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 Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:38 pm

Finally, the first person, Taylor, arrived, making a comment about how only two people had arrived. The boy behind him, Dimitri, was the first to speak up, insisting that he give it a chance. The next was Corbin, making a remark that was simply Corbin to the core. With a smirk tugging at her lips, Lucy replied to Taylor "I'm the ghost," she paused a moment "And if you'd been a few seconds later, you'd have been fashionably late..."

She turned her attention to Dimitri, smiling sweetly at his compliment "Well thank you Mr. Moreau. You look rather handsome tonight as well," she responded, absently twirling a piece of her hair around her finger.

The next to arrive was Elenore- who looked absolutely stunning in her dress.
"Elenore! I'm so happy you could make it, you look stunning," she grinned "Thank you for the wine," she added as she passed the wine to Corbin.

After Elenore, Prim arrived, offering some chocolates, for the hosts. Of course, Corbin was the one to respond, seemingly confused. When Corbin put the chocolates aside, Lucy addressed Prim "I'm sure the hosts will appreciate the chocolate, thank you."

And then, Josh, an older Hufflepuff turned up "Ah Josh," she tilted her head to the side "Right on time to be fashionably late," she smirked. She could feel already that this party would certainly be one of the best.

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:18 pm

Violet had been, well, surprised, to receive an invite to the party. She'd never been the most social person, though she supposed she had gotten better at acting more normal than she was.

Usually, she'd blow off parties- they weren't really her thing. But this- this one was interesting. A small group, presumably. Of course, the smaller the gathering, the less likely other students would hear of the event. So, she decided to see if it was as interesting as it seemed.

She'd dressed outside of her usual style, for something different. A deep red dress, with matching red lipstick and some strappy heels. Yes, certainly not her usual style tights and converse- though she could hardly wear that to a party, could she.

Finally reaching the seventh floor, she walked to the wall where she knew the Room of Requirement was, thinking "I want access to the room that's protected by 'New Horizons',". Sure enough, the door formed, and she walked in.

"Henderson, Waters," she greeted, handing Lucy the skull-shaped black bottle she had in her purse "Absinthe," she said, not bothering to divulge in how she got it into the school. Everyone had their techniques "Tastes like crap, but gets you pissed, quite quickly," she added, before moving along inside to see who else was here.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:20 pm

Taylor gave his greetings before smiling at Lucy when she introduced herself as a ghost. She was hands down one of his favorite people in Slytherin and he was going to miss her terribly when she graduated. "For a ghost you look rather hot." he said bluntly, and gently poked her in the side. "Solid, too. Are you by chance a poltergeist like Peeves?" he asked, seeing how far she'd go with this. It was silly and ridiculous, but it was passing the time while they waited for the party to really get underway. He wasn't trying to make it as flirtatious as he usually would, because he was with Severine now. Sure, he may have chased every piece of tail before, but...he liked and respected Sev, more than any of the other girls he had tried anything with. So, in his book, that made everything different.

Turning to the two Hufflepuffs and Prim as they entered, he gave them a friendly wave."Hey Violet, Josh." he said, before walking over next to Primrose and resting his arm on her shoulder before leaning in. "I heard an interesting rumor the other day I wanted to ask you about. You and Max really a thing?" he asked in a whisper. Both had been so busy they hadn't talked much after the Valentine's thing.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:42 pm

Jacques' invite to the party was one he was impartial too. Unawares of the host, he'd left the invitation in his trunk for safe keeping, and had given it little thought, truth be told. The Frenchman wasn't one hundred percent sure on attending, but upon the afternoon of the party, he'd come across the invitation again. Having no plans, he'd decided to head along, just to see who was there, for information purposes.

If, for some crazy reason, he found a motive to stay at the function, then the host would have done a good job.

Dressing down for the occasion, Jacques had pocketed the invitation, with the instructions and headed up to the seventh floor to find the room of requirement. Honestly, he'd never found it, but the instructions, at least, helped in that respect, and gave him a new place to come, should he need it.

Pacing before the wall, Jacques thought clearly about what he wanted, and muttered the word New Horizon a number of times before the door opened. Upon entering, Jacques found most people already in conversation. Bypassing the group, because he had little to no interest in sparking up a conversation, Jacques moved to the drinks, pouring himself something from the closest bottle to hand and moving off to one of the chairs, Jacques took a seat, scanning over the guests until his eyes fell on his sister.

