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 Legal Consultation - Darby Internations, London[Victoria]

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PostSubject: Legal Consultation - Darby Internations, London[Victoria]   Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:17 am

In the morning, following breakfast, Mona watched her older sister get ready with a piqued interest, one brow raised asking where Gwen was heading so early in the morning on a Friday. It was known that Gwen took Fridays off, instead working over time on Mondays through Wednesdays whenever she could. Mona was an adult even if she tended to be slightly more juvenile aorund Gwen. A lot of her childhood was properly spent between Gwen and Wendell, and now she took her time raising Kiko, paying it forward. Gwen responded that she had a legal meeting with a lawyer not employed by the Ministry, she was taking all her papers, transfer forms, certifications and what not. Apparently, she need to be re-certified after her transfer in order to gain access to library records in England and England associates. She was a researcher, and she was currently working on a project for mentally-repairing chemical imbalances that inhibited addiction. However, the American Ministry didn't have extensive enough records on the sciences behind mental addictions and potions. To her knowledge and her higher-ups in the American Ministry, the European records were highly detailed and would give her better luck in her research.

"I shouldn't be gone for more than a few hours," Gwen promised, kissing her adopted daughter on the forehead, "take care of Kiko, and how about tonight we eat somewhere real fancy, get all nice and dressed up, like the sound of that, darling?" She asked, Mona smiled brightly, shook her head and said she wasn't a kid anymore, but the grin on her face said otherwise. Gwen lifted Kiko from her playpen, pressed sloppy kiss after kiss onto Kiko's face lovingly playing with her giggling girl.

Her daughters weren't exactly homebodies, but she trusted Mona to take care of Kiko. They both doted on the baby starling, happily of course, and Gwen hated to be parted from them. Handing Kiko over to Mona, who said she was thinking about taking her to a park, and that she'd dress her up warmly.

Arriving in the office, relieved that the correspondance she had with one of the receptionists gave detailed directions in how to find the office, she paused before entering. Straightening the skirt of her grey dress, she made her way to the office marked Victoria Newbury, and waited for the secretary to let her in.
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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: Re: Legal Consultation - Darby Internations, London[Victoria]   Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:22 am

The paperwork for the case Victoria would be overseeing that morning had come to Victoria late the previous night. Almost as she was leaving the office, in fact. Her boss -- looking thoroughly overworked, and highly stressed -- had 'forgotten' to bring the paperwork, or at least, have Victoria pick it up before the next morning's meeting. Victoria had thanked the older man with a polite smile, telling him it was not an issue, and that she would see to it that Ms. Forester was treated impeccably, as was expected for any Darby International client.

Victoria had been much too nice to tell the man that she'd already gotten a copy from his secretary, gotten all the legal paperwork together with the help of one of the paralegals to aid her in getting everything done whilst she juggled a couple of other things, too, but the work had been completed.

Returning to her desk, until she was sure her boss had gone so that no questions were raised of her own departure, Victoria finished off a couple of loose ends of work before clocking off somewhere after eight that evening.

Jake had already put the kids to bed that evening, something that left Victoria more than a little bit put out, but she caught up with her brother over the reheated meal he'd given her. He was looking better as of late, something that made Victoria feel so much better, seeing Jake down was tough, but he always bounced back, it was simply part of who he was.

The rest of the evening had been spent helping Jake with a quick tidy up, before Victoria Floo'd home, needing to get some rest before the next day.


Early the next morning, Victoria was back in the office, going over the case she'd been given to ensure she had all the details to hand of this client. It wouldn't do well to go in to the meeting unprepared in any manner, and Victoria was never going to put herself in jeopardy of losing any clients of the firm.

Turning the photos on her desk to be visible to anyone who joined her in her office -- Victoria had made note of the children of her client, and knew that it always helped to show she knew of the situation one was in. Jake, Ivan and Adrienne smiled out from the picture from a snap Victoria had taken the last Christmas, it was one of her favourites, with the kids looking to the camera with big smiley faces, and Jake looking to make sure they were with a look of pure bliss on his lips, there was no denying Jake was a great father, and Victoria was proud of him.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, Victoria noticed the door opening, and stood from her desk, straightening her skirt in the process before moving across the room seamlessly towards the lady who had entered. "Good morning, Ms Forester, I'm Victoria Newbury, your attorney for your legal move to the UK." She greeted, holding out her hand to shake the older witch's.

"How're you finding it so far?" Victoria asked after they'd shook hands, motioning for Ms. Forester to take a seat. A tray of teas and coffees sat on the side of Victoria's desk already. "I, personally, found it quite the eye opener, moving from the States to the UK myself, but I have loved every moment of it. Tea?" The witch asked, making sure to make Ms. Forester feel at home in every way possible.

After all, not only was this a fee for the company, it was important to make sure Ms. Forester would remember the lovely service she was provided when she was talking to others who may need the services of the firm.


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Legal Consultation - Darby Internations, London[Victoria]
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