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 The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)

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Louis Clement

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PostSubject: The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)   Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:26 pm

23 December 2023 6pm - Midnight

Touching back down on French soil had been the best feeling in the world for Louis. It went without saying that the world around him was simply not good enough in his eyes, France was beautiful, cultured, home, and being away from home for long periods of time had never made him feel comfortable, in truth.

However, just because they were home, it did not mean that the Lord and Lady Clement could rest after their travels.

The duo had been out of France since August, travelling to The Vatican, to Greece, and then on to Cyprus on an extensive tour of the cities and countries respectively. The Vatican had been (somewhat) a personal tour. The Clements had held ties in the city, and it's surroundings since Louis Clement (second of his name) had joined the Vatican to become Pope in the mid to late sixteenth century. With a sizeable donation being left with the current members of the Papacy, and a small tour of the city (which Louis had admitted to be less than inspiring to his wife one evening).

A seed had been sown, though, and the Lord and Lady Clement had left with the crowds giving them a warm farewell as if they owned the country.

Next had been Greece.

Greece, Louis and Vanessa had thought of fondly, had not recovered from the financial crisis of 2007, it had hit them hard in 2010 and they had been bailed not once, not twice, but three times by different monetary bodies. They were, therefore, quite the ideal pick for the Clements to come in to oversee. The ordeal had not been easy, picking up from the Medium-term Fiscal Strategy Framework that had finished just two years ago, which had left Greece in a wavering position, and showing the government how they could further secure the future of the country had been slow progress, each night the accountants would go over the figures, and work out new ones for the next meetings based on the proposals brought forth by the Greek government.

And, the very next day, Vanessa and Louis would sit through more meetings to show the men and women before them that they were here to help them.

Of course, when you were talking astronomical -- to the small minded people before Louis and Vanessa, at least -- figures, which really did not exist in the world, it took time to work their minds around the borrowing, the repayments, and the write offs that were being presented. By the time they'd gotten through to those 'in charge of the country' they were already handing over the control to the Clements with a warm welcome and plenty of thanks as they could see their country turning over a new leaf, gaining trade, becoming a viable country again.

Had Louis not have known from the beginning they would get their way (one way or another) he might have been sympathetic for their foolishness of handing control of almost all the assets of the country to the French without realising.

From there, it was Cyprus, and the process started again. Ensnaring the minds of the mathematicians, showing the politicians they knew the country inside out, warming the people of Cyprus to their presence (which had been easier in the Greek areas of the country who were following suit of Greece, than it was with the Turkish side). There were negotiations with the British personnel about the RAF base in Akrotiri, and the ensurance they could continue operations out of the country, so long as French forces could pass through too, and after a month and a half of solid negotiations, compromises and minor bribes, the Clements had secured their second acquisition.

Their children's futures were growing before them, and Louis knew this was only the beginning of their work.

Once they'd arrived home in mid-December, their efforts had been focused on the Clement Christmas Ball. Where staff had begun the preparations, Vanessa and Louis took to the arrangements that were necessary to come from them. The theme, the guest list finalisation, the outline of the events that would unfold in the evening of the 23rd of December, their own attire, an assortment of dresses for Elenore, the food that would be served, the wines that would be necessary, the guests they would need to impress.

All of it took up their time from the moment they arrived home, but Louis would never trade their lives for the world. So long as Vanessa stood by his side, nothing would ever be too much.

Louis' tailor had arranged a suit for him that matched Vanessa's dress for the evening, making sure to play on the heartstrings on the people of France -- the Lord and Lady Clement, after all, were a focal point for all of France, and the world, and to not give them what they wanted would be a crime unto itself.

For those brave enough to venture out in to the light dusting of snow upon the ground that evening, the gardens of the Palace of Versailles had been opened for those who wished to join in the annual event. The small fee charged to enter would -- as always -- be donated to a children's charity to ensure they all received Christmas presents in the holiday season.