Of course she would be here, he thought to himself, his eyes moving from the witch as he took a sip of his drink. His eyes then landed on Violet, and he couldn't help but smirk a little in to his drink. Perhaps Jacques may have been wrong, and tonight might, in fact, be relatively fun after all.


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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:28 pm

Getting an invite to some party came shocking to Cassiopeia actually. She had never expected it really. She wasn't even sure why she was invited. At first, she wasn't sure she won't go but at some point, the curiosity got best of her.

So girl began to find an outfit for the evening but then again she had no idea what she should even wear there. At the end, she decided to wear one of her white dresses what were with her currently her in Hogwarts. She found even perfect white flats what would go with the dress too. So she decided to apply just some mascara and lipgloss too. She just brushed her hair and let it stay as it was. She didn't wanna mess with her hair.

So she walked where the room of requirements should be. New Horizons was what she was now thinking in front of the wall when the coast was clear for sure. She didn't really want to get someone else in there now. They didn't really need to know about this party.

The Hufflepuff girl looked around the room when she stepped in the room and well wasn't sure what she should to do even. She had never been such party before. She had never before been invited. She took a deep breath and walked further in.

"Hello, Everyone," she said simply there. She didn't begin to say names since well that she could mess up. Since she has spoken with most of them only in classes then she can just say the wrong name to the wrong person. So she is sure she will soon know who is who.

Cassie walked over the drink table what seemed to have mostly alcohol for sure. She didn't mind drinking it actually. She had tasted it before. She isn't so innocent for sure as she might seem. She had no idea what take even from the table. "What I should even get?" she asked basically from herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:52 am

Eli walked- no, Eli never simply walked, but rather sauntered, yes, sauntered was the right word- a little clumsily toward the Room of Requirement. His conversation with Corbin, the bloke who seemed to be pretty tight with the guys who properly ran the parties, had hinted that he'd be allowed in, well rather that his age would be forgotten, if he figured out a way to look older. So, he'd brewed an ageing potion. The most notable change had been his height- instead of looking short and skinny, he was now tall and lanky- almost as tall as Corbin. But the new length of his limbs had left him walking a little like a baby deer, but he managed.

His newfound height while under the potion had meant that he'd needed to find new clothes to wear. Eli being Eli, he'd left it to the last minute, and all he could find was a suit that he actually really, really liked. Other people didn't seem to though. Admittedly, he could have worn better shoes- but he found those far too restrictive.

He finally got to the wall, where he assumed the room was, and saying the password in his mind, over and over again, finally the door appeared. He walked in, clutching his little something to add to the party- people were supposed to contribute, right?

"Corbin! And, wait," he thought for a moment, addressing the blonde "I'm sorry, I can't place your name," he shrugged. Though the girl didn't seem to mind about the name, it looked as though she were more concerned with taking in his new suit. It certainly drew eyes, he could tell that much. And, truth be told, he liked the attention.

"Anyway," he looked back to Corbin "I made a smoothie... Don't ask why, I just felt like it... And don't ask what's in it either because I've got no bloody clue, I just," he shook his head, imitating pouring various ingredients in "Put whatever I had in... It's good for hangovers... I think," he furrowed his brow as he thought for a moment before giving another shrug, a grin and walking inside, excited for the night ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:26 am

As more and more people arrived, Corbin did his duty, going around and chatting with the people. Everything had been going normally when the door opened and, to his utmost amusement, he saw the Gryffindor he'd been chatting with a few weeks ago arrive. It seemed he'd understood where Corbin had been heading with his hinting, and by the looks of it an ageing potion had been consumed.

Corbin moved, automatically, to Lucy, telling her with a nod and a knowing look that their ... special guest had arrived. He'd told her, naturally. They'd even laughed about it, wondering if the boy had enough smarts and balls to do it -- and, it seemed, he did.

And not only that but Eli had opted for some rather. Well. Corbin raised an eyebrow and said nothing, waiting for the male to initiate. And initiate he did. "What the fudge are you wearing?" Corbin asked. "You look like you're late for a freaking clown convention." It wasn't a compliment, but it wasn't exactly an insult, either; it just was, and Corbin knew Eli could take it.

At the notion of the smoothie, Corbin held in a long sigh. He never admitted he was wrong, never claimed to make mistakes -- but, perhaps, this might have been one. Gingerly eyeing the concoction Eli was holding, he simply said, "I'd rather fudge a bee hive than drink that." He paused, the hint of a smirk touching his lips. "I mean absolutely no offense, naturally."

