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 An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)

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PostSubject: An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)   Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:23 pm

Despite it still being cold still, Finley needed to get outside. The attack had scared him beyond belief, but after finding Madison, Naomi and Sumire unhurt, he'd found himself relieved. Of course, the Ravenclaw knew that it was selfish, that he should be so happy when others had lost their lives, but it wasn't anyone he cared about that had gotten hurt.

With his Ravenclaw scarf and gloves on, the boy sat beneath a tree on the edge of the forest, sheltered from the small breeze that was rustling through the grass just beyond the trees, and the leaves above, reading his book. It had been a book that Professor Hollands had given him before she'd left on maternity leave.

A book that detailed the complete knowledge of Animagus form.

Thus far, Finley had managed part transformations. His legs had changed, he'd grown fur, he'd gotten enhanced senses for periods of time. But he hadn't yet completed the art of a full transformation. Not that Finley minded, everything he did was progress, and that meant he was soon going to manage the form he knew was coming.

A chocolate Labrador - a puppy, if he was correct, the features were smaller than a normal size Labrador, but definitely that breed of dog. Which made him very, very happy.

Flicking the page over, Finley lost himself in the words of the book again, not looking around him as his eyes zipped across the page, taking in all the information - even though he'd read the book twice already. There was always space for more knowledge.
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PostSubject: Re: An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)   Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:59 pm

Amethyst had always been interested in training to be an Animagus, but it wasn't until recently that she had met TJ, that she decided she just had to start training. She had promised to be there for him and he had promised she could be there for him when it was safe. Of course, that meant she had to be as far away from him as possible during the Full Moon.

Amethyst was not content with that.

So instead of giving up and agreeing to it, she decided that she would find someone to train her. When she was researching in the Library the other day about werewolves, a book about Animagi fell into her hands, and as she read through, she had a strong feeling urging her to try it out. Something inside her was telling her that this was what she had to do.

So first thing the next day, she went to ask who was the one Professor training students. Sadly, it was her Head of House, who was currently away due to her pregnancy. Which meant that this was out of the question. And Amethyst really believed that she had no chance of finding someone, until she remembered that there was a someone.

Professor Hollands had a student whom she was training. That's who she could reach out to! Of course, he was in training too, but he could help her with the basics! And she needed all of the help she could manage, and fast!

So, even though it was kinda creepy, she had been following the guy around for quite some time, but she hadn't found the appropriate opening to ask him. So instead, she followed him some more, and when she saw that he was heading towards the Forbidden Forest she was kind of glad. He would be alone. Probably.

The witch kept following him, and waited a bit, watching carefully as he sat down and read his book. She couldn't make out what it was, but that was not why she was here anyway. She had to talk to him.
Gathering up the courage she went out of her hiding spot and slowly approached the younger boy.


Yup. She couldn't be more awkward.

Not giving him the time to answer, she jumped straight to the point, trying to make this less awkward.
"I... I know this will sound crazy, but I need to help me train to be an Animagus."

That was... nicely put, she believed. Now all she had to do was wait to either be denied, or laughed at.
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PostSubject: Re: An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)   Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:03 pm

As far as Finley was aware, there were three people who knew he was training to become an Animagus. Professor Hollands, because she had been the one who had been teaching him before she went off on maternity leave. Professor Ellingston, because the man was his mentor, and he deserved to know. And, of course, Naomi, because she was his best friend.

Other people didn't know, because Finley wanted it to be a surprise if and when he could show them the results of his hard work.

He'd been talking to Naomi about it last night, actually explaining how well he was doing. A small smile appeared on the Ravenclaw's lips, Naomi was just as excited as he was about the whole thing, though he was sure she had it better, being naturally gifted with Sight.

The voice that broke through his musings made Finley jump a moment later, his hand going for his wand as he looked up. But, it was only a witch who seemed... well she seemed friendly, but Finley was cautious. The attack had taught him that much, at least.

"I... I know this will sound crazy, but I need to help me train to be an Animagus."

Finley looked up at the witch dumbfounded, and then looked around for someone else. Perhaps Nirek had put the witch up to this? He would not put it past the Gryffindor to make fun of him for something he was passionate about. It hadn't stopped him for the first four years at the school, had it?

But the witch before him looked nice, so he didn't see why she would be friends with Nirek.

"W-who told you that I k-know how?" Finley asked, feeling a little nervous about the answer he was going to receive from the witch before him. But, if she gave him a good answer, then he would relax. And, of course, do his best to help.
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PostSubject: Re: An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)   

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An Offer of Friendship, and Help (Amethyst & Finley)
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