And, as always each year, the Lord and Lady Clement emerged from the Palace at six p.m. Vanessa Clement's arm tucked neatly in to her husbands as they descended down the steps to those who would not be permitted an entrance to the Pureblood event opening in an hour's time.

And, almost right on cue as Louis and Vanessa touched down on the bottom step from the Palace, the first firework display of the evening started, coupled with an eccentric piece of music Vanessa had composed on their travels.

After all, if the masses wanted a spectacle, a spectacle was precisely what they would receive.

OOC: This topic is for anyone on the site to join in -- except for Purebloods of significant status -- the Clements open their grounds to their staff, the public, and tourists alike each year to enjoy the holiday season. A glass of Vin Chaud is given to each adult attending the event, (children being given a non-alcoholic substitute) and the guests are welcome to stay until midnight.

The Clements will be there for the first hour, after which they will return to the Palace for the Ball with the Purebloods invited.

If your character has no reason to be here, but you would like to join in the fun, you're more than welcome to bring an NPC in to play so that you can! They don't have to be magical, either!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Azalea or myself, as we want everyone to enjoy!


~ Lord Clement ~ Profile ~ 50 ~

Thank you to the amazing Ruby for the signatures! <3
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Azalea Murray

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PostSubject: Re: The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)   Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:14 pm

Lilac Rhea Capulet had known she was a star since she was old enough to know things. Her father always told her she was a Princess, Duchess always fawned over  her as if she was the only important person in the world and the child had taken to heart the many, many comments about how cute she was, how charming she was and how beautiful she looked. With her dazzling blonde hair, almost elfin features and a high, trilling voice that captivated all who heard it, Lilac was meant for better things in life.

Now if only other people saw that too.

But other people were concerned with things that didn't matter in Lilac's opinion. Things such as wealth and blood and social status. All of that she either had or could one day acquire, so the nine year old didn't understand why everyone wasn't already starting to treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

She would correct this grave injustice however, and it would start today. Lilac had dressed in her very best for this event. A dress handed down from the Clement ward without even being worn once, a string of pearls "borrowed" from Lady Elenore's stash and shoes ordered via the palace staff under perhaps a wrongly spelled name or two. The only thing of Lilac's was the small clutch she carried, a birthday present from her father who had to work extra shifts to buy her the one she wanted and who never even complained about it.

Even her hair had been done by the Lady Elenore's personal maid, Lilac having gone to her with a few tears in her eyes about how she wanted to look pretty even if for the outside ball. The maid had a kind heart and as a result, Lilac now sported shining braids twisted into the most elegant knot any nine year old would ever sport.

She had waited until the First Family adjourned to their inside party before fully revealing herself to the crowd, taking a place near the refreshment table to ensure she would be seen by all and soon enough, someone had noticed the beautiful, charming girl with the adorable dog by her sad.

"Hello there," a jovial woman asked, managing a baby in one arm and a glass of juice in the other. "Where are your parents? I'm sure they'd want such a pretty girl back at their side."

Beaming, Lilac looked up at the woman. "I don't have parents, I'm Mimosa Harrington, The Clement Ward. Welcome to our home."


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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: Re: The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)   Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:48 am

Victoria had never been to France, in truth it had always been somewhere she would have liked to have gone with Zander. But with her hectic schedule at university, and Zander's... inability to take the hints she laid out for him, they had never made it to France together. Not that Victoria would ever allow a man to dictate what they did and didn't do, the young witch had just wanted to get him to believe that he'd thought of it all by himself and that would have made him feel really good about himself.

However, things with Zander hadn't worked out, and the five years in which Victoria had been single, she'd been caught up in the whirlwind that was work.

The talk she'd had with Grayson, though back in September when she'd helped Hogwarts out with a small stint of teaching -- which had been really, really fun -- the witch had decided that enough was enough. Hiding behind the excuse of work, or 'not having someone to go with' was only going to last so long before she regretted it. So, Victoria had taken some leave the week before Christmas in addition to her usual holiday plans for Christmas, and she'd headed to France.