As Eli left, Corbin did one more round of the room, noting that, while not having spoken to him or Lucy (not that either minded), Lux had arrived, along with a few others here and there. The majority of the invite list having made it, he glanced at his watch and then the drink table to see how much had been consumed -- a right amount.

Leaving the room entirely for a short while, he gave it five minutes before re entering; with a nod towards the person in charge of the music, he cued its cutting off. With a simple spell to make sure everyone could hear him, he said, "I've spoken to the hosts and they have agreed that it's time for more fun. We'll be playing a version of Seven Minutes of Heaven -- we call it ‘Taste of Heaven’. For those of you who know the original, forget it; for those of you who don't, good. It'll be easier to explain it from the top."

He motioned to a small, almost inconspicuous door near the back of the room. "Your names have been paired at random, male and female. I will announce the pairs one at a time. You will enter the room together and do... whatever the fudge you want for a specific amount of time." He paused to make sure everyone was following, then continued. "The catch is you don't know how long you have. I can tell you it's anywhere between seven and fifteen minutes, and that once time is up the door will be opened for everyone to see what's happening. It's up to you to risk it or not."

"Any questions? If not, I'll announce the first pair.”

OOC: Click on your name to find your thread and your partner. Enjoy! <3


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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:51 pm

The party had gotten off to a good start and Prim had been having fun until her personal bubble got invaded by Taylor Wilkes of all people. The guy was alright and she did go on a date with him but after that, he literally broke off all contact and while Prim wasn't too bothered, she was much too irked about it still that she didn't like the Slytherin too much at this moment in time.

Her brow twitched in annoyance as he placed his arm on her shoulder and without a care in the world, she stepped away from him and gave him an unimpressed stare, her lips pulled into a frown.

Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a sneer as she eyed the Slytherin with a blank face, her body straightening as she stepped towards him, her posture slightly threatening as she curled a hand into her fist and stared at him with a glare. "And is that a problem?" She said coldly, without any emotion what so ever as her hand twitched. She wondered if people would mind if she punched Taylor and while she doubted it, she held herself back from doing it. She doubted that anyone would like it if she got into a fight with Taylor. "If it is then do keep your mouth shut Wilkes, I don't want to hear it." She narrowed her eyes on the Slytherin in anger, her temper rising just a bit. If he was going to say something rude she was going to actually get violent and it wasn't something that she would be happy doing.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:30 pm

Taylor was more than a little surprised at the cold reception he'd gotten from Prim, because even though they hadn't hung out a lot recently he had still thought they were on good terms. Their Hogsmeade date was just to keep them away from unwanted advances by the opposite sex, so he didn't see how she would be upset about that. He tried to think if he'd done anything else to annoy her, but honestly nothing came to mind. "Of course it's not a problem Primrose, why would I have an issue with Max?" he asked, confused. "Actually, a little while ago I talked with him about some guy things. He's a pretty cool guy, a bit shy but there's nothing wrong with that." he said, on his guard though since Prim had been so...well, cold. "Look, I'm sorry if we haven't hung out match but I've been really busy. I just wanted to hear it from you if it was true, and congratulate you if it was. Hope it works out." he said, shooting her one last look of bewilderment before walking away since she didn't seem to want his company.

Taylor just wandered around a bit before his name and a girl named Cassiopeia were called for the taste of heaven thing, and he gulped before heading towards her. This sort of game was one that he usually looked forward to, but now that he had a girl he was serious about, well he wasn't really sure what the right thing to do in this situation was. Part of him was starting to wish he'd just stayed away from this party and hung out with Severine instead.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:33 pm

Cassiopeia had actually heard that they will play some game earlier but then again she didn't pay much attention do it really. She was there just slowly drinking some drink what had actually alcohol in it. Cassie didn't care that much really.

She was looking from far what others did. She really wasn't sure in what conversation she should go. She barely even knew these people here. She sighed when she heard her name was said with someone another person, who was a boy. Well, she really had no idea what will happen there now.

Anyways she just hoped nothing bad. It was her first party at this school anyway. She has never been invited here before. So she wasn't even sure what to expect from all this. She made her way to do the room and well just hoped get out there soon. She just wanted to enjoy the night and maybe even get a bit of drunk.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   

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Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]
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