mask in place - with an added charm to keep it there, because he didn't trust his knots. Not that it was going to remain a secret for too long who everyone was. The guest list, he was sure, would be quite small once again, but filled with good people.

This time, though, Dimitri was hoping that, should there be games, he was not left with someone in a relationship. The awkwardness was just too much. Though, of course, he'd been left with Carlotta... but, well, his fellow Ravenclaw wasn't really his type and it had amounted to nothing.

Making his way to the party, Dimitri thought of the password 'Persona' that had been given to him by Corbin in the corridors one morning in the first week of term. Soon, the door opened, and Dimitri stepped inside, taking in the scenery with a mildly impressed look before his eyes fell on one witch in particular. Lucy.

Smiling to himself, Dimitri moved across the room to the Slytherin witch. "Hey, Lucy!" He greeted, making a not so subtle note of her attire. "You look amazing this evening, if you don't mind my saying so." He added, before looking over to Corbin. "Hey!" He added to the other male, leaning on the bar that had been set up and taking in the rest of the room. A lot of females thus far, but that was never a bad thing.



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Elenore Clement
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Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   Sat May 06, 2017 12:47 pm

Elenore's summer had been a whirlwind from which she had still not come down from. Her parents were trying their best to match her with a suitable Pureblood male who would not diminish their standing in society. However, no matter how hard you might try, finding someone that Elenore found truly exciting, and did not besmirch their name too much by marrying too low was a topic of conversation that very few people qualified for. If, at all.

Added to that was the night spent with Corbin in France. Elenore still did not know how to explain that night, Merlin knew she'd tried. So, she'd left it simply at having been done.

It was no surprise to the witch that she'd been invited to the party that were always held in top secrecy. Elenore had sent her dressmaker off with the idea of a dress that would leave a man wanting her, but not in a rushed sense. Her new ideas of how men worked had aided her in creating the perfect black dress for the occasion. With that, she'd requested a simple mask to be designed. One that had been treated with the expense of diamonds being set in to it.

Lucy had passed her by with word of the password, and with a soft thank you, Elenore had carried on with her day.

It had taken Elenore hours to get her makeup right, her hair straightened out neatly before being put up in a style that warranted a few more diamond encrusted hair pieces. Her mask had to be positioned carefully, and then, for safety Elenore had placed a charm on it to keep it in place until such a time as she would need to take it off. After all, having the look come undone would simply not do.

Heading up to the Seventh Floor - making sure not to be followed - Elenore walked past the entrance to the Room of Requirement three times before it presented itself. Placing a smile on her lips, Elenore slipped in to the ballroom - which did nothing to impress her - in time to catch another witch gawping. Only momentarily. It took Elenore two steps to work out who it was, and upon finding one Severine Charlot gawping at a Ballroom clarified everything Elenore would ever need to know about the Monacan 'royalty'. They were, and never would be, worth her time.

Stepping past the Gryffindor, Elenore made her way to the one person she truly spoke to in the room, Corbin. "Good evening." Elenore greeted him, a warm smile on her lips as she moved closer. Her attire, well, Elenore had picked for the sole purpose of the Slytherin's enjoyment, and she was going to make full use of it this evening.


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PostSubject: Re: End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]   

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End Of Summer Masquerade Party [Invite Only!]
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