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 What To Do With a Thing Called Parents (Kamren, Clarinda & Lux)

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PostSubject: Re: What To Do With a Thing Called Parents (Kamren, Clarinda & Lux)   Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:55 pm

Kamren had felt slightly frustrated with Lux lack of understanding on what he was trying to get across when he asked her to sit with him. But, he knew that the small spat with Clarinda had settled things - even if only a little. With a sigh as the younger witch left them, Kamren had accepted that it was just part of the long battle they were going to have with each other until one party relented.

Until Lux relented.

After finishing his coffee, Kamren had kissed Clarinda goodbye and apparated off to his office for the day. He'd insisted she call him if she needed him back, work could wait if Clarinda needed him, but she had insisted that she would be fine, and Kamren knew that she would be.

Shortly after lunch the message about Lux's wanderings had arrived with Kamren, he'd simply noted it and continued with work. He, again, was not worried about her safety, because she was going to be tailed the whole time, but he couldn't help but wonder what was going on when the second message came along. Yes, it wasn't nice, but Kamren wondered what she was trying to achieve. But he didn't ask for action to be taken, let the kid wear herself out - that's what you did with toddlers having tantrums, right?

When he'd arrived home that evening, just after Clarinda, Kamren had made a beeline to the kitchen for a drink, and checked the fridge for what food they might be cooking that evening. It was about that time that he was called by Clarinda, and Kamren hurried off up to their bedroom when her call had come from.

"What's wr-" But Kamren didn't need to ask what was wrong as he caught up with his wife. His eyes narrowed at the graffiti on the bedroom wall, and the foul use of the carcasses on the dead lizards. What in Merlin's name was Lux trying to achieve with all of this, really?

"I think it'll be more than that." Kamren replied sourly at his wife's words of using the scouring charm on their daughter. They had not done anything wrong. They'd treated her well, asked her to simply respect them and they would do the same. No rules, no specific time to be home, just respect, and the witch couldn't follow that.

Kamren didn't understand, but he was calm, patient, and willing to try.

They had spent a short amount of time discussing all their options, and, after checking everything was clear of mess, they had settled on not exploding on Lux. It wouldn't make much difference, they were sure of that. But, they were not going to let her think she'd gotten away with it, so they had returned her all the items she had left them, with a small note saying they had returned it.

Dinner was a no show for Lux, which was probably best for Kamren because whilst not completely riled up, he was not happy with the way Lux was treating his wife. Nobody spoke ill of his wife without Kamren getting a little angry, but he would try not to show Lux this, because it would be a weapon for her to use against him, and they didn't need that.

After dinner, Kamren had showered and changed in to his pyjamas before climbing in to bed next to his wife. His body relaxed as she curled in to him. She was okay, and that was all that mattered, really.

"How long do you think it'll take to get through to Lux?"

"I don't know, sweetheart." Kamren replied, playing absent mindedly with her hair as he settled himself for the night. "But I hope it's sooner rather than later." He added, being honest. As much as he wanted children, and as much as he knew Lux needed them too, he didn't want to have to deal with this kind of harshness towards his wife every day, it hurt his chest hearing and seeing such things. Hurt his heart, and there were only so many times you could put up with that before you cracked.

"But I don't know what she wants from us..." Kamren admitted softly, his brow furrowing as he tried for the umpteenth time that day to work the girl out.
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do With a Thing Called Parents (Kamren, Clarinda & Lux)   Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:27 am

Lux rolled her eyes when Clarinet didn't respond. Did this woman have no brains? Most probably she had peas for brains. Maybe not even that. What the minister of magic saw in her she had no idea. She expected the minister of magic to have a more...intelligent woman for a wife instead of her. This woman could hardly defend herself or rebut Lux's statements.

She'd waited for an hour in the bar, knowing that most of the gang were at their various odd jobs. She took the time to think over and process everything that had happened. It was six years since she'd last been adopted and contrary to popular belief, she wanted it to stay that way. Parents were a complete and utter niusance. Some of the older orphans thought so too and scoffed at the younger ones who dreamed of belonging to the perfect family.

Lux ordered herself a coke and fries, eating absentmindedly just to have something to do. She imagined what The Couple's reaction - or lack of reaction - would be like and began to play different outcomes in her head. The most improbable reaction would be them getting upset or angry. She didn't quite expect a punishment but what she expected was for them to respond in a different way than the rest of her foster parents. She couldn't wait to see what they would do.

It was way past dinner time when the first of her gang started to trickle in. She spent a few hours with them, laughing, joking and drinking. It was well past midnight - almost two in the morning - when she made her way back to the house. The Couple was probably already asleep so she went to her bedroom only to find a foreign item on her bed. It was a box of the stuff she'd decorated their room with. Lux frowned. as she read the note. As expected, they did not react like the rest of her foster parents had but she hadn't been expecting them to return the stuff either.

Frustration simmered in her soul and she gripped the box tightly, lifting it up and marching out of her room down to the hallway bathroom. In one swift motion, she dumped the contents of the box into the toilet bowl then shut the lid, not bothereing to flush. Returning to her bedroom, she sent out a text, got a reply then went to bed.

The next morning, she was up bright and early. She left the house and met up with her contact, taking over the box he held and handing him some money in exchange. She set the box on the kitchen counter and wrote a note. Here's a little present I got to thank you for your kindness. She stuck it on the box and went up to her room.

In the box was a skunk.
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What To Do With a Thing Called Parents (Kamren, Clarinda & Lux)
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