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 DADA: Lesson Three (Years 1-4)

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Mimosa Harrington
Slytherin Second Year
Slytherin Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson Three (Years 1-4)   Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:45 pm

Mimosa wasn't surprised at all that Squid Boy suggested she go first. She was an example after all, and she had to show everyone how it was done. So when Jake gave the go ahead, the girl quickly moved to the front. Her stride ever confident, the child shed ehr robes with ease, revealing one the swimwear she had grabbed that very morning because truly, Mimosa never understood why someone would spend hour and days choosing something when they would look good in whatever they wore.

Her own blue number had been inspired by her eagerness to go home. Waiting for the signal to dive in, Mimosa climbed to the top of the tank and waited, feeling as though she had forgotten something. The young with let the thought go, even if she had, she could remember it later.

A huge grin broke across ehr face as the water rushed to meet her, absorbing her whole in a memory as old as time. he really should go swimming more in the lake, it almost felt like home.

Wile Mimosa was completely comfortable in the water, the creature was not a nice host. It took about five seconds for it to swim over to Mimosa and grab her wrist, making the witch almost cry out in pain. the grip may not have been much for others but the child had forgotten for a moment how easily she bruised and broke. Using erh other hand, the second year tried to reach for her wand.

Realizing what it was she had forgotten. Her wand was perfectly safe, she even knew the jinx. The wand just happened to be in the pocket of the robes she'd shed earlier in her haste to get underwater.

The grip around her left wrist tightened, resulting in more pain as the child tried to think her way out of the situation. She had no wand but that was okay, she knew plenty of people who got things done without a wand. Like Grandmere. Mimosa had never seen her Grandmere draw a wand once in all he time she'd known the Lady Clement.

Letting herself go calm, the child tried to channel her grandmother. The Lady Clement was phased by no one, she would probably make this creature feel ashamed for grabbing her hand without permission. Yes, she simply had to make him back off. On his own. And it was certainly a he, girls didn't grab people like that.

The Grindylow wasn't sure to such large pray, certainly not in a limited tank. Even in the huge lake it usually lived off algae and smaller creatures who had yet to learn self defense so at the beginning, it tried its usual grip. When no struggles ensued, the feral demon in it grew excited. This was definitely a food source and it wasn't resisting.

And then it began to feel, at the back of its reptilian cortex, pain. Dull at first behind the excitement of the large food source but the more it held on, the more prominent the pan became. It made little sense to the dim creture. the food source wasn't moving, and pain was coming from all sides, as if the water had been poisoned.

The water was burning.

Opening its twisted jaw into a silent scream, the creature let go, noting from beyond glazed eyes that the food source was going away. And with her, the water seem to be returning to its normal temperature.

Mimosa swam back up to the rim of the tank one armed, her left wrist hanging by her side as so much dead weight, She had probably snapped something but the buoyancy of the water was keeping her from feeling the full extent of the pain. Her head broke water a second later, the child taking in a deep breath.

"I forgot my wand but I think I did okay," she managed, looking towards Jake and her classmates. "But my arm hurts," she added as an afterthought. "I think he pulled it too hard. I guess no one taught him not to touch a girl without permission first."


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Jake Newbury
Head of Gryffindor
Head of Gryffindor

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PostSubject: Re: DADA: Lesson Three (Years 1-4)   Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:11 pm

As Mimosa stepped forward with the bravery of a Gryffindor -- Jake couldn't help but think Belladonna first, before correcting himself to Gryffindor for their current school -- he smiled encouragingly at the witch. Perhaps there was more of him in Mimosa than he'd thought, Jake had always seen her as much more like her mother, but in this moment, it showed she was not going to back down from the challenge. Though... Jake had to admit belatedly that her mom had never backed down from a challenge either...

Pushing those thoughts away for another time, Jake watched the young witch dunk immerse herself in the water and then allow herself to become prey to the Grindylow in the depths of the water. The small bout of pain registering on his daughter's face reminded Jake of the one thing he'd not considered with this class. Mimosa. Feeling a squirm of discomfort lodge inside him knowing his daughter was going to come out of the tank much worse for wear than any of the other students, Jake almost propelled himself forward in to the water to help her out of the situation.

You have to let her try... A small voice told him, and for a few more moments the wizard waited. Nothing happened. Not right away. The Slytherin witch, Jake then realised, was not carrying her wand. The professor was almost at the top of the tank, ready to dive in when the Grindylow let go, apparently hurt, but by what Jake couldn't tell. Not right away. It took a moment longer for the Auror to place the spell, and he was impressed. No, not impressed, very impressed. Wandless magic at any age was an art, but at eleven? It was almost unheard of.

Grinning as Mimosa broke the surface of the water, Jake moved to the side and helped the young Slytherin from the water, noting her arm was not quite right in the way it was hanging. "You're going to be okay." Jake assured the witch, lifting her easily from the tank and back down to the classroom level. "Everyone give me two minutes to fix up Mimosa's wrist, then we'll continue." Jake told the classroom, sitting Azalea on the floor and drawing his own wand.

"This might be a little uncomfortable, but we need to put it right." Jake told the witch softly, running his wand along her wrist to find the damage. Once he was sure, he cast the necessary spells to correct the damage -- at least enough before he sent Mimosa to the nurse -- before transfiguring his jacket in to a sling. "Keep it up for now, at the end of the class, we'll go to the nurse to get it checked properly." Jake insisted. He knew it would be okay for that long, he was trained with first aid, after all, but a second opinion, especially with Mimosa would be needed.

"Okay, who's next?" Jake asked, turning back to the rest of the class with an enthusiastic smile. The rest of the class was spent with everyone having a go in the tank. Each person did there best, which was a lot of different results, but the experience would be worthwhile for them all.

When finally the bell rang, Jake motioned for all of them to head to the makeshift changing rooms at the back to change out of their wet clothes, before sending them off. "Oh, and make sure you practice this spell again, not in water, as it'll probably come up in your end of year exams!" He called after the retreating bodies of his students.

Finally, the Auror turned back to Mimosa and her small group of friends, denoting that she should go to the Hospital Wing to get her wrist checked. He knew she wouldn't want him round, and based on the lingering presence of Nikolai Kessler, he doubted that he was going to be allowed, either.

Class now closed.

House Points:
Mercy Williams = 10 points for attendance
Elena Bliss = 10 points for attendance + 5 points for answer
Mimosa Harrington = 10 points for attendance + 5 points for answer + 15 points for participation = 30 points.
Nikolai Kessler = 10 points for attendance


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DADA: Lesson Three (Years 1-4)
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