Or, more specifically, Paris.

The French capital was as beautiful as everyone said. Victoria had not stopped on her tour of the city except to fall in to bed exhausted each night. But, she was so, unbelievably happy. She'd experienced so much. The Eiffel Tower had been amazing, looking out across the views of the city, and taking more than a handful of pictures when she'd reached the top floor.

The Louvre had opened her eyes to a number of works she'd never heard of before, making notes to look up the artists on her return and learn more about each of them. The Notre-Dame was not done justice by Disney, Victoria had reflected as she moved through the cathedral with wonder written upon her face. Disneyland had, of course, been wonderful, Victoria had picked up a pair of Minnie Mouse ears for herself, and then gone back for a second pair for Adrienne...

She'd posed before the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré-Cœur, Place de la Concorde in many pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the culture of France the whole time.

It had been in the moment that Victoria had been enjoying a croissant -- nobody made croissants like the French, she had reflected -- that Victoria had overhead a couple of tourists talking excitedly about the Clement Christmas Ball. Victoria didn't really know much about France, but she had picked up on the name Clement in her readings of the country. She knew they were powerful, influential, and loved by all of France (the newspapers said it, so it must be right, no?), so her curiosity peaked.

When she'd overheard that anyone could attend the Ball in the grounds, Victoria had politely excused her 'nosiness' and asked when this Ball would be. The tourists had been happy to help, inviting her to their table where they sat happily discussing the Ball, and what it usually involved.

By the end of the conversation, Pete and Sally, had insisted Victoria attend with them, and Victoria had agreed.

So, on the evening of the 23rd of December, Victoria had pulled on simple white dress and headed to meet Pete and Sally at the gates. The couple were looking fantastic, and the compliments flowed between the three before the older couple showed Victoria inside the gates, insisting that they get their drinks and then move towards the front in order to be able to see the Lord and Lady Clement.

According to Sally, their love for one another was 'beyond beautiful' and something that always had her in awe. Victoria wondered how true that would be as she stood waiting to see the spectacle that was about to begin.


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Thanks to Haylen for the beautiful signature! <3
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Sierra Stark

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PostSubject: Re: The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)   Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:14 pm

The ball was something she had actually waited for this year. She knew this year it would be more fun than it's usually is. She kind of has a date for this events this time even if they go there as friends. They decided to meet up at the ball some point, so she was going there right now all alone.

Getting ready for this ball was quite easy for her. She had gotten the dress for this event already a few days before it. She did make her hair be bit curlier. She had put even some makeup on herself but not much since she didn't really wear much of it. Once she was done she looked in the mirror. She did look beautiful for sure.

She was wearing the read dress. This did really suit her, at least this is what she thought and some workers in the shop. So now when she was done being ready for the ball she went down where the ball was held.

The young woman had to admit this place did really look very nice like every year it was. She always was in awe still. She really was never before so excited to attend here. Usually, she did it because it was better than spend it in her room and do nothing but this year she had even date, which was wonderful.

Sierra looked around here, she tried to find Artemis, who she was supposed to meet here. She noticed in the distance Lilac, Artemis daughter talking with someone. She decided to leave her there, for now, she wasn't really anyone to her. Just her father's friend. She also barely knew the girl. So she looked some other amusement until Artemis shows up.

She noticed one young woman standing there not very far from all alone. She decided to go talk with her for awhile. She wasn't sure if she had seen her here before or not. This didn't matter she decided to go and talk with her still. She seemed to be a bit lost there. Maybe she could help her out some time.

"Welcome to the Clement Christmas Ball," she said there with a bright smile. "I'm Sierra Stark, Assistant to Lady Clement," she decided to introduce herself there first. "May I ask who you are?" she asked. "Have you been at this event before or is it your first time?" she asked another question, she just tried to be friendly. "Also would you like to come and try the special champagne with me?" she asked one more question. She tried to make this young woman welcomed here.


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PostSubject: Re: The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)   

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The Clement Christmas Ball (Open to All)
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